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Kiara Reagan

Beacon Street dorms (SMFA)

eco rep photo

Kiara Reagan is a first year student from northern New Hampshire majoring in Studio Art at the SMFA@Tufts. Her favorite color is yellow and her favorite animals are sea turtles and polar bears!

An Ho

Beacon Street dorms (SMFA)

eco rep photo

An Ho is a first year student, majoring in Graphic Art at the School of Museum of Fine Art. She is originally from Vietnam, where it's 100 degree everyday and she is thrill to experience winter in Massachusetts. An loves the color yellow, walking in the city, as well as petting corgis and munchkins cat. She has previously helped raising sustainable lifestyle in high school and thrill to continue to do so in College.

Robert Davis

Blakeley Hall

robert davis

Robert Davis is in his final year at the Fletcher School where he studies development and trade. He hopes to work in the field of economic development in Southeast Asia. Originally from Mesa, Arizona – the true sunshine state (move over Florida!) –  he grew up digging for worms in the dirt and gardening in his backyard. He identifies as an obsessive-compulsive recycler (sometimes at the expense of water usage) and his pet-peeves include those pesky stickers on banana peels. As an Eco-Rep, he looks forward to helping his fellow students make good use out of what would otherwise be waste.

Eduardo  Vargas Gutierrez

Bush Hall

Eduardo is a freshman from South Bound Brook, New Jersey majoring in Environmental Engineering and minoring in Engineering Management. Eduardo was born and raised in Costa Rica, a country where flora and fauna are of utmost importance, hence his passion for sustainability. His dream for the future is to work with water treatment and sanitation around the world. Unlike many other people from NJ, he certainly does believe that central Jersey exists. He is a math enthusiast, loves playing soccer and tennis, as well as weightlifting. On campus he is part of Tufts SOLES (Society of Latinx Engineers and Scientists), Tufts Club Soccer, Students for Environmental Awareness, future Latino Peer Leader, and works as a research assistant with the Lantagne Group.  

Dylan Grant

Carmichael Hall

Dylan is a sophomore from Mount Kisco, NY likely majoring in International Relations with a concentration in Global Health & the Environment. As he personally lives on Earth, he is very passionate about protecting it. Outside of repping the ecosystem, he is a member of the Tufts Tae Kwon Do team and also loves to run and make music. Dylan’s favorite animal is a duck, his biggest fear is being buried alive, and he is excited to be an Eco-Rep this year!

Ida Weiss

Carpenter House and Sophia Gordon Hall

Ida is a Sophomore environmental engineer from Westhampton, a tiny town in Western Massachusetts with beautiful forests and more cows/chickens/horses than people. A National Geographic Article about soil erosion, read aloud by her mom, turned Ida onto the flower-child lifestyle in 3rd grade, and she hasn’t looked back since. Ida loves talking and learning about renewable energy and energy efficiency. She also wants to promote inclusivity in the environmental movement. For the last two summers, Ida worked on trail crews in New England and hiked the Vermont Long Trail in August. She loves to contra dance, cook egg-spinach things, go birding, discuss books/life, and hear about peoples’ life stories (people continue to amaze her). Ida is amped to talk with Tufts students about sustainability, or really anything, this semester!

Mike Wilkinson

Harleston Hall

Picture of Mike, an eco-rep, by a body of water in a tie dye shirt and sunglasses Mike is a Sophomore from outside of Philadelphia, PA. He is interested in Environmental Studies and Urban Planning and is passionate about sustainable development. Mike also sings Bass II in the Tufts Chamber Singers and in an international touring choir based in the Philadelphia area. In his free time, you'll find him exploring the Boston area, on hikes to the Fells, or chilling out on Prez Lawn with a blanket, a speaker, some food, and friends. Mike loves adventures, discussing environmental issues, and vibing to his favorite music on Spotify. He is incredibly excited to be a member of the Eco-Reps team and can't wait to help the Tufts community achieve its long-term sustainability goals.

Austin Pruitt

Haskell Hall

Hi! My name is Austin and I’m from Los Angeles, California. I’m majoring in architectural studies and minoring in urban studies. Some fun facts about me are that I’m on the swimming and diving team, I have a twin brother, and I can solve a Rubik’s Cube.

Anna Morreale

Hill Hall

  Anna is a Sophomore from Swarthmore, Pennsylvania where she grew up climbing trees and building houses for worms. She is undeclared but headed towards Environmental Studies and Biology. On campus Anna spends most of her time dancing with Sarabande (or anyone who likes to jump around a lot), and in her free time she enjoys yoga, reading, and extended trips to Trader Joe's. Anna is excited to work with other students to improve our sustainability!

