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Active citizenship and community engagement are important parts of the Office of Sustainability's mission.

Our main goals

  • Educate people about the different areas of sustainability.
  • Inform people about actions they can take to incorporate sustainability into daily life & mitigate climate change.
  • Educate people about the Office of Sustainability, its projects and its partners.

We focus our efforts on educating students, staff and faculty on campus and beyond.


In our outreach efforts to students, we focus on developing leadership skills in students who come with a passion for the environment and foster awareness and knowledge among the general student body.

Work with the OOS

Over two hundred fifty students have been involved in projects related to the Tufts Climate Initiative ’s emission reduction commitment. Faculty in various departments throughout the university have sponsored projects. The OOS plans to expand this precedent into diverse areas of campus and community sustainability.

The Office of Sustainability (OOS) regularly offers internships for graduate and undergraduate students. Information will be posted to our website and social media channels when openings are available.

The OOS also offers the opportunity for student research projects. 
Please e-mail to inquire about student research projects.

The MTC Green Building Case Studies is one such research project. In 2005, the Tufts Climate Initiative collaborated with several graduate students from the Urban and Environmental Policy & Planning Department in researching four noted green buildings in the greater Boston area. With a grant from the Massachusetts Technology Collaborative, the students did an in-depth analysis of the green features used in the buildings and the design processes that helped guide the implementation of energy-efficiency and other sustainability features.

Visit our Careers in Sustainability page for information on various sustainability-related job and fellowship opportunities at Tufts and beyond.

Become an Eco-Rep

The Tufts Eco-Reps are a group of paid residential students who help to raise awareness about ecological issues, encourage environmentally responsible behavior in their hall-mates and peers, and plan green-related events and activities.

Join Student Groups

There are many student organizations at Tufts that focus on sustainability and other related issues.

RA Community Building Events

The Office of Sustainability works closely with Residential Facilities and the Residential Directors and Residential Assistants (RAs) on educating students about environmental topics. OOS provides RAs with a list of topics and information packages designed for their community building educational events.

Courses and classes

Tufts University has a longstanding commitment to deepen and broaden environmental literacy of its students. Each semester, the university offers several courses in science, policy, economics, and engineering focused specifically on climate change-related issues. The Office of Sustainability has worked closely with several faculty members to introduce climate change and other aspects of sustainability into their curriculum. Feel free to contact our office or the Tufts Institute of the Environment for information on sustainability-related courses currently being offered. 

Faculty and Staff

The OOS has been collaborating with dozens of faculty and staff members. In our outreach efforts to staff and faculty, we focus on promoting the projects the OOS and Tufts are doing and also try to foster general interest in climate change and energy efficiency.

Become an Eco-Ambassador

Eco-Ambassadors are staff and faculty volunteers who spend a few hours per month of paid work time leading departmental efforts to conserve energy and water, pushing for the use of green office products, improve recycling rates and educate their colleagues about environmentally sustainable practices. See examples of Eco-Ambassadors at work here.

Collaborate with the OOS

The OOS also offers the opportunity for collaboration between faculty and students on research projects. Please e-mail to inquire about research projects.

Integrate Sustainability Into Your Course

Reach out to the Tufts Institute for the Environment for more information on how to incorporate environmental literacy into your courses.

Be active in greening your office purchasing

Encourage your office to buy recycled content paper, Energy Star appliances, EPEAT gold computers, and to think carefully about whether or not purchases are truly necessary. You can help the university decrease its energy usage and waste disposal costs as well as ‘completing the recycling loop”. More information here.

Beyond Tufts

Tufts University has long served as a role model in the sustainability movement at colleges and campuses around the country. Reaching out to and networking with other organizations and institutions is key in promoting sustainable practices, such as energy and resource efficiency. We offer the following services to other institutions and members of the community.

Speaking Engagements

OOS staff are regular speakers at conferences and workshops all around the US.

Workshops and Trainings

The OOS organizes speakers, workshops and conferences on wide ranging topics pertaining to climate change. Examples include:

  • The Science of Climate Change
  • Green building and energy efficiency
  • Climate Change and the Media
  • Solar and Wind Energy
  • Sustainability in Higher Education

Home Energy Seminars

Through collaboration with the Stockholm Environment Institute, the Office of Sustainability can arrange for a free 1.5 hour seminar on saving energy & money in your home. More…

Office of Sustainability Downloads

OOS makes many of its resources freely available. Many of our reports, research papers, and educational materials can be downloaded. More…