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At the beginning of March 2019, Tufts joined the new ride-sharing app called miles2share (m2s), a comprehensive ride-sharing platform that enables users to create ride-sharing circles.

Tufts opted to create an exclusive closed network, meaning that riders and drivers across all of our campuses can now be connected based on overlapping routes.


Users can share rides to and from campus, meetings, daily commutes, and more. Fewer drivers on the roads means you're keeping the planet in mind by doing your part to generate a smaller carbon footprint. Plus, at the cost of no more than $0.40/mile, m2s is competitive with other ride services. Drivers earn up to $0.34/mile, meaning that if you are both a rider and a driver, you can earn back what you spend.

By using miles2share, you’ll save money, reduce your carbon footprint, and help make Tufts more sustainable. Download the app and follow the steps below to connect with others at Tufts and help build our ride-sharing community.

Participating is easy

  1. Download miles2share and register with your Tufts email

    The app is available both on Google Play and the App Store

  2. Complete your profile

    If you have a vehicle and want to be a driver as well as a rider, add your vehicle's information to your profile.

  3. Set your frequently used routes

    Once you input your most traveled routes, the app will find others who share your routes, and prompt you to connect with them.

  4. Connect to matched people in the app

    You can message with the people you match with  through the app and meet in person before they “accept” you in the app.

  5. Create your schedule

    Fill out which days you will be taking which routes, and if you want to be driver or rider. Those in your Circle can join your rides and you will be notified. You can join others’ rides that they set in their schedule.

  6. Check the app for rides

    A future version of the app will give you a notification every time someone has a ride available for you.
    The rider will be prompted to pay the driver through the app once getting in the vehicle.

New App Features as of 2019

Two new features in miles2share allow you to connect to more users and more rides. Go to "More" and "My Preferences" to access these features:

1."Open to share rides with users who are not from your organization."
This feature allows you to connect with others in the area who are not affiliated with Tufts. This connects you to other miles2share users in the greater Boston area.

2. "Show my availability to others besides my connections."
This shows the rides in your schedule to others outside of your circle, so that they would be able to join your carpool. This feature is good if you are confident to share rides with people that you have never messaged with or met before.

Share rides, save money, and reduce your carbon footprint!