About the Office of Sustainability

The Office of Sustainability (OOS) serves as a resource, a catalyst, and an advocate for environmental sustainability at Tufts, often serving as the bridge between ideas and their practical implementation.

The OOS is supported by the university and works to:

  • Ensure that Tufts’ efforts are comprehensive and focused on meaningful projects
  • Identify, evaluate, and implement opportunities for leadership
  • Promote the strength of Tufts sustainability efforts, including those of faculty and students.
  • Measure and report on Tufts’ progress toward commitments and regional goals
  • Identify sustainability opportunities that may provide Tufts with additional benefits such as educational opportunities, reduced risk, financial savings, and avoided problems/fines.
  • Coordinate among other existing programs and sustainability efforts (e.g., food, landscaping, transportation, planning and policy, personal action, and education)
  • Integrate sustainability issues into research, scholarship and student life.
    • Advise the Tufts Green House and the Tufts Sustainability Collective
    • Provide peer-to-peer training through the Eco-Reps and Eco-Ambassador programs
    • Work with interested faculty to develop meaningful class projects and support students in those efforts.
    • Work with interested students on academic and extra-curricular projects
    • Provide student internships
    • Identify appropriate ways for faculty and student research to be pilot tested on campus

If you are interested in learning more about sustainability at Tufts, please contact the Office of Sustainability to be put in touch with the appropriate department.


Program Director
Tina Woolston Tina Woolston, LEED Green Associate, joined the Office of Sustainability in September of 2007 as the project coordinator focusing on outreach and education. She created the Eco-Ambassador program for staff and faculty, the Ex-college course Environmental Action, Shifting from Saying to Doing and a re-envisioned the existing Eco-Representative program as student-led. She works closely with other departments at Tufts to facilitate environmental sustainability across the university. Prior to coming to Tufts, Tina directed the sustainability program at Earthwatch Institute and co-founded her town’s climate action committee. She was one of the first 1,000 people to be trained by Al Gore to give the Inconvenient Truth slideshow as part of The Climate Reality Project. She holds a B.S. and M.S. in Animal Science and Ruminant Nutrition from Cornell University and a certificate in Community Environmental Education from Tufts University.
Education and Outreach Program Administrator
Shoshana Blank 3 Shoshana Blank joined the Office of Sustainability in August 2016 as the Outreach and Education Program Administrator. Prior to coming to Tufts, Shoshana worked at a Boston non-profit called the Sustainable Endowments Institute, where she consulted with colleges, universities, cities and K-12 schools on financing their energy efficiency projects through green revolving funds. She also directed the development of a web tool called the Green Revolving Investment Tracking System (GRITS) to help colleges easily track the energy, carbon, and financial savings from their energy conservation projects. Shoshana was a Fulbright grant recipient where she conducted research on particulate matter emissions from wood-burning cookstoves in a village outside of Pune, India, testing out a more efficient stove with the villagers. Shoshana graduated from St. Olaf College in 2010 with majors in Biology and Environmental Studies. She enjoys gardening, ice cream, and environmental activism.
Communications Specialist

Lauren Diamond joined the Office of Sustainability in August 2014 as the Communications Specialist. She graduated from Dickinson College in 2010 with a B.A. in American Studies and received her M.S. in Urban and Regional Policy from Northeastern University in 2014. Lauren has pursued her interest in environmental issues while working for organizations including the University of Delaware Sustainability Task Force, Dickinson College Organic Farm, and Boston Natural Areas Network. She is particularly interested in creating a more sustainable food system. In her spare time, she enjoys gardening and running.


Aviva Kardener Fall 2015 – Present
Aviva is a senior from Oakland, California, the sunny side of the Bay Area. She is majoring in Environmental Studies and Peace & Justice Studies with plans to work in the field of environmental justice. On campus, she is also involved with Tufts Office of Alumni Relations, Tufts Energy Group, Peace Games, and Tufts Climate Action. She loves cooking, baking, hiking, reading, traveling, and spending time with her friends. Aviva is very excited to see how she can help reduce the environmental impacts Tufts and its students have on the community and world.
Dylan Guydish Summer 2017
Dylan is a rising Senior at Tufts, majoring in Environmental Science and Psychology.  He loves biking, hiking, and spending time in the sun, which reminds him of his California home.  At Tufts, he has served as an Eco-Rep for Metcalf Hall, as well as the head mechanic for Tufts Bikes, helping to run the free campus bike-share.  He just returned from a semester abroad studying sustainability and resource management in Costa Rica, and is excited to be working with the Office of Sustainability this summer!
Megan Bateman Summer 2017 – Present
Megan Bateman is a 3rd year student at Tufts University studying Biology and Environmental Studies (Track IV: Nutrition, Food Systems, and the Environment). After growing up in a small town south of Boston, she is excited to be living in the city and meeting like-minded individuals passionate about food security, equity, and sustainability. Over the summer, Megan will be preparing for the Back-to-School Sale as a preamble to her role as the 2017/2018 Greenhouse Manager. Beyond her studies Megan enjoys traveling, spending time in nature, singing, being with friends and family, cooking, exercising, and exploring Boston.

Past interns

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