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Bush Hall

Sierra Moll (she/her) is a sophomore from Seattle, Washington planning on majoring in Environmental Studies and Computer Science. In her free time, she loves weight lifting, cooking, and eating crunchy peanut butter. She’s also the Co-President of Cheese Club and a member of the Philippines Student Union at Tufts. Sierra is super passionate about waste reduction, sustainability, nutrition, and environmental justice and can’t wait to collaborate with fellow Eco-Reps to address these topics on campus!

Carmichael Hall

Jaden Ferraro (he/him) is a sophomore from the Bay Area, California studying Sociology and Spanish. He’s thrilled to join the Eco Reps team this year! In his free time, Jaden loves swimming outside, cooking, reading, hiking, biking and playing video games. His eco-passion is reducing food waste, and he also works with Tufts Food Rescue.

Carpenter House

Halla Clausi (she/her) is a sophomore from Greenwich, Connecticut planning to major in Cognitive and Brain Sciences. Outside of the classroom, she can be found hiking, reading, playing the bass, updating her Spotify playlists, and falling down while roller-skating with friends. Halla is super excited about promoting sustainability on Tufts campus as an Eco-Rep!

Harleston Hall

 Sophia Truex (she/they) is a sophomore from Crested Butte, Colorado who loves the mountains, the outdoors, and succulents. She enjoys studying environmental studies and astrophysics, and finds importance in being politically active. She is especially passionate about the connection between sustainability and other types of activism, and is excited to promote environmentalism at Tufts!

Haskell Hall

Alejandro Tajonar Velasquez (he/him) is a sophomore from Mexico City and San Diego, CA. He plans on majoring in Environmental Studies and Economics. Outside of class, he will most likely be playing (or watching) soccer and tennis or hanging out with friends. Alejandro is very excited to form part of the Eco-Rep program and to promote sustainability at Tufts!

Hill Hall

Maia Ramirez Corten (she/they) is a junior from Madison, Wisconsin majoring in Film and Media Studies and International Relations. In her free time, she likes to read, roller skate, dance, and learn as many languages as she can. She was also a competitive figure skater for many years. Combining social and environmental justice movements is very important to her. She looks forward to working on sustainability at Tufts!

Hodgdon Hall

Camille Smokelin (She/her) is a sophomore from Boxborough, Massachusetts planning to major in Environmental Studies. In her free time, she likes crocheting, making Spotify playlists, listening to podcasts, and dancing. She's very excited to be part of the Eco Rep team this year!

Houston Hall

Allie Agnew (she/her) is a rising senior from Westport, CT and she is double majoring in Community Health and Environmental Studies. She has big interests in both food studies and global public health, and just spent a semester in India, South Africa, and Jordan studying health systems and learning from so many communities. Aside from school, she enjoys hiking, playing tennis, and spending time with family. Allie is excited to be starting her 3rd year with Eco-reps!

Lewis Hall

Abigail Bala (she/her) is a sophomore from Belmont, MA who plans to major in Biology. She loves cooking, cross-stitching, watching game shows and other things she's been told make her grandmotherly. As an eco-rep, she hopes to help expand opportunities for people to learn more about environmentalism and environmental justice. She is excited to be an eco-rep!

Metcalf Hall

Max O'Reilly (he/him) is a sophomore from Park City, Utah planning on majoring in environmental studies and economics. Outside of class, you'll find him perusing Depop in the Ginn Library, spending time outdoors, or playing piano in Granoff. He's super excited to promote sustainability on campus this year!

Miller Hall

Kailani Day (she/her) is a second-year from Hillside, NJ who plans on being an Environmental Studies and Anthropology double major. She enjoys going on nature walks, drawing, crocheting, and listening to music (specifically pop and indie). As an Eco-Rep, Kailani is excited to explore the interconnections between identity and the environment. She is excited to work with the Tufts community, her fellow Eco-Reps and the Office of Sustainability!

Richardson House

Kaitlyn Wells (she/her) is a second-year student from Hong Kong, considering majoring in international relations and English. You'll find her taking long walks, watching feel good movies and indulging her sweet tooth. She's excited to dive into sustainability and intersectionality as she serves Tufts on the Eco Rep team.