Carla Giannattasio

Hillsides Apartments and Houston Hall

Carla is a Junior from Ridgefield, Connecticut, but now lives in Miami, Florida. Growing up all across the East Coast of the U.S. and traveling around the world during her childhood allowed her to see how stunning and valuable our Earth is, and therefore, how important it is to protect it. Carla is double majoring in Biology and Environmental Studies, so when she’s not cramming for her next exam, she can be found Facetiming her two golden retrievers or trying to fit as many succulents as she can on the windowsill of her tiny Carm dorm room. On campus, she is the treasurer of Students for Environmental Awareness and enjoys volunteering for Animal Aid. Carla considers herself an avid fan of baby goats, hiking, skiing, Carmichael stir-fry nights, and all things dessert. After working at a flower shop in high school, Carla’s passion for plants, nature, and the environment as a whole grew immensely, which is why she can’t wait to promote sustainability in the Tufts community through the Eco-Rep program!!

Susie Wen

Richardson House

Susie is a freshmen majoring in international relations. She is from Chengdu, China, where you can find a lot of pandas. Susie enjoys eating croissant, taking pictures and running on campus. Her dream is to have a Shiba Inu cafe. She is excited to be an Eco-Rep this year!

Jamie Gareh

Lewis Hall

 Jamie is a Sophomore from London, England maybe majoring in political science, maybe minoring in Philosophy, maybe minoring in sociology. He really has no clue at the moment. Jamie has been an Eco-rep because he’s always loved and cared about nature and doesn’t want to see a world where it’s been destroyed. Passions of his are playing football (soccer), hiking, travelling, and binge watching Netflix TV shows. He’s very excited to return this semester as an Eco-Rep and to help make the campus more environmentally friendly.


Lewis Hall

Tara is a first year from Berkeley, California. When she’s not busy doing work for her undeclared major, you can find her bouldering with the Tufts rock climbing team, hiking up a mountain for a beautiful view, getting crafty at the Crafts Center, scribbling in her journal, or Rubik’s cubing. She’s super excited to get her hands dirty in some compost with the Eco-Reps team this year and to spread her love for the environment with other Tufts students!



Dani is a sophomore from New Jersey who plans on majoring in Sociology and minoring in Studio Art. Dani has been a vegetarian since they were seven years old, and has always made a passionate commitment to protecting the earth and all of the life it holds. On campus, in addition to being an Eco-Rep, Dani does mental health advocacy with the student group Active Minds, and they volunteer at the Craft Center! In their free time, you can likely find them doodling, making friendship bracelets, drinking tea, and creating an unreasonable volume of playlists on Spotify.

Brandon Lewis

Metcalf Hall

Brandon is a Junior from Montclair, NJ who is double majoring in International Relations and Economics. On campus, he is serving as a CDA in Harleston Hall and also as one of the captains for the Men’s Club Fencing team. When not struggling with problem sets or complaining about too much reading, he can be found rewatching old Vine compilations or exploring new places. Brandon’s passion for the environment began after he took APES in high school (shoutout to Ms. Kalra) and since then he has been looking for ways to positively impact the environment. He is very excited to be serving on the EcoReps team and to help spread sustainability at Tufts.

 Jiyoon Chon

Miller Hall

 Jiyoon Chon is a second year student majoring in biology and biotechnology.  She is originally from Seoul, South Korea but grew up in Seattle. She is also a Tufts 1+4 in Madrid fellow and loves to travel the world. At Tufts, she is part of the Flute Ensemble and the Korean Students Association. In her free time, she loves making and drinking coffee and watching dog videos in bed!

Angela Ryck

Posner Hall (Boston Campus)

Angela is a first-year medical student at Tufts University School of Medicine. She enjoys running, hiking, and virtually any outdoor activity, and has played the violin since she was 3 years old. On Saturdays in the fall you can find Angela watching her alma mater (Notre Dame) play football.

Christine Stafford

Posner (Boston Campus)

Christine is a first year medical student at Tufts University School of Medicine. She is originally from California and attended the University of Southern California where she studied biology and French as an undergrad and genetics as a graduate student. Christine enjoys being outside diving, climbing, hiking, and exploring. Before starting medical school, she spent two months in Honduras researching and promoting marine conservation and is now super stoked to find a new outlet to promote sustainability and environmental awareness as an Eco-Rep!

Alexandra Wolf

Stratton Hall

eco rep photo Alexandra is a sophomore from Lexington, MA planning to major in Biology and Environmental Studies. She is a big fan of the outdoors and all things chocolate related! She also loves creating funky upcycled art and cooking everything. You can find her hiking, biking, running, or just enjoying the sun and time with friends and family. Alexandra is so excited to join the Eco Reps and help Tufts be a sustainable community!

