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Tina Woolston

Program Director

Tina Woolston, LEED Green Associate, joined the Office of Sustainability in September of 2007 as the project coordinator focusing on outreach and education. She created the Eco-Ambassador program for staff and faculty, the Ex-college course Environmental Action, Shifting from Saying to Doing and a re-envisioned the existing Eco-Representative program as student-led. She works closely with other departments at Tufts to facilitate environmental sustainability across the university. Prior to coming to Tufts, Tina directed the sustainability program at Earthwatch Institute and co-founded her town’s climate action committee. She was one of the first 1,000 people to be trained by Al Gore to give the Inconvenient Truth slideshow as part of The Climate Reality Project. She holds a B.S. and M.S. in Animal Science and Ruminant Nutrition from Cornell University and a certificate in Community Environmental Education from Tufts University.

Shoshana Blank

Education and Outreach Program Administrator

Shoshana Blank joined the Office of Sustainability in August 2016 as the Outreach and Education Program Administrator. Prior to coming to Tufts, Shoshana worked at a Boston non-profit called the Sustainable Endowments Institute, where she consulted with colleges, universities, cities and K-12 schools on financing their energy efficiency projects through green revolving funds. She also directed the development of a web tool called the Green Revolving Investment Tracking System (GRITS) to help colleges easily track the energy, carbon, and financial savings from their energy conservation projects. Shoshana was a Fulbright grant recipient where she conducted research on particulate matter emissions from wood-burning cookstoves in a village outside of Pune, India, testing out a more efficient stove with the villagers. Shoshana graduated from St. Olaf College in 2010 with majors in Biology and Environmental Studies. She enjoys gardening, ice cream, and environmental activism.

Kristen Kaufman

Recycling and Waste Reduction Fellow
June 2019 – Present

Kristen is a graduate of Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia, where she studied anthropology and interdisciplinary sustainability. At Emory, Kristen transitioned through a variety of sustainability roles, from Sustainability Programming intern to Waste Management Education and Outreach intern, and finally to a Zero Landfill Waste intern supporting a campus-wide waste policy roll-out. Kristen also worked at a community development non-profit, where she coordinated a recycling program for local commercial office buildings. She is passionate about environmental philosophies, land rights, systems-thinking, and (of course) zero waste! In her spare time, Kristen enjoys hiking, hammocking, and exploring her community.


Michaela Morse

Lead Communications Intern
Fall 2018 - Present

Michaela is a Minnesota-native who transferred into the SMFA at Tufts combined degree program in Fall 2018, after taking some time off her formal undergrad studies to focus on Spanish language learning and travel in Argentina and Chile. She is now developing a studio art thesis in the SMFA Senior Thesis program, as well as preparing for a written thesis to complete her Interdisciplinary Studies degree, which intersects food systems, visual media, and Latino and Latin American studies. Michaela strives to be a conscious consumer and live a zero-waste, plastic-free lifestyle. She can be found visiting farmers markets and local businesses year-round in pursuit of these goals. During the 2018-2019 academic year she worked as a Recycling Communications Intern.

Serena Monteiro

Specialty Recycling Intern
Summer 2019 - Present
Serena is a rising senior at Tufts majoring in Applied Environmental Studies with a concentration in Food Systems and Nutrition. She is also pursuing minors in Theater/Performance Studies and Spanish. She has a passion for sustainability and collects her single use coffee cups each time she forgets to bring her reusable mug in order to better visualize waste that may otherwise be thrown out of sight. Aside from being a waste-warrior, Serena's other passion is for Quidditch. During the school year she plays as a beater for the Tufts University Tufflepuffs.

Elyssa Anneser

Eco-Rep Coordinator
Fall 2017 - Present

Elyssa is a senior majoring in Political Science, Environmental Studies, and is on the Pre-Med track. Elyssa is from Franconia, New Hampshire, where she likes to spend her free time hiking mountains and swimming in rivers. When on campus, you can typically find Elyssa talking about public policy, passionately composting, playing quidditch, or running. Elyssa is passionate about making sustainable habits accessible for broad audiences. She worked as an Eco-Rep and a Recycling Communications Intern in the 2017-2018 academic year and as the Assistant Eco-Rep Coordinator in Spring 2019, returning to the Office of Sustainability after a semester abroad.

Eliza Hilfer

Assistant Eco-Rep Coordinator
Fall 2017 - Present

Eliza is a senior from Chappaqua, NY double majoring in Environmental Studies and Community Health. She is interested in the vast economic, social, and political intersections of public health, environmental health, and healthcare planning. On campus, Eliza is plays flute in the Tufts Wind Ensemble and is the Head of Acting for TFL comedy (where she also performs sketch/stand up comedy). Eliza is thrilled to be an Assistant Eco-Rep Coordinator after two years as an Eco-Rep and looks forward to helping her peers live more sustainably!

Taite Pierson

Assistant Eco-Rep Coordinator
Fall 2018 - Present

Taite Pierson is a junior Environmental Studies and Psychology double major and a Drama and Dance double minor. Last year, she worked as an Eco Rep and FYA in Hodgdon Hall, and is excited to be taking a bigger role in the Eco Rep program and Office of Sustainability. She is particularly interested in the intersection between social psychology and environmental policy and loves the environmental education experience she has gained from the Eco Reps program. She is also involved in Generation Citizen and student theatre on campus.

Lauren Gawel

Grafton Campus Sustainability Intern
Fall 2018 - Present

Lauren Gawel is a second-year veterinary student at the Cummings campus. Lauren is from Florida, where she completed her B.S in Animal Science and Wildlife Ecology and Conservation at the University of Florida. She is incredibly excited to now be living in New England and getting to experience real seasons (including winter)! In Lauren’s occasional free time, she is spending time with her dog, cat, 2 guinea pigs, leopard gecko, and boyfriend. She also enjoys exploring, hiking, and seeing live theater. Lauren is passionate about wildlife conservation and zoo medicine, educating children about science and conservation, and encouraging others to be as sustainable as possible every day. She is excited to represent the Office of Sustainability at the Cummings campus!

