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April 22nd, 2020 marks the 50th anniversary of the establishment of Earth Day. Even in these uncertain times of the Covid-19 virus, we can still come together (at a safe distance) to care for our planet.

Check this page throughout April to learn about #AtHomeActivism you can participate in, virtual events and webinars you can attend, #TuftsEarthWeek2020, and more!

#AtHomeActivism Bingo

Virtual Earth Week Events Hosted by Tufts

Other Virtual Events

Sustainability Actions to Take from home

Local Food Around the Tufts Campuses 

Articles about Covid-19 and the Environment 

Covid-19, Mental Health and Well-Being Resources at Tufts 

#AtHomeActivism with BINGO

Directions & Prize Information

Goal: Engage staff and students virtually in celebration of Earth Week and #AtHomeActivism while social distancing at home.

We are holding a raffle for 3 sustainability prizes and 1 additional grand prize for “Blackout Bingo” – completing all of the actions or the highest number of actions. To be eligible for prizes, download or print your bingo card from this webpage and return a completed card through one of the following methods:

  1. Email a completed PDF (using Adobe Acrobat "Fill & Sign" tool), take a photo of a printed copy, or send a screenshot to
  2. Post a copy of your completed Bingo card on your Instagram story and tag @greentufts with the hashtag #AtHomeActivism

To post the bingo card on your Instagram story, follow these steps:

  1. Screenshot the bingo card on your phone
  2. On your Instagram home-page, swipe left to post a story.
  3. Upload the screenshot of the bingo card by accessing your camera roll on the bottom left corner.
  4. Use the marker icon in the top right to fill-out and decorate your bingo card.
  5. Click anywhere on the screen to type a caption. Make sure @greentufts and #AtHomeActivism is included
  6. Click the “Your Story” button on the bottom left corner to post it!

We will email you or send you an Instagram direct message you if you win! The contest ends on April 24th.

Virtual Earth Week Events Hosted by Tufts

Other Virtual Events

Sustainability Actions to Take from Home

For both the Earth and You!

For the Earth:

  • Specialty recycling from home- Get into the habit of collecting plastic film; recycle it to your local grocery store or other community plastic film recycling center.
  • Take action- Contact your local and state policy makers about enacting environmentally preferable legislation. The sooner they take action, the better!
    • Consider signing on to the call for a Green Stimulus package. In response to a shrinking economy, academics, policy experts, advocates, and organizers are pushing for a stimulus package focused on transitioning to a financially and environmentally sustainable economic model.
    • Take your town through Mass Climate Action's Local Clean Energy Checklist, and choose from some of their suggested projects and action items.
  • Clean up- More of us are finding ourselves outside these days. Whether its a trek through the woods or a walk around the block, put on some gloves and pick up litter around the area as you go!
  • Start your own compost- For many of us, sheltering in place means losing access to commercial composting. Maybe it's always been lingering on a to-do list somewhere, maybe it's never crossed your mind, but now is a great time to start an at-home compost.
    • Check out this beginner's guide to backyard composting.
    • Tip: if you don't have a yard, consider freezing your compost. No smell, no bugs, and self preserving until it can be brought to a commercial compost bin.
  • Participate in Earth Day Live for a three-day call to action/education event focused on halting the climate crisis in its tracks. April 22-24 hear from Indigenous leaders and youth activists, learn about the power of divestment campaigns, and get involved in electing leaders fit for securing a sustainable future.

For You:

  • Walk and talk—Try going for a walk and talking on the phone with a friend, who may even be in another time zone.
    • Get some fresh air while staying connected to friends and loved ones.
  • Take caution around rural communities when planning treks to nature.
    • Be mindful of taking pit stops in rural communities during your trip. Some small towns (while they may have great climbing and hiking) might not have adequate medical support nearby, so it's important to avoid any chance of spreading the virus to rural areas!
    • Make sure to do any supply shopping in your own neighborhood before you leave to avoid contact with new groups of people.
  • Meditate outside- Take some time to connect with yourself and the natural world around you. This can be as ambitions as an hour on a mountain top or as accessible as ten minutes on your front stoop.
  • Rethink your food system- As COVID-19 continues to shake up our daily lives and reshape our routines, take a moment to consider something often taken for granted; our groceries.
    • How far do they have to travel? How many people carry them along and are they being equitably paid? What are the environmental impacts of their cultivation?
    • Consider what you could do to benefit your local food system, like shopping from worker-owned food providers or online farmer's markets listed below.

Local Food around the Tufts Campuses

  • MassFoodDelivery online farmers market
  • VeggieGo online farmers market
    • To register for VeggieGo, choose “I am a customer looking for home delivery”from the drop down menu, and select “Somerville/Cambridge” from the customer distribution location.  Be sure to look at the special instructions on right.
    • They are currently working with some local food groups to be sure they can take SNAP and HIP for this service. If you are interested please contact
  • Neighborhood Produce (near Magoun Square) is open with safe practices, and taking online orders

Covid-19, Mental Health and Well-Being Resources at Tufts

Maintaining personal sustainability is important as our community, and the world, goes through so much change. Are you experiencing computer fatigue from increased time spent on line? Need ideas about how to move and get more fresh air? Check out the tips and links below to see how you can continue to think about and practice sustainability from the comfort of your home!

  • For the latest updates and guidance from Tufts University, please visit 
  • For counseling and mental health resources, please visit Tufts' Counseling and Mental Health website
  • For educational tools and training on mental health, please visit Tufts' Kognito online program
    • Kognito is a simulation-based online educational program that allows users to practice conversations designed to help students build resilience, strengthen relationships, and develop connections with campus resources.
    • The program is free to all Tufts students and faculty.
  • Virtual Yoga for the greater Tufts community
    • Christina Pastan, director of Mind-Body Wellness at the School of Dental Medicine, talks about some of these practices here. She will lead virtual drop-in meditation on Thursdays at 12:30 p.m. through May 28. She will lead virtual yoga Tuesdays at 4:30 p.m. through April 28. Write to to be added to the elist.
    • The SMFA Yoga Club is conducting virtual yoga sessions every Tuesday through the end of April, from 12:45-1:45pm EDT. Email to be added to the elist for reminders or to get the link to view video recordings on Box.