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Are you planning an event for your campus organization or office? How will you execute the event in an environmentally and socially responsible manner? In the guide below, read our checklists for promoting sustainability for different types and scales of events you may be planning.

Please reach out to our office at for any further assistance.

In addition, if your event will have more than 100 attendees, please contact Our staff are available to monitor Zero Waste Stations at your event.


  1. Reduce any negative environmental impact caused by the event
  2. Support local economy and society through your event’s purchases and goals
  3. Promote eco-friendly actions by effectively communicating sustainable aspects of your event
  4. Monitor the success of certain actions in concordance with eco-
  5. friendly event principles in order to determine which actions are most effective
  6. Encourage participants to continue sustainability practices outside of your event


  1. Avoid paper invitations
  2. Use large water dispensers instead of bottles
  3. Prioritize video conferencing or enable carpooling or use of public transit
  4. Encourage guests to bring their own dishware, napkins, etc.
  5. Serve mainly locally grown and organic food, mostly vegetarian if possible, in a buffet style
  6. Serve condiments in bulk
  7. Recycle and compost as much as possible and provide instructions to guests