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Kiara Reagan

Beacon Street dorms (SMFA)

Kiara is an Eco-Rep for Beacon Street! She is a BFA student at the SMFA. She is from Woodsville, NH (the name describes the town) and actively seeks green space, so consider her your parks advisor for the Boston area. Ask her if you need someone to get ice cream with.

Olivia White

Beacon Street dorms (SMFA)

Olivia White is a first year student from Deerfield, Illinois majoring in Studio Art at the SMFA. She loves everything sustainable, and is especially passionate about ending fast fashion. She enjoys hiking, some occasional running, and just being outside in nature. She’s super excited to be an Eco-Rep!

Joanna Kleszczewski

Bush Hall

Joanna Kleszczewski is a sophomore from Waterbury, Connecticut. She is undeclared but heading towards chemistry or biopsychology with a minor in visual arts. In her free time she works in theater with 3Ps or volunteers teaching an ESL class to immigrants in the Medford area, and she enjoys spending time in the sun with her friends. She is excited to help as an active member of the sustainable community at Tufts!

Sam Russo

Carmichael Hall

Boy in Tufts University Sweater standing in the center of a corridor

Sam Russo is a first-year from Randolph, NJ, who is likely majoring in Computer Science and Cognitive and Brain Sciences. He just completed a gap year in Israel, spent volunteering, interning, and learning. In his free time, he enjoys cooking projects (sweet potato ice cream and homemade ricotta, among others), reading, and badgering his friends with fun facts.

Emma Mitchell-Sparke

Carmichael Hall

Emma Mitchell-Sparke is a senior double majoring in Sociology and French and on the premedical track. She hails from Seattle, although her family has now moved to sunny Santa Cruz in California (west coast best coast!). On campus, Emma enjoys jamming on the saxophone and performing with her all-women band Burst into Dames, tutoring for the Academic Resource Center, managing the French House, and working as an Eco Rep! Growing up exploring the impressive mountains of the PNW, she has had a passion for adventure and the great outdoors from a young age. In her free time, Emma loves to read, run, hike, cook and eat delicious food, travel, listen to music, and spend as much time as possible outside.

Susie Wen

Carmichael Hall

Susie Wen is a sophomore thinking about majoring in international relations and psychology (super undecidedly as usual). Currently her passion includes eating, travelling and playing with shiba inu. This is her second semester as an Eco-Rep and she would always love to talk to different people enthusiastic about environmental issues and learn about their inspirations.

Jiyoon Chon

Carpenter House

Jiyoon Chon is a junior from Seattle, Washington, who plans to double major in Biology and Biotechnology. Coming from the beautiful Pacific Northwest, she grew up with a deep appreciation of the outdoors and loves to go hiking and camping. She is super excited to be an area leader for the Eco-Rep program this year and can't wait to discuss ways to bring sustainability to campus. When she's not grinding in the Tisch reading room, she loves to spend her free time cooking delicious Korean food, practicing yoga, or watching cute dog video compilations!

Aliana Acevedo

Harleston Hall

Ali is a sophomore from New York City probably majoring in Environmental Studies and Community Health. In addition to loving planet Earth, she also loves dancing, puffy stickers, and caffeine. She can’t wait to be an Eco Rep this fall!

Kayden Kelley

Haskell Hall

Kayden Kelley is a sophomore living in Haskell Hall. While currently undecided he plans on majoring in Environmental Studies and Music. He loves basketball, being creative, and the Great Outdoors and one day he hopes to have his own show teaching people about the environment and how to live sustainably.

Lily Sandholm

Hill Hall

Close-up of a girl smiling with a multi-colored sculptural head in the background Lily Sandholm is a first-year student from Madison, Wisconsin planning to major in Applied Mathematics  and Environmental Studies. She loves sewing and hand-embroidery and hopes to spread awareness of sustainable fashion. This semester she looks forward to being a part of the Eco-Reps program, as well as volunteering at the Craft Center and being a member of the Filipino Student Union.

Bayley Koopman

Houston Hall

Bayley Koopman is a sophomore from Tampa, Florida and he hopes to pursue a veterinary career in zoological medicine and conservation. He is an active member of the Tufts Student Garden and plays flute and piccolo in the Tufts Wind Ensemble. In his free time, Bayley listens to funky alternative music for his radio show Awkward on Air and thinks a lot about his retirement plan for a small sustainable farm in the countryside (complete with goats, of course)!

