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Tufts University is committed to achieving environmental protection and sound fiscal management. As such, a university-wide temperature policy was adopted in February 2, 2009 to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and energy fees.

Outline of the 2009 Temperature Policy

Occupied Hours

During the hours of 8am to 6pm, in buildings with centrally controlled heat and air conditioning, the following setpoints will be used:

  • Winter: 68ºF
  • Summer: 78ºF

Thermostats in individually controlled spaces should be set at 68ºF during the winter and 78ºF during the summer.

  • These spaces include: classrooms, libraries, athletics facilities, dining halls, and residence halls.
  • Setpoints should be maintained when these facilities are open for business or occupied.

Note: temperatures may vary by up to 4ºF.

Unoccupied Hours
  • During unoccupied hours, including weekends and holidays, the temperature will be set at a level that will allow the University to efficiently and economically conserve energy.
  • Individuals controlling their own thermostats should set them at 55ºF in the winter when the space is unoccupied.
  • Air-conditioners should be turned up or off during unoccupied times.
  • Laboratories, experimental areas, animal areas, and other spaces where there is a demonstrated work requirement for maintaining higher or more consistent temperatures are exempt from these expectations
Additional Notes
  • Due to building characteristics and control limitations, actual temperatures may vary from the target setpoint.
  • Electric space heater use must receive prior authorization from Facilities before use in Tufts University buildings.
  • During Fall and Spring, building temperatures may vary to a greater extent due to the biannual switch between heating and cooling equipment.

Facilities Contact Information

To report a problem with heating or cooling, submit an online service request.

For issues not able to be resolved by the Online Service Request please call:

  • Medford Facilities: 7-3496
  • Boston Facilities: 6-3535
  • Grafton Facilities: 9-7921