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Find your SIECO Rep according to your organization. The following list is organized by alphabetical order.

Chi Omega | Green House | Rainbow House | Thalia | The Ivy | Theta

Chi Omega

Eve Dubin is from Santa Monica, CA and loves to find fun ways to reuse old things and spending time in nature. Her Tufts Tip is to always double check if an item is actually recyclable. If you aren't sure, check with a rep or use the Massachusetts Recyclopedia.

Green House

Will Mueller is from Los Angeles, CA and he loves birdwatching. His Tufts Tip is that everyone should educate their peers on the importance of divesting from fossil fuels.

Rainbow House

Lou Devlin is from Westford, MA. They have to Tufts Tips: turn off the lights whenever you leave a room or common area, and compost your food waste in the bins you can find in dorms or around campus!


Caitlin Ball is from Hopkinton, NH. Her favorite sustainable activity is planting native flowers in her little garden. Her Tufts Tip is to bring reusable tote bags to the dining halls for takeout food.
Daisy Grace Bonifant is from Raleigh, NC and always uses reusable water bottles and food containers! She suggests that members of the Tufts community take use public transpiration (the T or Joey) or a Tufts Bike instead of calling an Uber.

The Ivy

Sam Gibby is from Bethesda, MD and loves buying things from local & sustainable sources. Her Tufts Tip is to refuse plastic water bottles and always carry a reusable one.
Camille Ross is from Irvine, CA and her favorite green behavior is shopping secondhand and repurposing old items. Her Tufts Tip is to unplug your devices at night to reduce energy use while you sleep!


Grace Constantino is from Islip, NY. Her favorite green behavior is using reusable bags at Trader Joe's. Her Tufts Tip is to not run a load of laundry unless you can fill the machine!