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The GreEco Rep Program will be on hiatus for the spring semester of 2018, while we re-evaluate the program.

If you are interested in getting involved, please contact

GreEco Reps are organized by fraternity/sorority.

Kate Roland

Alpha Phi

Kate Roland is a junior in Alpha Phi from Chatham, NJ.  She is majoring in Human Factors Engineering and minoring in Engineering Management.  When she was 8, her oldest brother who was 18 at the time became a vegetarian and very passionately tried to get their family to jump on his environmental bandwagon, which they did.  Ever since then she has been passionate about understanding sustainability and being environmentally conscious.  She loves hiking, biking, and reading.  She hopes to inspire her fellow Greek members and other students to want to be more eco-conscious as well!

Jordan Siskin

ATO of Massachusetts

Jordan is proudly from Wilmington, Delaware, and is excited to join the GreEco reps this year! She is a major in Psychology and a double minor in Economics and Entrepreneurial Leadership Studies. Jordan loves to cook, watch television, and hike outside. Jordan has been passionate about the environment since her mom used to make her wash out plastic bags to reuse them. She participates in Tufts Dance Collective, volunteers at the Medford Boys and Girls Club, and is on the Executive Board of Students for Environmental Awareness, and is very excited to coordinate their environmental efforts across campus. Go Green Team!



Grace Aro

ATO of Massachusetts

Grace is a Senior from Denver, Colorado in ATO, majoring in Chemical Engineering with a minor in Engineering Management. She loves coffee, biking, cooking, and jigsaw puzzles. On campus, she is involved in materials science research for improving water reuse technology, Tufts ski team, and a tutor for the ARC. She is super excited about bringing sustainable practices to ATO and encouraging members who live off campus to employ these practices in their own homes!

Anna Dursztman

Chi Omega

Born and raised in New York, Anna spent most of her life in a big city, but has always prioritized environmental friendliness and appreciation! For 7 years, she attended a sleep-away camp in Maine, at which she learned to live in synchrony with and comfortably in the out-of-doors. Last summer, she interned on a sustainable farm just north of NYC, harvesting summer crops and repurposing the soil for fall ones. She also loves biking (reduce gas emissions!). Spot her in Dewick doing food rescue!

Whitney Johnson

Chi Omega

Whitney Johnson is a junior from Piedmont, CA majoring in Economics and Spanish and minoring in Finance & Entrepreneurial Leadership. Her passions include hot yoga with the other Whit, FaceTiming her dog, and hitting her FitBit step goal. She credits her dad for teaching her about sustainability growing up, from taking out the compost bin to showering with a bucket to catch the extra water for use in their garden (tbt to the California drought. She also went to a summer camp for 5 years in the Colorado Rocky Mountains, where she hiked, backpacked, and generally left no trace. She is excited to be a GreEco rep for another year and to do her part in saving the environment, one meatless Monday at a time, and she is looking forward to being FaceTimed into next semester’s meetings from Madrid.

Maddy McCrimlisk


Chi Omega

Maddy is a senior from Pasadena, CA majoring in Economics with a minor in Art History. In her free time when she’s not in Ginn, she loves running, drinking coffee, yoga, and traveling. She is excited to be GreEco rep again this year and continue with Food Rescue and convincing people to try Meatless Mondays! She is looking forward to brainstorming campus and chapter sustainability events and finding ways to make Chi O and Tufts more eco-friendly!

Zoë Steckler

Chi Omega

Zoë Steckler is a junior from Berkeley, CA, majoring in Child Study and Human Development. She was raised eating organic veggies and composting, and her love for earth has only grown from there! Zoë loves to spend time outside, particularly hiking, swimming in lakes, and looking at nice views from high altitudes. Her other favorite activities include listening to podcasts, drinking tea, and coloring (often all at the same time!). Zoë’s appreciation for the environment can be attributed to the natural beauty of her home state. She also learned important lessons about caring for the earth at her summer camp, and now loves to teach them to her own campers as a counselor. Zoë is so excited to bring the green values from her childhood to Tufts, and especially to the Greek organizations on campus as a GreEco Rep

Whit Lower

Delta Tau Delta

Whit is a Junior hailing from beautiful Middlebury, Vermont. He majors in Biology and Environmental Science with an invested interest in environmental policy, specifically land-use management, sustainable agriculture, and clean energy. In the summers Whit can be found fly fishing and hiking in Montana or fulfilling his joy of traveling abroad.  He will be in Spain for the Spring semester in 2018.  Apart from his executive position as Recruitment Chair, he is stoked to integrate his passion for sustainability into Delta Tau Delta and all of greek life with his GreEco influence.  Whit is the current GreEco Rep Coordinator and DTD just moved back into their house, so he is kept busy managing the other representative along with his housemates.  He is focusing his energy on 1.) water, energy, & food waste, and 2.) composting and proper waste management in the house. In the presence of the current environmental crisis on Earth, Whit hopes to facilitate and encourage thoughts of sustainability amongst his peers


Henry Allison

Delta Tau Delta

Hey all, I’m Henry! Hailing from a sustainable community in Vermont called Cobb Hill, which focuses on low impact living, I’m excited to find ways to help Tufts University and Delta Tau Delta go greener.  I love music and playing the guitar, skiing and shredding the narr, and country nights when I can see the stars.  A fun fact about me is that at home, I have a guard llama which protects my sheep from wolves.  Here at Tufts, I study political science and English, play lots of spikeball, and tutor with the Tufts literacy corps.  Some goals I have for green Greek life are for the temperature to be turned down and for our house to get a recycling dumpster! Hope to see you all out reducing our impact

Will Edmonds



Delta Tau Delta

Hi, my name’s Will Edmonds and I hail from Vancouver on the west coast of Canada! I’m a Mechanical Engineering major and a member of Delta Tau Delta on campus. I’m also on the Tufts Ski team, TA for the comp sci department, and try to be outside as much as possible! When I’m not doing homework I like to hike, bike into Boston, or check off more states from my goal to visit them all! I’m excited to spread my love for sustainability around the greek community and campus as a whole!

Mario Lagnese

Delta Upsilon

Mario is a sophomore from Pittsburgh, PA, and is double majoring in International Relations and Economics. In his free time, he enjoys skiing, hiking, biking, and all that the outdoors has to offer. Ever since Mario began to notice the effects of climate change on his local ski mountain, he has decided to take an active role in advocating for sustainable living and educating others. This past summer, Mario worked at an action sports camp located at the base of Mt.Hood in Oregon, which is an active volcano with a receding glacier. As a counselor, he educated his campers on the effects that climate change had not only on Mt.Hood but all around the world. Whether it be in the house or on the hill, Mario is committed to leading others in the fight against climate change and the protection of our winters.

Morgan McKiernan

Kappa Alpha Theta

Morgan McKiernan is a Junior from Durham, NH studying Chemical and Biological Engineering with a minor in Biotechnology. Aside from her passion for the environment, Morgan can be described as an avid napper and is likely found playing rugby, hiking in the White Mountains, attending yoga classes, or re-reading crappy teen romance novels. Morgan is super excited about joining the GreEco-Rep team and can’t wait to help increase sustainability education on campus and within the Greek community!

Sharon Wang

Kappa Alpha Theta

Sharon is a junior from Cheshire, CT majoring in chemical engineering. She’s in Kappa Alpha Theta and enjoys figure skating and running through Cambridge and Back Bay. She’s super interested in the energy industry, and she loves promoting Meatless Monday and other sustainability initiatives with the GreEco-Reps!