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General Engagement

Students for Environmental Awareness (SEA)

SEA, formerly Tufts Sustainability Collective, is a community of environmentally-minded students who work to engage with sustainability issues on campus. Learn more on their Facebook page.

Tufts Climate Action (TCA)

TCA is committed to fighting climate change in solidarity with climate justice. Learn more on their Facebook page.

Tufts Energy Group

TEG focuses on engaging and educating the Tufts community about energy issues.  Learn more on their Facebook page.

Tufts Labor Coalition

TLC promotes community between students and campus workers through events and activism. Learn more on their Facebook page.

Tufts Engineers Without Borders (EWB)

EWB is a student group that carries out sustainable engineering projects in developing countries. Learn more on their website or Facebook page.

Tufts Urban Policy, Planning, and Prosperity (UP3)

UP3 allows students to learn about city planning, architecture, transportation, sustainable design, and more. Learn more on their website or Facebook page.

Tufts Composts! in Boston

Students on the Boston Health Sciences campus are invested in diverting food scraps from landfill whenever possible to reduce our environmental impact. Contact them to learn more and make sure to check out their Instagram.

Sustainable Living


The Eco-Reps are students who work for the Office of Sustainability to promote sustainability in their residence halls and on campus. They plan educational events, run the residence hall compost program, and provide sustainability resources to their peers.  Learn more on their webpage or Facebook page.

GreEco Reps

The GreEco Rep program is run through the Eco-Reps, but works specifically with Greek Life to promote campus sustainability.  Learn more on their webpage or Facebook page.

The Hive

The Hive (formally the Green House) is a sustainability-themed housing unit located in the Latin Way apartments. If you’d like to intentionally incorporate sustainability into your residential experience, consider applying to live in the Green House!  Learn more on their webpage or Facebook page.

Staying Active

Tufts Bikes

Tufts Bikes is a student-run organization promoting biking culture at Tufts. They maintain a free campus bikeshare program available through the Tisch library, and offer free bike repair services at their shop at 28 Sawyer Ave. If you’re interested in learning about bike repair, safety, administration and more, get involved with Tufts Bikes! Learn more on their website or Facebook page.

Tufts Mountain Club

TMC organizes all types of outdoor activities - hiking, climbing, kayaking, skiing, and more! They also run the Tufts Loj, located in Woodstock, NH. Become a member to take advantage of outdoor opportunities and gear rental, or get involved as a trip leader! Learn more on their website or Facebook page.

Sustainable Eating

Tom Thumb's Student Garden

The Student Garden is a student-run garden located behind the Latin Way apartments. Students cultivate produce and other plants, while learning about gardening techniques and low-impact agriculture. Learn more on their Facebook page.

Tufts Food Rescue

Food Rescue  works to address food insecurity while minimizing food waste from the dining halls. Student volunteers turn dining hall leftovers into complete meals, which are donated to local families in need. Learn more on their webpage or Facebook page.

Tufts Veg Society

The Veg Society promotes discussion about the social and environmental impacts of plant-based diets through events and activism.  Learn more on their Facebook page.

Food for Thought

Food for Thought seeks to address current food issues, including sustainability, nutrition, social justice, and more.  Learn more on their Facebook page.