2014 Clean Air Challenge

Walk, bicycle, carpool, vanpool, or take public transit. 

The Office of Sustainability invites the Tufts community to participate in the MassRIDES Clean Air Challenge from September 22-26, 2014. Reducing the number of motor vehicles on campus will help the University lower emissions, reduce traffic congestion, and improve physical health. To participate, register with NuRide to track your green miles and win prizes! 

Help Tufts employees win breakfast! Log your green miles at After the Clean Air Challenge is over, MassRIDES will determine a winner.

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Getting around campus

Getting to and from campus


For detailed directions to all three Tufts campuses, visit

Walk, bicycle, carpool, vanpool, or take public transit! Register at to track your miles and help Tufts employees win a free breakfast.


A typical passenger vehicle emits about 5.1 metric tons of carbon dioxide per year. — EPA Fact Sheet: Greenhouse Gas Emissions from a Typical Passenger Vehicle