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Eco-Reps are organized by dorm assignment/position.

Maha Shoaib

Blakeley Hall

Maha is a second year grad student at Fletcher from Lahore, Pakistan. She is specializing in International Finance and Development Economics, while pursuing her passion for creating an impact in the society. Maha loves to hike, you can catch up with her any time to hear about her stories in the Himalayas. During her free time, she likes to cook Pakistani food and loves exploring Boston via cycling. She is super excited to start her new role as an Eco-Rep and hopes to make an impact in creating a environmentally sustainable community at Tufts this year!

Max Migdail

Bush Hall

Max is a Sophomore from San Francisco, California and will most likely mention that five times in the first minute after meeting him. He likes hiking, climbing, baking, and discussing various water rights issues. Max is most likely studying Economics (no longer) and Environmental Studies with a minor in English (no longer minoring, he’s just straight up majoring in English). Another of his passions is talking, so if you ever want to discuss the environment or another of your passions, he’s more than happy to listen. He’s super pumped to work with y’all over the next year. He practically lives in New Hampshire during the school year (Elyssa is salty about this).

James Cassell

Carmichael Hall

James is a Sophomore from Dartmouth, Massachusetts, and is undeclared right now, but probably will decide on Biology or Chemistry. He really likes wandering around in the woods, as well as weird music and movies. You can probably find him attempting to bake in the dorm kitchen or wherever there is free food. James is not totally into the writing bios thing, but would honestly be down to talk to anyone about anything.

Eliza Hilfer

Carmichael Hall

Eliza is a Sophomore from Chappaqua, NY. She is planning on studying Environmental Studies and Community Health. She plays flute in the Wind Ensemble, acts for TFL comedy, is the Cultural Chair of Friends of Israel (the Israeli culture club), and is a member of UP3 (Urban Policy, Planning, and Prosperity). In her free time, Eliza enjoys drawing, spending time in nature, watching Friends, drinking tea, and listening to/overanalyzing Broadway musicals. Eliza is thrilled to join the Eco-Rep team and help her peers live more sustainably!

Madeline Bondy

Carpenter House

Madeline is a Sophomore from Boulder, Colorado, majoring in Biology and Environmental Studies! Her passions include defending bees, watching the X-Files, talking about GMOs, hiking, skiing, fencing, making bad jokes and puns, and petting every dog she possibly can. She’s a really big fan of good public transportation and sustainable agriculture, and is always happy to have conversations about the environment and sustainability initiatives (if you can tolerate all of the puns).

Lawrence Gordon

Harleston Hall

Lawrence is a Sophomore from Wilmington, Massachusetts, majoring in Chemistry with a focus on pre-medical studies. In the summer, Lawrence works on an electrical power station for a company investing in the development of local renewable energy sources. In his free time, he likes to play Frisbee and tennis, making occasional trips with his friends to Maine to kayak or ski. He is excited to work with the Fall 2017 EcoReps team in order to make the Tufts campus live more sustainably and waste less!

Jessie McIsaac

Harleston Hall

Jess is a Sophomore hailing from Washington, DC. She loves spending time outdoors, whether it be a multi-day backpacking trip or napping in a hammock on Prez Lawn. Passions of hers also include cooking, petting dogs, live music, compost, getting lost (or exploring?), fresh produce, and drawing clouds. She is so so excited to join the Eco-Rep team and share the love of nature, conservation, and sustainability!

Elyssa Anneser

Haskell Hall

Elyssa is a Sophomore from Franconia, New Hampshire. She grew up in the White Mountains, where she spends her summers hiking and farming. She is planning on majoring in Political Science and Environmental Studies. You can usually find her on campus playing a sport based on a young adult fiction novel, aka Quidditch, or you can find her running or talking about public policy. Elyssa is very excited to promote sustainability and environmental awareness on campus!

Morgan Berman

Hill Hall

  Morgan is a Biology and Environmental Studies major on the Food Systems, Nutrition, and Environment Track from Stamford, CT. She is inspired by her eco-warrior sister and compost-crazy mother. Morgan enjoys writing, working for the Tufts Daily, is an RA in Hill Hall, serves a Director of Outreach for Tufts Sustainability Collective, and works at the Tufts Development office. You can find Morgan lurking at the Rez or sweatily running somewhere! Ask her about issues of compost, waste and how to reduce your environmental impact!

