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Climate Change and Rise in Freshwater Algal Blooms

Thursday, September, 14th, 2017

“The impact of climate change goes way beyond warmer air temperatures, rising sea levels and melting glaciers.”- Steven Chapra, Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Tufts University. Read more here.

The Bee Nutritionist

Thursday, September, 14th, 2017

Bees need balanced diets too! Read about Tufts Ph.D. Candidate, Rachael Bonoan’s, research into declining bee populations and how nutritious diets may help stabilize colonies from collapsing.

Periods and Questions Marks

Thursday, September, 14th, 2017

Billions of women lack secure access to hygienic menstrual care products and health education. Read how Tufts Graduate, Cristina Stadler Ljungberg, created Giving Wings to help educate women about menstruation.

Our Willingness to Waste

Tuesday, April, 18th, 2017

Why do we buy food we don’t intend to eat—and what can be done about it? Read the full story on Tufts Now.

Bright Spots in a Troubled Food System

Tuesday, April, 18th, 2017

Danielle Nierenberg, N01, founder of Food Tank, forges unlikely alliances in an effort to feed the world. Read the full story on Tufts Now.

Creating Brave Spaces

Friday, February, 3rd, 2017 News

We all need to repair the breach in relationships that the election exposed, Rev. Jennifer Bailey, A09, told crowd at MLK Symposium

Food for Those in Need

Wednesday, February, 1st, 2017 News

Students and staff help rescue prepared foods and create ready-to-eat meals for local families

Mixed Recycling Update

Thursday, January, 26th, 2017

New year, new lid! Learn more about the transition to mixed recycling at Tufts.