Sophie Impellitteri

Lewis Hall

Sophie Impellitteri is a sophomore studying mechanical engineering. She grew up in Waterford, Connecticut and her family now lives in New Haven, Connecticut. She was a Tufts 1+4 in Nicaragua and loves traveling, especially in Latin America. On campus, she loves laying in the grass on the 3 warm days a year, dancing, reading, and walking around Boston. She's very excited to be an eco-rep this year!

Dani Coates

Lewis Hall

Dani Coates is a junior from New Jersey majoring in Sociology and minoring in Studio Art. Dani has been a vegetarian since they were seven years old, and has always made a passionate commitment to protecting the earth and all of the life it holds. On campus, in addition to being an Eco-Rep, Dani does mental health advocacy with the student group Active Minds, writes with the creative writing club Parnassus, and they volunteer at the Craft Center! In their free time, you can likely find them doodling, making friendship bracelets, and creating an unreasonable volume of playlists on Spotify.

Kathryn Ezeoha

Metcalf Hall

Kat is a sophomore from San Rafael, California. She does long and triple jump on the Tufts track & field team and hopes to join the club soccer team this year- she grew up playing soccer her whole life. She plans on majoring in environmental science and possibly something else- biology(?). Things she likes to do in her free time: hike, go to the beach, listen to podcasts, find fashion inspiration, and take photos of ferns (amongst other plants and animals) and post them on iNaturalist (she has a fern obsession). One of her goals as an eco-rep is to get rid of the stereotypes that people often associate with what an eco-friendly person resembles.

Ella Parekh

Miller Hall

Girl standing in front of a boat on a beach with cliffs in the background

Ella Parekh is a sophomore from Montclair, New Jersey. She plans on double majoring in Psychology and Environmental Studies. Her love for the environment and sustainability stem from her close family friendship with Jane Goodall and her special connection to Tanzania (Ella’s mom’s birthplace!) Her favorite activities to do in her free time include solo traveling, hiking, and journaling. She is looking forward to collaborating with her fellow eco reps this semester.

Johnathan O'Neal

Miller Hall

Johnathan O'Neal is a sophomore from San Diego, California majoring in mathematics.  He is also a member of the tufts football team and the student athlete advisory committee. Being from San Diego and working as an ocean kayak and snorkeling tour guide, environmental sustainability is very important to him, especially with respect to the ocean. When not doing homework you can find him skateboarding around campus or at the athletic center.

Jamie Gareh

Stratton Hall

Jamie Gareh is a junior from London, England majoring in Political Science, maybe minoring in Philosophy and in Sociology. Jamie has been an Eco-Rep for two years already because he’s always loved and cared about nature and doesn’t want to see a world where it’s been destroyed. Passions of his are playing football (soccer), hiking, travelling, and binge-watching Netflix TV shows. He’s very excited to return to the Eco-Reps again and continue to help make the campus more environmentally friendly.

Alyssa Levine

Tilton Hall

Alyssa Levine is a sophomore hailing from south Jersey. She is planning on majoring in Computer Science with a minor in Food Systems. In her free time, Alyssa enjoys rowing boats, petting dogs and dancing around the kitchen to Solange. She is super excited to be an Eco-Rep!

Elise Kaplan

West Hall

Elise Kaplan is a sophomore from Concord, Massachusetts majoring in biology. She is  passionate about health and wellness and especially passionate about sustainable agriculture and hydroponics. Elise is stoked to join the eco-reps team to help create a more eco-friendly campus environment!

Oliver Welch

Wilson House

Boy smiling standing in a cave

Oliver Welch is a sophomore from Santa Barbara, California majoring in environmental studies and economics. In his free time back home he enjoys surfing, scuba diving, and being outside experiencing nature. On campus, Oliver plays for the Tuft’s club volleyball team and plans to start a hawk-watching club in the fall.

