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During the second day of the January Condensed Session we began by reviewing the recycling survey we went over how office introductions went. Betsy Isenstein then came in and gave a very informative Energy Presentation.

Discussion then moved from energy to transportation. This section of the presentation detailed different options like NuRide that provide incentives for individuals to use alternate transportation as opposed to cars.

Finally, we gave a presentation on Purchasing, followed by the Green Labeling game, and ended with the water presentation and the water taste test.

For more detailed information about the second condensed session, please review the powerpoint.

Goals for the Future

  • Create a Social Marketing Outline to begin creating change in your office
  • Send your outline to the Office and we will help you find ways to reach your goals
  • Stay in touch! We love to here about what you’re working on

Transportation Links

  • Use services like NuRide
  • Plan out your commute with tools on the MBTA website
  • Check out the App Showcase to make your commute as easy as possible

Purchasing Links

Water Links