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Tufts Emergency Ride Home (ERH)

Tufts ERH program supports Tufts employees who use low-carbon transportation with a free ride if an unexpected emergency arises. It is “commuter insurance”for those who carpool, take transit, bicycle, walk or vanpool to work. Participants simply take a taxi (through Lyft) in the event of an emergency, submit a reimbursement request afterwards (within 30 days), and Tufts will reimburse the individual for the cost of getting home.

Who can use ERH:

An individual must first be enrolled in ERH and regularly commute via carpool, vanpool, public transit, bicycle, or walk at least twice per week. If you have a sustainable commute at least twice a week, register for ERH using this form.

Steps to Follow When an Emergency Arises, and you have commuted sustainably that day:

  1. Arrange for emergency transportation beginning at your workplace, through the Lyft app.
  2. Take the trip and pay for the emergency ride.
  3. After your trip, email your Lyft receipt and an explanation of your emergency to (Your Lyft receipt is emailed to you after the ride is finished.)
  4. Tufts staff will determine that this is a qualifying emergency. If they approve of the ride, Tufts will pay for it, and your credit card will ultimately not be charged.

Qualified Emergencies:

  • Unexpected personal illness/emergency
  • Unexpected family illness/emergency
  • Carpool leaves due to an illness/emergency
  • Unexpected mandatory overtime

Not Qualified:

  • Rides to work
  • Personal errands or pre-planned appointments
  • Scheduled overtime
  • On-the-job injury
  • Weather-related events
  • Transit system delays/closures
  • Vehicle failure
  • Building closings
  • Shift times that end outside of transit service hours.

Acceptable Destinations:

  • Home
  • Park-and-Ride lot or transit station where a vehicle is parked
  • Child’s school or day care
  • Medical facility

Interim stops are accepted if they are part of the emergency (e.g., child’s school then home).

Electric Car Owner Benefits

Tufts has two electric car charging stations on the Medford/Somerville campus that provide electricity for these vehicles free of charge. One station is located on the first level of the Dowling parking garage and other is located in the Cohen Parking Lot. Make sure you are aware of parking regulations when parking your car on campus.

You can also find the charging stations on the Tufts Eco-Map.

Plus, get rewarded for taking greener trips!

Whenever you avoid using a car—whether you walk, bike, telecommute, carpool, vanpool, take a subway, train, bus, ferry, or even work a compressed work week – you can earn 100 points per trip. Redeem the points for discounts or freebies at local and online establishments.

Learn more at



Commuter Programs

Tufts Boston and SMFA campuses are a member of A Better City Transportation Management Association (ABC TMA), a private, nonprofit organization made up of employers, institutions, and building owners working together to advance employee transportation options, improve air quality, and reduce traffic congestion. ABC TMA provides incentives and programs that encourage employees to take public transit, carpool, vanpool, bike and/or walk to work. Since Tufts Boston is a member of the ABC TMA, employees are eligible to participate in the following programs:

  1. A Better Commute: A Better Commute rewards you for incorporating walking, bicycling, running, transit, or any other form of sustainable transportation into your daily routine. By logging your miles, you can win monthly raffles for gift cards, gear, and more.
  2. Bike Check!: The Bike Check! Program rewards you for incorporating cycling into your daily commute. Riders are eligible for two $25 reimbursements over the course of a calendar year to finance eligible expenses like bike repair, a new helmet, and safety gear. Users must also be active members of A Better Commute to receive these benefits.
  3. Carpool Subsidy: The Carpool Subsidy program rewards you for commuting with multiple people by carpool. Your carpool group can save up to $225 over three months on the cost of fuel. Don't have anyone to carpool with? Visit GoMassCommute's Carpool Matching webpage.
  4. Catch the Wave: The Catch the Wave program reimburses independent drivers who switch to commuting by ferry. Those who switch are eligible for a $100 reimbursement on their first monthly pass.
  5. Express Lane: The Express Lane program reimburses independent drivers who switch to commuting by express bus. Those who switch are eligible for a $150 reimbursement on their monthly passes over the course of three months.
  6. Guaranteed Ride Home: The Guaranteed Ride Home Program provides you with 6 free Uber rides per year in case of emergencies.
  7. Vanpool Subsidy: The Vanpool Subsidy program subsidizes the cost of your vanpool seat by $150 over the course of three months.
  8. Membership Perks?: ABC TMA membership perks include discounts on Zipcar and Bicycle Benefits, which you can use at various local Boston businesses when you bike.
Register for your ABC TMA account to start using the GoMassCommute tool to track your daily commutes and earn these rewards. The RideAmigos/GoMassCommute tool can also help you figure out your route to work and find a carpool.


1. How do I log my commute trips?
Visit the How to Log Trips webpage on the RideAmigos/GoMassCommute website to watch a short video or read through a brief guide outlining how to log your commute trips.  
2. Is there an app too?
Yes, it’s called Commute Tracker.
3. How do I collect rewards?
Log your daily commutes, and you will earn points, which you could trade in to enter a quarterly or monthly raffle. In addition, you may qualify for a bike reimbursement, gas cards for carpooling, subsidized express bus passes, and vanpool subsidies.
4. How do I find someone to carpool with?
Visit the Carpool Matching webpage on the RideAmigos/GoMassCommute website to access a platform that will help you find people to carpool with.
5. Have more questions?
Visit the Basic User Help guide on the RideAmigos/GoMassCommute website.