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Four students have been named as recipients of Tufts’ annual awards, celebrating their academic abilities and their work promoting sustainability on campus. The students are all members of the Sustainable CORE Fellows program, who work as a part of the Office of Sustainability (OOS) to building an inclusive sustainability community within the larger Tufts community. Some of these students have also worked with the OOS as Sustainable Solutions Fellows helping the university solve its sustainability challenges and as student interns supporting the programs and outreach of the office. 

CORE Fellow and former OOS Communications Intern Adrian Huq (A24) was awarded the Donald A. Cowdery Memorial Scholarship, which is presented to juniors or seniors who have showed outstanding academic achievements and personal qualities of leadership and high principle. A senior majoring in Applied Environmental Studies and minoring in Film & Media Studies, Adrian was also named a recipient of the Tufts Presidential Civic Life Award, the highest recognition for service, leadership, and civic engagement conferred by Tufts University.  

“I am honored to be a recipient of the 2024 Presidential Award for Civic Life,” Adrian said. “My experience with leadership and civic engagement began when I was a junior in high school, and I am proud to have still continued my work on localized climate action through policy change and education with the same organizations throughout my time at Tufts despite being outside of my home state.”

ShaSha Kingston (A24), who works as both a CORE Fellow and a Solutions Fellow, received the Nancy W. Anderson Award for Environmental Sustainability, which is awarded to a junior or senior in Environmental studies. ShaSha is majoring in Biology, Psychology, and Environmental Studies and was recognized for her work promoting the integration of her academic studies with public policy decisions. Alongside Adrian, ShaSha was also named a recipient of the Tufts Presidential Civic Life Award.  

The image features the faces of two students who received annual awards.

“Community organizations, businesses, and university partners have taught me that curiosity, creativity, and relationship-building are fundamental in pushing for a more inclusive and justice-centered environmental space,” ShaSha said about her environmental sustainability work. I’ve found a lot of joy in connecting with others who have various backgrounds and building a bridge between our different perspectives. Equitable and meaningful collaboration often leads to innovative solutions to real-world problems. I’m looking forward to bringing these lessons with me throughout the rest of my civic engagement journey.”

Kailani Day (A25), a CORE Fellow, received the Gemma Cifarelli Memorial Scholarship award, which honors juniors who have good academic standing and demonstrated participation in activities of importance to the university. Kailani also received the Udall Undergraduate Scholarship recognizing her work on environmental justice. Kailani is majoring in Anthropology and Environmental Studies and is invested in environmental justice and community engagement.  

Kailani reflected on her time as a CORE fellow, saying, “As a person living in a community impacted by environmental injustice, I see the effect pollution has on making people feel hopeless about attaining a better future. For me, it is important to learn as much as possible and give back to my community by educating others on environmental topics and making environmental justice activism more accessible.” 

CORE Fellow Luca Scola (A25) was named a recipient of the Prize Scholarship of the Class of 1882, which honors an undergraduate student with great potential for intellectual leadership and creativity. Luca, who is majoring in Architectural Studies and Environmental Science, was part of the former Eco-Rep program and is passionate about sustainability rooted in the natural and built environments.  

 Congratulations to all of these award winners for their incredible accomplishments and important work in promoting environmental sustainability on campus!