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The 2019-2020 cycle of the Green Fund is now complete.

Timeline for the 2019-20 Application Process

  • By October 30th, 2019 at 11:59pm, interested parties will submit the initial ideas form.
  • The Green Fund committee reviews all the proposals for duplicates, redundancy, and any unattainable ideas (e.g. putting a wind turbine on a building that has known structural issues).
  • Proposed projects are posted to this website. The public can view projects, and anyone presently affiliated with Tufts can request to join a proposed project's team. The project lead who submitted the proposal will receive any team member requests to join via the email they provided in the initial proposal form.
  • By November 8th, applicants may be asked clarifying questions or provided with feedback to help refine their idea. Projects that the committee views as attainable will be asked to complete a revised proposal.
  • All revised proposals are due to the Green Fund by December 1st 2019 at 5:00pm
  • The Green Fund committee will then independently read through the ideas to decide which projects adhere to the guidelines and solicit feedback from relevant departments impacted by the proposals. The Committee will decide which of the ideas will be invited to complete a full proposal.
  • Ideas that are chosen to move to the final stage will be notified by December 16th.Some ideas may have to submit additional questions for the committee to review, those questions will be due January 8th.
  • Each committee member will score the proposals based on our selection criteria. If a committee member submits a proposals, they are unable to score their own.
  • Those who submitted a full proposal will be asked to present their project in front of the committee and the Tufts Community on January 30th. If there are scheduling issues, these will be worked out by the committee and the finalists.
  • Depending on the funding requested, one or more finalists will be selected. All decisions will be made by the beginning of February.

Interested in learning more? Watch the recent Green Fund Information Session here, email with your question, or visit the General Information Green Fund Page.

Selected 2019-20 Projects

Below are the selected 2019-20 projects supported but the Green Fund. Learn more about the funded projects!

TMC Compost

he TMC composting project will be 100% student designed and built; Foster collaboration between student organizations faculty, and alumni; Teach basic design and carpentry skills to student volunteers in Nolop maker space; Teach 700 students and Loj guests to compost properly every year; Motivate Loj guests to compost on campus and at home; Train 20+ caretakers each semester in detailed compost management Reduce greenhouse gas emissions; Divert estimated 660 gallons organic material per year from waste stream.

Beautify Tufts

The Tufts Student Garden’s Green Fund proposal hopes to fund the revitalization of the current rooftop garden on top of the Tisch Library roof. This would be materialized by planting native species of plants that are meant to target native pollinators, whose numbers are declining at alarming rates. We would use the gardens for education purposes that can be carried out from the public Tisch Roof space via a sign, and potentially partner with the academic departments on studies or projects related to the garden.

Every Watt Helps

This campaign would aim to reduce energy usage at Tufts by encouraging the community to power down devices or put them on standby when not in use. The sticker serves as a visual reminder that every small action matters in supporting the broader Tufts sustainability strategic theme.

SMFA Garden

The SMFA Garden is an ongoing collaborative space that ignites the cross-pollination of the artists and artistic ideas of the SMFA at Tufts community. The SMFA Garden involves: three container garden sites at 230 Fenway, native plant species for local insect pollinator populations, space for the exhibition of student artwork & events, collaborative design and development between students, staff, studio managers & faculty.

New Entry

New Entry and Tufts Dining will collaborate for a weeklong series of events in the fall centered around local food and community education. The event would help inform the Tufts community about local food systems, issues facing small scale beginning farmers, and the work of New Entry which is becoming a more integral feature of food system programming offered at Tufts.


This collaboration led by Tufts University will develop and pilot an innovative format for hosting simultaneous linked in-person conferences in multiple sites. We will offer links for 4 main conference components:

  1. Keynote Presentations.
  2. Panel Discussions.
  3. Receptions and Social Settings.
  4. Online participation.

Elm's Cafe

Students opt-in to the program and pay a $4 deposit for a keychain clip. The student will turn in their clip for a to-go box with their meal. When finished, they can turn the box back in for their clip. If a keychain clip or box is lost, the student must re- pay the fee. Damaged items will be replaced using these fees. Containers will be returned for cleaning and reuse, as they are food safe and eventually recyclable.