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Recycling at Tufts is about to get easier…

Mixed recycling is coming to Tufts University in 2017.

Tufts Dining earns 3 star GRA Certification

Tufts Dining has recently received 3-star certifications at all of its campus locations from the Green Restaurant Association (GRA), a nonprofit organization that recognizes food service providers for their work in becoming environmentally sustainable, according to the GRA website.

Meet the Eco-Reps!

The Tufts Eco-Reps are a group of residential students who help to raise awareness about ecological issues, encourage environmentally responsible behavior among their hall mates and peers, and plan related events and activities.

2016-2017 Eco-Reps Group Photo


Recycling at Tufts is about to get easier...

 Tufts is switching over to mixed recycling in 2017! The conversion schedule can be viewed here.


“Mixed recycling” means that the items you normally sort into the blue and green-capped recycling bins (paper/cardboard and glass/metal/plastic) can be disposed of together.