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Curious as to what Sustainability focused or related courses Tufts University offers?  Check out these sustainability-focused and sustainability-related course options below. This list is a compilation of what was offered by the university in 2014, and does change with each academic year as new opportunities are added.

The Office of Sustainability has offered a for-credit class on Environmental Action. The students who took the class were behind initiatives such as Trayless Dining and eliminating the sale of single-serve water bottles (resulting in 73% reduction of plastic bottle usage!) at Hodgdon Good-to-Go, the takeout location for Tufts Dining.

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Sustainability-Focused and Sustainability-Related Courses

American Studies

Sustainability Related:

AMER066/166- Representing the Environment

AMER141/ELS141- Innovative Social Enterprises, Felice Shapiro

AMER185- Native American Issues – Politics of Representation


Sustainability Related:

ANTH015 – Native Peoples and Indigenous Rights in South America

ANTH020 – Global Cities

Art History

Sustainability Related:

FAH095- Boston Architecture and Urbanism


Sustainability Related:

AST010-Wanderers in Space


Sustainability Focused:

Biology 144 – Principles of Conservation Biology

 Sustainability Related:

BIO007/ENV007- Environmental Biology

BIO010 – Plants and Humanity

BIO051/ENV051- Experiments in Ecology

BIO142 – Population and Community Ecology

BIO143 – Evolutionary Biology

BIO144 – Principles of Conservation Biology

BIO164/ENV164 – Marine Biology

Chemical and Biological Engineering

Sustainability Focused:

CHBE173- Clean Energy Technologies and Policy Issues

 Sustainability Related:

CHBE138/CE138- Hazardous Waste Treatment Technologies


 Sustainability Related:

CHEM008/CE030 – Environmental Chemistry

Civil and Environmental Engineering

Sustainability Focused:

CE149 – Earth Support Systems

CE158 – Occupational and Environmental Health

CE173 – Health Effects and Risk Assessment

CE 214 – Environmental and Water Resources Systems

CE265/UEP265 – Corporate Management of Environmental Issues

CE 294 – Special Topics: Integrated Water Resources Planning and Management

 Sustainability Related:

CE001 – Introduction to Civil and Environmental Engineering

CE032 – Environmental Engineering Principles

CE054/Community Health 54 – Fundamentals of Epidemiology

CE070 – Introduction to Hazardous Materials Management

CE112/ENV112- Hydrology/Water Resource

CE113/GEO113- Groundwater

CE132 – Environmental Engineering Processes

CE133 – Wastewater Plant Design

CE137- Public Health

CE142 – Advanced Soil Mechanics

CE143 – Site Remediation

CE158 – Occupational and Environmental Health

CE167- Environmental Toxicology

CE194-B – Industrial Ecology

CE194-C – Environmental Informatics

CE201/UEP201 – Use Planning II

CE202- Environmental Statistics

CE207/UEP207/ENV207- Environmental Law

CE212- Chemical Principles in Environmental and Water Resources Engineering 

CE213- Transport Principles in Environmental and Water Resources Engineering

CE214 – Environmental and Resource Systems

CE241/MPH241– Biology Water and Health

Community Health

Sustainability Focused:

CH184- Globalization and Health

Sustainability Related:

CH104- Women and Health

Diplomacy, History, and Politics

Sustainability Focused:

DHPP256 – Innovation for Sustainable Prosperity


Sustainability Focused:

EC030/ENV030- Environmental Economics

Sustainability Related:

EC048 – Health Economics

EC124 – State and Local Public Finance

EC127 – Urban Economics

EC132 – Economics of Energy Markets


Sustainability Related:

ED164/PJS164- Education for Peace and Justice


Sustainability Focused:

ENG160/ENV160/PSJ150 – Environmental Justice and World Literature

Environmental Studies

Sustainability Focused:

ENV099- Environmental Internship

ES025 – Environment and Technology

ENV027 – Environmental Health and Safety

ES091 – Environmental Preservation and Improvement

ENV94/UEP094 – Environmental Policy Planning and Politics


Sustainability Related:

GEO002- Environmental Geology w/Lab

GEO005- Introduction to Oceanography

GEO115- Quaternary and Glacial Geology

Mechanical Engineering

Sustainability Focused:

ME-114 Solar Energy


Sustainability Focused:

NUTR 241: Seminar: Food for All: Ecology, Biotechnology and Sustainability

NUTR 327: Food Systems

Sustainability Related:

NUTR215/UEP223 –  Fundamental of U.S. Agriculture

NUTR233 – Agriculture Science and Policy I

NUTR324/DHP213 – Humanitarian Politics

NUTR333 – Agriculture Science and Policy II

NUTR 341: Economics of Agriculture and the Environment

Peace and Justice Studies

Sustainability Related:

PJS135-01/SOC135- Social Movements

PJS141/Phil141 – Global Justice


Sustainability Related:

PHIL124- Bioethics

Political Science

Sustainability Focused:

PS195/UEP294-03 – Politics of Sustainable Communities

Sustainability Related:

PS188-20 – Politics of International Environmental Negotiation

PS194- U.S. Environmental Policy


Sustainability Related:

PSY013- Social Psychology

Public Health

Sustainability Related:

PH204 – Occupational and Environmental Health


Sustainability Related:

SOC050- Gobalization and Social Space

SOC113- Urban Sociology

Urban and Environmental Policy and Planning

Sustainability Focused:

UEP172- Strategies for Social Change

UEP 174 – Clean Air and Clean Water Policy

UEP178 – Planning for Low Impact Development

UEP221- Climate Change Policy, Planning and Action

UEP265 – Corporate Management of Environmental Issues

UEP278 – Environmental Justice, Security, and Sustainability

UEP279 – Water Resources Policy, and Planning, and Watershed Management

Sustainability Related:

UEP173 – Transportation Planning

UEP 251/EC9 – Economics for Planning and Policy Analysis

UEP279 – Water Resources Policy and Planning and Watershed Management

UEP 200 – Land Use Planning I

UEP201 – Land Use Planning II

Experimental College

Sustainability Focused:

EX097-  Sustainable Development in Nicaragua

Sustainability Related:

EX058-CF – Marketing for Social Change