Stratton Hall

Cameron Yuen (he/him) is a second-year from Garden City, NY. He plans on studying Computer Science or Human Factors Engineering to help create accessible technology for all. Keeping in mind the tech industry’s large environmental toll, he seeks to balance technical progress and sustainable practices. Cameron is also a diver on the Tufts Swimming and Diving, and plans to use the team as an outlet to promote environmental goodwill. Outside of school, he loves playing games like Overwatch and Smash Bros, watching speed runs and basketball games, and going on long walks while listening to music. He looks forward to embarking on his journey of sustainable leadership as an Eco-Rep this year!

Tilton Hall

Isabelle Berman (she/they) is a Sophomore from Potomac, Maryland majoring in Environmental Engineering and is on the Women’s Crew team at Tufts. They enjoy listening to music, rowing, hiking, and basically any activity where they can be outside. Isabelle is looking forward to being an Eco-Rep and working toward a more sustainable Tufts!

West Hall

Eric Lundgren (he/him) is a sophomore who currently lives in Northern Virginia but grew up in Massachusetts not too far from Tufts. He is on the swim team and when he's not in the pool, he enjoys spending his time hiking, watching movies, playing various sports, and listening to music. He is majoring in Environmental Engineering with a minor in Computer Science and is looking forward to promoting sustainability at Tufts!

Wilson House

Isaac Rodriguez Zuniga (he/him) is a sophomore from Perez Zeledon, Costa Rica, currently majoring in Electrical Engineering and minoring in Environmental Science and Policy, with the hope of one day working closely with renewable energy and carbon neutralization initiatives. In my free time, I like to listen to any Bad Bunny album, drink coffee harvested at home, and bike to the closest beaches and mountains. As an Eco Rep he hopes to help as much as he can in projects and to learn from others about how to have a more sustainable lifestyle.

Wren Hall

Matt Stinson (he/him) is a sophomore from Houston, Texas double majoring in International Relations and Quantitative Economics and minoring in Chinese. Outside of class, he likes to lift weights, listen to Mac Miller, and spend hours binge-reading articles on Foreign Policy. Growing up in Pittsburgh and Houston, Matt has been around the energy industry all of his life and from this has developed a passion for the intersections of public policy and sustainable energy. Matt hopes to explore this passion and promote sustainability initiatives on campus.

The Courts

Luca Scola (he/him) is a sophomore from Marblehead, Massachusetts, who's been passionate about nature and the environment for his entire life. He plans to major in Architectural Studies and is fascinated by intersections between nature and the built environment. Besides classes and being on his phone, his time is spent drawing, swimming or diving at the gym, tending to plants, and fish-keeping. He’s super excited to further learn from the Eco Reps and the larger Tufts community this year!

Apartment Style Dorms (Latin Way, SOGO, COHO, and Hillsides)

Keila McCabe (she/her) is a junior from Manhattan Beach, California majoring in environmental studies and film and media studies. In her free time, she loves to crochet, care for her plants, and visit National Parks. She is on of the softball team at Tufts and also writes for the Tufts Daily. She is passionate about food justice and sustainable agriculture and is excited to be a part of the eco-reps team!


Sam Russo

Eco-Reps Coordinator

Sam Russo (he/him) is a junior from NJ majoring in Computer Science and Cognitive and Brain Sciences. Some of his favorite things are words, games, and word games. In his free time, he enjoys cooking projects (sweet potato ice cream and homemade ricotta, among others), reading, and hanging out on organic farms. He's so excited to work as an assistant coordinator this year and is hoping to help show how small, repeated choices can support sustainability.

ShaSha Kingston

Eco-Reps Assistant Coordinator

ShaSha Kingston (she/her) is a junior from Boise, ID who is majoring in Biology, Psychology, and Environmental Studies. She's been part of the Eco Rep program for the past year and a half and is excited about returning as a coordinator this semester. This fall, she hopes to learn more about the ever-evolving environmental space and is excited to see Eco Reps grow and adapt along with it. In her free time, she enjoys playing frisbee/spikeball, hammocking, making jewelry, and drawing.