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The Hive

Tessellating hexagons that resemble a honeycomb

About The Hive

This sustainability-themed, 10-person suite is located on the downhill side of campus in Latin Way. Sophomores, juniors, and seniors are all invited to live in The Hive. As a special interest house, The Hive's goal is to create a community of students interested in sustainable living and issues surrounding sustainability. Residents of The Hive come from different backgrounds and have a variety of different interests, but are connected through their shared interest in the environment. Those living in the suite are expected to support and/or take part in the environmental student groups on campus. See Get Involved: Student Organizations. Additionally, all members of The Hive are expected to complete a sustainability-based project during their residency in the house.

The Hive is a focal point for the environmentally-minded community on Tufts campus. It brings together eco-friendly students, organizations, and faculty to promote knowledge and passion for sustainable living. The suite provides a living space for students looking for a more sustainable way of life, as well as a meeting space for the larger environmentally concerned community on campus.

The Hive was formerly called The Green House but changed its name to The Hive during the 2019-2020 academic year.

Founder Goals

The founders of The Hive aspired to create a space which:

  • Brings people with similar interests together in a living environment
  • Provides an opportunity for residents to learn new ways to live sustainably alongside their housemates
  • Fosters the environmental community on campus
  • Encourages cooperation between the various environmentally focused groups on campus
  • Provides space for environmental groups to host programs for the entire Tufts community

Learn More

Explore The Hive's Facebook page to learn more and keep up with recent events. If you have any questions, you can reach out to current residents of The Hive at

Interested in living in The Hive yourself? View Student Life's Special Interest Housing page (likely still listed under Green House) and check back after the Fall 2020 term starts to learn more about the application process for the 2021-22 academic year. Applications are part of on-campus housing requests and are typically due around the end of November.

The Green House

About the Green House

The Green House is part of the very first "Create Your Own Theme House" residences within CoHo (Tufts' Community Houses). Beginning during the 2020-2021 academic year, students have the choice to create their own theme house with their peers. CoHo houses are only available for juniors and seniors looking to live on campus. As of Fall 2020, there is only one theme house: the Green House at 12 Bellevue St. Students who apply for this house must have a mission and goals focused on living sustainably within the house.

The Green House is currently managed by Caedan Fial '22 and Marilene Rivas-Chavez '23 for the 2020-21 academic year.

The Current House Mission: The Green House is a community of environmentally-minded individuals working together towards a set of shared goals. Our mission is to form and maintain a green, sustainable living space, as well as to serve the local community and environment through projects geared towards supporting accessible, sustainable living practices and community involvement. Residents of the Green House participate in a variety of environmentally-based projects both on- and off-campus, and serve as a point of contact between such organizations while providing resources for interested students to learn about such groups and ways to get involved.

Learn more about the Green House on the Tufts Daily.