Eco-Ambassadors Around Tufts

For Eco-Ambassadors by location, click on the campus of interest below.

Boston Grafton Medford/Somerville


Department Name
Academic Programs – Friedman Stacy Blondin
Administration – Dental Stephen Brown
Administration – Friedman Isabel McFall
Clinic Materials-Dental Paula Callahan
Clinic Operations-Dental Tangy Person
Diagnosis & Health Promotion- Dental Mary Jane Hanlon
Facilities Services – Boston Krista Behymer
Faculty Dental Practice F. Theresa Gillard
Health Sciences Library Katherine Morley, Judy Rabinowitz
John Hancock Research Center Julianne Heck
Metabolic Research Unit-HNRC Jennie Galpern
Microbiology-Basic Sci/Medical Laura McMurry
Office of the Vice Provost John Cosmopoulos, Barbara Eisenhaure, Claire Johnson
Public Health & Community Med Cynthia Dantas, Carine Tarazi
Student Health Lucia Fenney
Student Services – Dental Nikki Lowe
Tufts Technology Services Christina Divoll
UA-Dental Dev & Alumni Rel Deborah Ahl


Bio Med Sciences-Cummings-Vet Trena Haroutunian
Clinical Sciences-Cummings-Vet Sabrina Stidsen
Dean’s Office – Cummings-Vet Jean Poteete
Env & Pop Health-Cummings-Vet Marie-Anne Faissler, Amy Navin
Foster Hosp – Cummings-Vet Kim Denn, Virginia Rentko
Infec Disease&Global Hlth-Vet Maureen Murray, Whitney Stiehler
Library – Cummings – Vet Nancy Meyer
Student Services-Cummings-Vet Barbara Berman, Rebecca Russo
UA-Cummings Dev & Alumni Rel Robin Melendez


Admissions – AS&E Roxana McClammy Woudstra
Academic Support-Fletcher Rachel Brown, Mike van der Wansem
Art and Art History Amy West
Biology – A&S Michael Doire, Junji Morokuma
Campus Services Kate Doherty
CEEO Magee Giarrosso, Lynne Ramsey
Chemical Engineering Emily Edwards
Chemistry – A&S Sarah Iacobucci
Dewick Dining Robert Stefanik
Digital Communications Kimberly Moniz
Earth & Ocean Sciences – A&S Janet Silvano
Education – A&S Ryan Redmond, Carla Walsh
Electrical & Computer Engineering Abigail Sofia Licht
English – A&S Chantal Hardy
Environmental Studies Program Sara Gomez
Global Development And Environment Institute (GDAE) Erin Coutts
Human Resources Marika Francis
International Office-A&S Lois Hutchings
Office of Sustainability Lauren Martin
School of Engineering Stacie Simon
Student Services Center-A&S Robin Brown
Student Services-Fletcher Dan Birdsall
Tisch College Maggie McMorrow
Tisch Library Julie-Ann Bryson, Amey Callahan, Carol Ellis, Laurie Sabol, Kris Thompson
Tufts Support Services Karin Barry, Andrea Carlino, Anita Robbins
Tufts Technology Services David Bragg, James Crouch, Lucy Nunn
UA – Alumni Relations Mrinalini (Mini) Jaikumar
UA-Communications & Donor Rel Marny Ashburne