Sam VanderMeulen

Wilson House

Sam VanderMeulen is a sophomore from Montclair, New Jersey and has yet to declare a major (though he is leaning towards Environmental Studies). His interest in sustainability and the environment began in high school after taking APES and visiting Glacier National Park. Around campus, Sam is involved with the Tufts Wilderness Orientation (SUH-PORT STAFF!!) and the Ultimate Frisbee team (C team best team). His favorite painter is Thomas Cole and his favorite author is Brandon Sanderson.”

Tara Steckler

Wren Hall

Tara Steckler is a second year from Berkeley, California. When she's not busy doing work for her Environmental Studies and American Studies double major, you can find her climbing with the Tufts rock climbing team, getting crafty at the Crafts Center, embroidering her denim clothing, or eating Thai green curry. She’s super excited to get her hands dirty in some compost again this year with the Eco-Reps team and to spread her love for the environment with other Tufts students!

Brenna Barton

Posner Hall


Brenna is a first-year MD-MPH student at Tufts University School of Medicine. She is from Ann Arbor, Michigan, attended U of M for undergrad, and is frequently found watching either a Michigan basketball or football game. She loves to run, hike, travel and be outside. She also loves cooking, eating and spending time with friends/family. She is very excited to help promote sustainability on campus!

Christopher Pumford

Blakely Hall

ChristopherPumford Christopher Pumford is a first-year Master of Arts in Law and Diplomacy candidate at The Fletcher School, studying negotiation and conflict resolution and international organizations. A recent graduate of the University of Michigan, Christopher became interested in the role of religion and peacebuilding while interning at the International Center for Religion and Diplomacy in Washington, DC. He hopes to work on alternative reconciliation strategies in the Middle East after completing graduate school. Aside from his academic engagements, Christopher spent two years in Ontario as a volunteer missionary and also performed with the University of Michigan’s drumline.


Elyssa Anneser

Eco-Reps Coordinator

Intern Photo Elyssa is a senior majoring in Political Science, Environmental Studies, and is on the Pre-Med track. Elyssa is from Franconia, New Hampshire, where she likes to spend her free time hiking mountains and swimming in rivers. When on campus, you can typically find Elyssa talking about public policy, passionately composting, playing quidditch, or running. Elyssa is passionate about making sustainable habits accessible for broad audiences. She worked as an Eco-Rep and a Recycling Communications Intern in the 2017-2018 academic year and as the Assistant Eco-Rep Coordinator in Spring 2019, returning to the Office of Sustainability after a semester abroad.

Taite Pierson

Assistant Coordinator

Taite is a junior majoring in Environmental Studies (classic) and Psychology and double minoring in Drama and Dance. She is from Los Angeles and is a passionate vegetarian (even more classic). On campus you can also find her auditioning for 3Ps shows and teaching action civics to middle schoolers through Generation Citizen. She loves the Eco Rep program with her whole heart and would be thrilled to talk to you about sustainability at Tufts!

Eliza Hilfer

Assistant Coordinator- Special Projects

Eliza is a senior from Chappaqua, NY double majoring in Environmental Studies and Community Health. She plays flute in the Tufts Wind Ensemble and is the Head of Acting for TFL comedy (where she also performs sketch/stand up comedy). In her free time, Eliza enjoys drawing, spending time in nature, watching Friends, drinking tea, and listening to/overanalyzing Broadway musicals. Her favorite tree is the ginkgo tree (in case you were wondering, and, of course, you were). Eliza is thrilled to be an Assistant  Coordinator of Special Projects after two years as an Eco-Rep and looks forward to helping her peers live more sustainably!

Téa Pappas

GreEco Rep Coordinator

Téa is a senior at Tufts hailing from the Mississippi Gulf Coast. Since the Deepwater Horizon oil spill in 2011, which drastically affected her home town, she has been interested in environmental protection, advocacy, and education. She is double majoring in Biology and Environmental Studies and since joining ATO in 2017, has been working to integrate green initiatives into the Greek community at Tufts. In her free-time enjoys hiking, rock climbing, watching reality tv shows with friends, and caring for her guinea pig, Rubi.

Staff Advisor

Tina Woolston

Director of the Tufts Office of Sustainability

Tina Tina has been working in the Tufts Office of Sustainability since 2007. She created the Eco-Ambassador program for staff and faculty in 2008, an Ex-college course on sustainability in action in 2009 and restarted the Eco-Rep program in 2010. She is thrilled to see the program continue to grow all these years later!