Alexandra Wolf

Hodgdon Hall

Carla Giannattasio

Houston Hall

Carla is a Sophomore from Ridgefield, Connecticut, but now lives in Miami, Florida. Growing up all across the East Coast of the U.S. and traveling around the world during her childhood allowed her to see how stunning and valuable our Earth is, and therefore, how important it is to protect it. Carla is double majoring in Biology and Environmental Studies, so when she’s not cramming for her next exam, she can be found Facetiming her two golden retrievers or trying to fit as many succulents as she can on the windowsill of her tiny Carm dorm room. On campus, she is the treasurer of Students for Environmental Awareness and enjoys volunteering for Animal Aid. Carla considers herself an avid fan of baby goats, hiking, skiing, Carmichael stir-fry nights, and all things dessert. After working at a flower shop in high school, Carla’s passion for plants, nature, and the environment as a whole grew immensely, which is why she can’t wait to promote sustainability in the Tufts community through the Eco-Rep program!!

Jamie Gareh

Lewis Hall

 Jamie is a First-Year from London, England maybe majoring in political science, maybe minoring in Philosophy, maybe minoring in sociology. He really has no clue at the moment. Jamie became an eco-rep, because he’s always loved and cared about nature and doesn’t want to see a world where it’s been destroyed. Passions of his are playing football (soccer), hiking, travelling, and binge watching Netflix TV shows. He’s very excited to start the new semester as an eco rep and to help make the campus more environmentally friendly.

Ida Weiss

Lewis Hall

Ida is a First-Year environmental engineer from Westhampton, a tiny town in Western Massachusetts with beautiful forests and more cows/chickens/horses than people. A National Geographic Article about soil erosion, read aloud by her mom, turned Ida onto the flower-child lifestyle in 3rd grade, and she hasn’t looked back since. Ida loves talking and learning about renewable energy and energy efficiency. She also wants to promote inclusivity in the environmental movement. For the last two summers, Ida worked on trail crews in New England and hiked the Vermont Long Trail in August. She loves to contra dance, cook egg-spinach things, go birding, discuss books/life, and hear about peoples’ life stories (people continue to amaze her). Ida is amped to talk with Tufts students about sustainability, or really anything, this semester!

Mandy Rosengren

Metcalf Hall

Mandy is a Sophomore majoring in Mechanical Engineering and minoring in Physics, and she is from Glen Rock, NJ. Some of her favorite pastimes include working with Tufts Bikes, sewing, playing the mandolin, and hiking. You can spot Mandy around campus talking to plants or taking out recycling that was thrown in the garbage. She is so excited to be an Eco-Rep for her second year!

Annika Greenleaf

Miller Hall

Annika (who also responds to Bean) strives to know the world a little bit better every day. A Senior studying Spanish and Biology while minoring in Latin American Studies, she has researched in California, Maine, Chile, Costa Rica, and Massachusetts. At Tufts, she is currently a Summer Scholar aiming to find the effect of size variation on bumblebee flight paths, and her study site is on Appleton Farms outside of Boston. Annika cares deeply about the health of our planet (la madre tierra) and finding pathways toward a brighter future, so she is excited to be an Eco-Rep and share her learning process with the Tufts Community. She also loves Ultimate Frisbee, petting dogs, lame jokes, and slaying the patriarchy in her spare time.

Kayla Williams

Richardson House

Kayla is a Junior at Tufts majoring in Environmental Studies and Anthropology. She is from Red Bank, New Jersey and for the past three summers she has worked in the town’s Parks and Rec department. On campus, you’ll likely find Kayla in the Africana Center or the big blue chairs in Hotung. She plays rugby for Tufts and works for the Office for Campus Life as an Office Assistant and Event Staff (catch her scanning your fall gala ticket). Her favorite memes are dog memes, and one of the biggest hardships of her life is her love for cheese while being lactose intolerant. Kayla super excited to bring environmental education and sustainability to new spaces on campus!!

Maria Fong

SMFA School

Maria is a First-Year student at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts at Tufts. She spent the last eighteen years of her life biking around Berkeley, California and enjoying fresh produce. Maria loves art, but also plays viola and ultimate frisbee and listens to podcasts. She is so excited that Eco-Reps is expanding the program to include SMFA housing!

Sarah Morton

Tilton Hall

Sarah is a Sophomore at Tufts studying Civil Engineering. She went to high school in New Jersey where her friends know her as a tree hugger. Sarah plays French Horn in the Tufts Wind Ensemble and loves going to pop concerts. She also enjoys geeking out about Harry Potter. She’s super excited to be an Eco-Rep and make it easier for Jumbos to be green!

Katie Elliott

West Hall

Katie is a Sophomore from Brooklyn, New York who is studying Electrical Engineering. On campus, she is a part of Engineers Without Borders, the Society of Women Engineers, and can be found around campus walking cute dogs with Tufts Animal Aid. Katie also loves cooking, watching tv, and singing in the shower. She is really excited to be a part of the Eco-Reps team this year!