Tyler Stotland

Tilton Hall

Tyler is a sophomore double majoring in Environmental Studies (policy track) and Community Health. She is passionate about the intersection between environmental issues and public health issues, and how to address this intersection through policy. She grew up in the very small town of Norwich, Vermont, but lived in Doha, Qatar with her family for three years before coming to Tufts. While Tyler spends most of her time in environmental clubs/organizations, she also participates in Model UN, The Tisch Council for Philanthropic Leadership, CIVIC, and Tufts Hillel. She also loves to dance (ballet and contemporary mostly), bike, bike, read, and explore nature. She has wanted to be an Eco-Rep since before she even arrived at Tufts, and is so excited to be one now!

Asha Iyer

West Hall

Asha is a Sophomore double majoring in Cognitive and Brain Sciences and Film and Media Studies. She is from Richmond, VA -- her favorite city in the world -- and enjoys cooking, music, and stand-up comedy. On campus, Asha is a part of DREAM, Tufts JumboRaas, and the Tufts Opera Ensemble. Asha loves spending time outside with her dog Obi, and is super excited to be a part of the Eco-Reps program and promote sustainability at Tufts!

Oliver Marsden

Wilson House

Oliver, and electrical engineering major from Phoenix, Arizona, enjoys a good laugh—some would say that he has a sense of humor—, but not when it comes to the environment. You see, when it comes to the environment, Oliver is all business. First: Boy Scouts, four years (6th to 9th grade), attained the rank of Life Scout. If you knew how many trials I hiked, your merit badges would fall off. Next: Expert Composter, three years (10th to 12th grade), attained the rank of Expert Composter. I remodeled my high school’s waste system so our trash could biodegrade in stinky, smelly style. Finally: Renewable Energy Engineer, not yet technically achieved, attained the rank of Not Yet Technically Employed. My goal is to be at the forefront of solar, wind, and energy storage technologies when I graduate so that we can get that much closer to achieving Leave No Trace (you thought I was done with the Boy Scouts references but that stuff really haunts you for life, I couldn’t stop if I tried).


Wren Hall

Katie is a sophomore from North Caldwell, NJ double majoring in Applied Environmental Studies and Science, Tech, & Society. A lover of all things health and wellness, Katie is a Certified Personal Trainer, a group fitness instructor, and a semi-professional mango peeler. Katie is stoked for her environmental internship this summer in Tel Aviv and the opportunity to explore agricultural and food tech start ups. She is so thrilled to be an Eco-Rep and would love to talk all things food and fitness!


Elyssa Anneser

Eco-Reps Coordinator

Intern Photo Elyssa is a rising senior majoring in Political Science, Environmental Studies, and is on the Pre-Med track. Elyssa is from Franconia, New Hampshire, where she likes to spend her free time hiking mountains and swimming in rivers. When on campus, you can typically find Elyssa talking about public policy, passionately composting, playing quidditch, or running. Elyssa is passionate about making sustainable habits accessible for broad audiences. She worked as an Eco-Rep and a Recycling Communications Intern in the 2017-2018 academic year and as the Assistant Eco-Rep Coordinator in Spring 2019, returning to the Office of Sustainability after a semester abroad.

Eliza Hilfer

Assistant Coordinator

Eliza is a rising senior from Chappaqua, NY double majoring in Environmental Studies and Community Health. She plays flute in the Tufts Wind Ensemble and is the technology director and a stand-up/sketch comedian with TFL comedy. She is also a member of  UP3 (Urban Policy, Planning, and Prosperity) and the Sharewood Public Health Committee. In her free time, Eliza enjoys drawing, spending time in nature, watching Friends, drinking tea, and listening to/overanalyzing Broadway musicals. Her favorite tree is the ginkgo tree (in case you were wondering, and, of course, you were). Eliza is thrilled to be an Assistant Eco-Rep Coordinator after two years as an Eco-Rep and looks forward to helping her peers live more sustainably!

Taite Pierson

Assistant Coordinator

Taite is a rising junior from Los Angeles, California who has always been an East Coaster at heart. She intends to double major in Psychology and Environmental Studies, so she can understand why people don’t believe in climate change/convince them to think otherwise. She loves theatre and dance and is incredibly grateful to do both at Tufts. She is the Education Director of Tufts’ chapter of Generation Citizen. Come talk to her about musicals, vegetarianism, her planner, podcasts, or dachshunds; or just come hang out with her! She worked as an Eco-Rep for Hodgdon Hall in the 2018-2019 academic year.

Téa Pappas

GreEco Rep Coordinator

Staff Advisor

Tina Woolston

Director of the Tufts Office of Sustainability

Tina Tina has been working in the Tufts Office of Sustainability since 2007. She created the Eco-Ambassador program for staff and faculty in 2008, an Ex-college course on sustainability in action in 2009 and restarted the Eco-Rep program in 2010. She is thrilled to see the program continue grow all these years later!