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As part of Tufts’ efforts to electrify campus and transition to renewable energy, we are building infrastructure to support the increasing use of electric vehicles (EVs) within the Tufts community.

electric vehicle charging station with two cars plugged in

EV Charging

The Medford/Somerville and Grafton campuses feature onsite EV chargers available for public use. These chargers can be used at no cost, though users must adhere to campus parking rules. Charging locations are listed below and can be viewed on Tufts Eco Map.

Time limit: Signage specifies that EV charging spaces are for use “only while charging.” Tufts’ official policy is that vehicles should be moved within one hour after charging is complete. If you notice a vehicle parked in an EV charging space that does not meet this criteria, please reach out to with that vehicle’s information.

Charging Fee: Tufts University is implementing an hourly fee for charging at our Electric Vehicle charging stations as of August 1st. Users will be charged $1.25 per hour for up to four hours of charging. After four hours of charging, the hourly rate will increase to $3.25 per hour in order to encourage individuals to vacate charging spaces for use by others.

Medford/Somerville EV charger locations:

  • Dowling Hall Parking Garage
  • Granoff Parking Lot

Grafton EV charger locations:

  • Loew Library Parking Lot
  • McGrath Teaching Laboratory Parking Lot
  • Campus Services Parking Lot
  • Wildlife Clinic Parking Lot

EV Infrastructure Expansion

Tufts is actively working to enhance and incentivize EV use on campus. Transportation Services and the Office of Sustainability are working with an electric vehicle consultant and engaging Tufts students in engineering classes to help plan for expansion. Feedback from users within the Tufts community is invaluable as we set policy and plan for further investment in charging infrastructure. Please reach out to with concerns or questions.