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Watch segments of this hour-long webinar on the topic from July 2020:

Integrating Sustainability into your Performance Plan, Screen capture of PowerPoint Presentation


Use this worksheet to help you plan your sustainability SMART Goal:

Integrating Sustainability Into Your Work Plan, Screenshot of Worksheet


During Performance Planning season, consider adding a sustainability goal to your Key Performance Areas! Some examples:

  • Become an Eco-Ambassador
  • Apply for Green Office Certification
  • Make the changes necessary to receive a bronze/silver/gold/platinum Green Office Certification
  • Print all documents double-sided
  • Learn to use the Outlook calendaring system
  • Collaborate on documents or projects via online tools such as Tufts Box (to reduce paper use)
  • Decrease paper use in the office by a percentage
  • Eliminate personal desk-side printers in the office
  • Purchase only recycled content paper (30-100%)
  • Increase the recycling rate in the office and increase recycling education
  • Convert the Poland Springs bubbler to a filtered water system
  • Switch the office from using disposable plates and cups to reusable ones (if you have a kitchen or sink where you can wash them!)
  • Decrease office use of disposable dishes by 50%
  • Switch some of your events to compostable materials or real china
  • Bring a reusable mug to every meeting instead of using a paper cup
  • Edit documents on the computer instead of printing out a paper copy
  • Start a successful office composting program. With success defined as:
    • People participate
    • There are no complaints
    • There are no fruit flies, odor or mess
    • There is always someone responsible for emptying it
    • Only appropriate material is being composted
  • Facilitate having the office shut down its computers and turn off lights at night and weekends, (e.g. teach everyone to do it)
  • Present a sustainability tip at each staff meeting
  • Develop a diversity and inclusion lunch talk
  • Participate in Tufts Wellness programs
  • Re-consider giveaways for students, opting for items that will be used thoroughly, from a sustainable supply chain (made of recycled materials)
  • Choose non-material gifts for visiting lecturers
  • Initiate department/office/building Green Team
  • Work with the Office of Sustainability to increase specialty recycling in your office or lab