Alfonso Syquia

Recycling Communications Intern
Fall 2019 - Present

Alfonso is a sophomore at Tufts studying Environmental Studies and International Relations with a concentration on Economic Development. From growing up in the Philippines, an extremely biodiverse country, he has developed a strong connection and appreciation for the environment. On campus, he is heavily involved with Tufts' Filipino Student Union, which just started last year! Some of his favorite things include pugs (and other dogs), design, the reality TV show Survivor, and Hawaiian pizza. Overall, he hopes that his work with the Office of Sustainability will allow him to contribute to the effort of making Tufts a more sustainable institution.

Isabella Kiser

Sustainability Communications Intern
Fall 2019 - Present

Bella is a fourth-year dual degree student with Tufts and the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, pursuing a B.S. in Environmental Studies and Urban Studies and a B.F.A. in Studio Art. She is currently interested in architecture, inflatable sculptures, and sustainable cities - which she one day hopes to plan. As a communications intern at the Tufts Office of Sustainability, Bella hopes to help deepen the Tufts community’s environmental awareness.

Luca Rogoff

Sustainability Communications Intern
Spring 2019 - Present

Luca is a sophomore co-majoring in Environmental Studies and American Studies with a focus on Food Systems and Nutrition and a minor in Studio Arts. He hails from Virginia where he is an outdoor educator at the Living Earth School in Charlottesville specializing in youth nature connection and place-based learning. He has also lived in Seattle where he interned at 21acres Farm and Sustainable Agriculture Center. Luca can be found hiking with other members of the Tufts Mountain Club, being active on campus with the Tufts Labor Coalition, and painting, making, or baking wherever he can. He is thrilled to be joining the Office of Sustainability team and hopes to share his enthusiasm for minimal waste living and environmental justice with the greater Tufts campus.

Ana Sophia Acosta

Video Production Intern
Fall 2018 - Present

Ana Sophia is a Senior at Tufts University majoring in Film and Media Studies. She is interested in sharing stories through video narratives, especially about sustainability. A proud New Yorker, Ana Sophia likes to spend her free time going on long city walks, visiting museums, and seeing musicals. In addition to interning at the Office of Sustainability this semester, she is teaching a class on the Marvel Cinematic Universe at the Experimental College.

Olivia Ireland

Green Fund Intern
Fall 2019 - Present

Olivia is a senior from Alexandria Virginia majoring in Philosophy and Math. At home, Olivia loves going on morning swims with her mother, and wants to make sure that there is clean water for generations to come. On campus, Olivia is excited to work with the Green Fund again this year and is always looking for new ways to live more sustainably. 

Chanyoung Ha

Sustainability Programs Intern
Fall 2019 - Present

Chanyoung is a Junior at Tufts double majoring in Economics and International Relations with a concentration in Middle Eastern Studies. He is also pursuing a minor degree in Arabic. Chanyoung recently came back to the Tufts campus after 2 years away in South Korea, serving in the Republic of Korea Air Force. Known to be a huge soccer maniac, Chanyoung enjoys watching the Premier League on weekends, and can often be spotted at the Bello field running around and kicking soccer balls on Friday evenings. As a Korean-born who grew up in the Middle East, Chanyoung possesses a strong sense of citizenship in all areas of the globe. He believes that appreciation of sustainability is an integral part of becoming a responsible citizen of the globe. He is excited to take a step closer to this goal by serving as the Sustainability Programs Intern at the Tufts Office of Sustainability!

Hanna Carr

Community Resilience Building Intern
Fall 2019 - Present
Hanna is a senior studying Economics and Environmental Studies. She grew up in the Philadelphia suburbs, now lives in Mansfield, Massachusetts, and has studied abroad in Israel and Denmark. Hanna has a passion for the intersection between business and sustainability and has held multiple internships in sustainable investment research. She has also interned at the Massachusetts Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs, where she helped coordinate municipal Community Resilience Building workshops.In her free time, you can find
Hanna performing in a number of comedy groups on campus, packaging leftover food for Tufts Food Rescue Collaborative, lifting weights at the Tufts gym, thrifting at Buffalo Exchange, or baking muffins.

Tigran Aslanyan

Recycling Data and Verification Intern
Fall 2019 - Present

My name is Tigran and I am an international student from Armenia in my second year of master’s degree in Environmental Economics and Urban Planning at Tufts University. I moved to the US for my undergraduate degree which I have completed in Mathematical Economics at Gettysburg College in Pennsylvania. My main academic and career interests are in the fields of environmental, energy, transportation and urban policy, planning and analysis.  Outside of those interests I am a big enthusiast of outdoor sports like kayaking, cross-country skiing, climbing, backpacking and biking. I also love dancing, singing, traveling and exploring the world’s various musical and dance traditions. I am thrilled to join the Tufts Sustainability Office and bring my contribution to the sustainability efforts at Tufts and in the wider community.

Téa Pappas

GreEco Representatives Coordinator
Fall 2019 - Present

Téa is a senior at Tufts hailing from the Mississippi Gulf Coast. Since the Deepwater Horizon oil spill in 2011, which drastically affected her home town, she has been interested in environmental protection, advocacy, and education. She is double majoring in Biology and Environmental Studies and since joining ATO in 2017, has been working to integrate green initiatives into the Greek community at Tufts. In her free-time enjoys hiking, rock climbing, watching reality tv shows with friends, and caring for her guinea pig, Rubi.

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