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Eco Reps Executive Summary 2016-2016

President Monaco pledges to make Tufts carbon neutral ASAP at EarthFest 2017.

The Eco Rep program is led by a coordinator and assistant coordinator, who oversee the tasks and responsibilities of 20 Eco-Reps. In the 2016-2017 school year, all of the ResLife staffed dorms had Eco Reps, including Blakeley, the graduate residence hall. The Eco Reps held a variety of responsibilities, but some to highlight include: managing compost in the residence halls; distributing small, personal compost bins to individuals; holding events in the residence halls; tabling for Meatless Monday; distributing green dorm certificates to residents; and serving as a resource to residents and ResLife. This year we held 35 events, certified 252 dorm rooms, collected over 2,200 meatless meal pledges, and received over 3,000 gallons of compost!

Eco Reps tabling for Meatless Monday at the dining hall.

Eco Reps also play a large role during the Spring EarthFest event. This is organized in collaboration with Students for Environmental awareness (SEA), a club that is spreading the message of sustainability and making an impact throughout campus and beyond. The Eco Reps organize a Zero Waste Week Challenge leading up the the event to promote more conscious waste production. Also, for the month leading up to EarthFest, Eco Reps collect clothing for the annual Clothing Swap, which takes place during EarthFest. While this is our largest event of the year, many smaller Eco Rep events occur in the dorms throughout the semester.

Students at an Eco Rep Trivia night event.