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The Office of Sustainability is committed to centering justice in our work to uphold the right for all people to have access to a clean and safe environment.

Sustainability is centered around three pillars: environment, society, and economy. Our office recognizes the important of giving full weight to social sustainability in the work that we do by amplifying the voices of BIPOC and other marginalized communities, addressing the connections between environmental degradation and racial and social injustice, and working to rectify instances of inequity in sustainability, among other actions.

We, the members of the Tufts Office of Sustainability, have drafted Equity and Justice Commitments help to ground our work in environmental justice. These commitments provide consistent guidance in our efforts and help to align our office with Tufts’ goal to become an anti-racist institution. Working towards just sustainability is a critical part of our office’s mission to act as a resource, catalyst, and advocate for sustainability at Tufts.

Working in a primarily white field, our office recognizes the need to hold ourselves and each other accountable by making clear, well defined, and actionable SMART goals based on our equity and justice commitments. This means embedding justice and equity into the work we do and revisiting our goals and commitments annually to adapt and revise our approach in the ever-changing world.

Help Improve Our Work

The Tufts OOS Equity and Justice Plan is a living document open to change based on community feedback. We want to hear your thoughts, opinions, additions, and revisions so that we can build a plan that is most representative of the Tufts community and its values. After reviewing our plan, Tufts Community members are invited to submit feedback through our anonymous Qualtrics survey or email us at for more personal and in-depth discussions. We appreciate your commitment to helping Tufts OOS uphold the values of environmental justice!