Yoji Watanabe

Wilson House

A Sophomore from São Paulo, Brazil, Yoji is studying Computer Science in the School of Engineering and is into all sorts of fun stuff. They spend most of their time experimenting with different forms of crafting and creating art. Yoji co-manages the Crafts Center, a free, accessible, student-run art space where community members can come together to make art, hold workshops, or just hang. A big believer in cooperative sustainability, Yoji is interested in exploring different ways communities can organize to be self-sustainable, both socially and environmentally. Talk to them any time, be it about environmental issues and initiatives to just, like, your feelings.

Sarina Hanfling

Wren Hall

Sarina is a Sophomore majoring in Biopsychology. She is from Bethesda, Maryland and greatly enjoys any time she can spend outdoors, especially in warm weather. Sarina loves her fruits ‘n veggies, and spent a great deal of the summer tending to her vegetable garden and experimenting with vegan cooking. Sarina enjoys re-watching TV shows and is proud to say she can recite the movie Clueless word-for-word. On campus, she loves mentoring with Strong Women Strong Girls and playing drums with BEATs. Sarina is always down to chat about her passion for vegetables, recycling, or the fate of the world as we know it. She is so pumped to be an Eco-Rep and can’t wait to help fellow Jumbos live on a more sustainable campus.


Louisa Kimmell

Eco-Reps Coordinator (Spring 2018)

Louisa is a Junior from Newton, MA majoring in Environmental Studies and Anthropology. This past semester she studied abroad in Costa Rica as a part of a Sustainable Development Studies program and got to do lots of cool things, including conducting research on carbon sequestration on shade-grown coffee farms! Louisa has been an Eco-Rep since her freshman year and has worked on many exciting sustainability projects. She can’t wait to return as coordinator this semester! In her free time, Louisa enjoys cooking and baking, travelling, going for bike rides, playing group games such as Werewolf (better version of Mafia), and watching Friends or The Office.

Isabel Falls

Eco-Reps Coordinator (Fall 2017)

Isabel is a Junior from Sonoma, CA double majoring in Sociology and Environmental Studies. She enjoys dancing, hiking, visiting farmer’s markets, and playing cards (especially solitaire and rummy!). When she is not hiking in her own backyard, you can often find her exploring other parts of the world. Isabel loves traveling and discovering the ways different parts of the world promote sustainable living. Isabel is ultimately excited to share her love for the environment with the Tufts community and excited to be leading the Eco-Reps as they continue to encourage sustainable behaviors throughout campus.

Paul Henjes

Eco-Reps Assistant Coordinator

Paul is a Sophomore from Wenonah, New Jersey. He has not yet declared a major, but is considering Sociology and Environmental Studies. Paul enjoys reading about environmental and urban planning issues, biking around the Boston area, the beach, and skiing. Paul also enjoys traveling, and some of his favorite places include Olympic National Park, New Orleans, LA, and Key West, FL. Paul is a member of Tufts Climate Action, which focuses on climate justice and the divestment of Tufts’ funds in the fossil fuel industry. Paul is also a member of the Tufts Urban Policy, Planning, and Prosperity club, which focuses on urban planning issues. Paul started as an Eco-Rep during the second semester last year and is super excited to increase environmental awareness at Tufts!

Whit Lower

GreECO-Reps Coordinator, Spring 2017

Whit is a proud, PROUD Vermonter starting his Junior year at Tufts, where he is majoring in Biology and Environmental Science.  His appreciation for all things natural has flourished throughout his upbringing in the Green Mountains. Between Vermont hikes and summers spent  fly-fishing in Twin Bridges, Montana, the time Whit has spent close to the natural world has inspired an eagerness to pursue lifelong conservation. This Fall, Whit will be representing Tufts Eco-Reps and Delta Tau Delta as the GreEco-Rep Coordinator. He is excited to spread his passion of sustainability throughout Tufts communities. He hopes to work with his fellow Eco-Reps to show others that sustainable living is not only the coolest way to live, but is also a crucial lifestyle for our generation to adopt and be leaders in. If you are reading this, please pick up a piece of trash on your way to class or work.

Staff Advisor

Tina Woolston

Director of the Tufts Office of Sustainability

Tina Tina has been working in the Tufts Office of Sustainability since 2007. She created the Eco-Ambassador program for staff and faculty in 2008, an Ex-college course on sustainability in action in 2009 and restarted the Eco-Rep program in 2010. She is thrilled to see the program continue this year under Isabel’s strong leadership!


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