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A Market for Change

Vicki Assevero, F10, is promoting sustainability at the local level through her new market in Trinidad and Tobago.

Fall Eco-Ambassador Sessions

Interested in our upcoming Eco-Ambassador sessions? Please fill out this brief survey to let us know your availability.

Sustainable Move-In

Summer is winding down, and the school year is almost here – are you ready to move?  Check out this short video to learn how to make your transition back to campus smooth and sustainable!

Blue & Brown Pass Down: Back to School Sale

Join Tufts’ Green House on September 3rd in Jackson Gym for the first ever Blue and Brown Pass Down: Back-to-School Sale!
Whatever you’re hoping to find for your dorm room next year—from mini-fridges to mirrors, plastic storage containers to printers—we’ve got it! This massive back-to-school sale will feature all the treasures donated at last year’s move-out.