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Interested in joining the SIECO Reps?

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History & Description

The SIECO Reps program run through the Tufts Office of Sustainability works to engage Special Interest and on-campus wood-frame housing on campus with environmental initiatives and sustainable behavior change. Established in 2014 as the GreEco Reps, in Fall of 2020 the program expanded to include all types of special interest housing. SIECO Reps aim to connect the students in Special Interest Housing on campus with Tufts sustainability goals and resources. Through holding events, spreading awareness, changing behaviors and infrastructure, and educating our house communities, we work to model sustainable behaviors to create positive, permanent change.

The SIECO Reps have encouraged environmentally friendly behaviors through managing compost bins, improving recycling infrastructure, organizing Mystic River Watershed Clean Ups, hosting Meatless Mondays at Carmichael Dining Center, collaborating with other student clubs and local nonprofits like the Tufts Food Rescue Collaborative, promoting Tufts EcoReps campaigns, and more!

Roles and Responsibilities

Benefits of being a SIECO Rep:

  • As a SIECO Rep, you are a leader of sustainability in your on campus community and a resource for members looking to decrease their environmental impact and learn how to live more sustainably.
  • You represent your house and serve as a liaison to the Tufts Office of Sustainability
  • You will get your house and its infrastructure sustainability certified
  • You work to decrease waste and improve recycling in the house and at all social events.
  • You will develop your communication skills to talk about your impact on the environment and how you can train yourself and those around you to change their behaviors.

  A typical week as a SIECO Rep:

  • Attend the SIECO Reps biweekly meeting to stay in the loop on environmental initiatives on campus, share ideas to inspire sustainable behaviors in your community housing, and plan fun SIECO-Rep events.
  • Discuss and address the intersection of environmental and social justice issues
  • Table in Carmichael Dining Center for Meatless Mondays to encourage peers to decrease or eliminate their meat-intake*
  • Empty your house’s (and/or your own) compost bin into the appropriate any compost collection toter around campus
  • Give a mini-presentation at one of our weekly meetings during the semester on a particular environmental passion or recent advance in sustainability.
  • Check your house’s infrastructure for proper waste stations, faucet leaks, unnecessary energy usage, etc. 

*Temporarily paused due to COVID-19 Restrictions

Contact Us

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