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Water shortages, lack of safe drinking water, water contamination, and groundwater depletion are some of the most serious environmental issues we are facing as a global community. The world’s water supply is shrinking at an alarming rate, and what used to be—or seemed to be—free will no longer be.

Less than 1% of all water is fresh water, 99% is salt water. Of that 1%, most of it is in ice caps or in deep aquifers, which means that it is not really accessible for consumption.

You might think that here in New England we are not faced with a water problem since we get so much rain and snow. But that is actually not true. It’s not just the dry Western areas of the country which need to be concerned with water efficiency. Many of the rivers in the Northeast dry out in the summer because too much water is drawn from them. Also, with climate change, we can expect to get more droughts here in the Northeast.

If you are a resident in Sophia Gordon Hall, keep in mind: you greatly influence the water usage in the dorm! All our efforts to use less water will be useless, if you don’t do your share in conserving water!

Please help us make Sophia Gordon Hall a green building:

  • Take short showers!
  • Use the small flush when possible!
  • Do only full loads of laundry!
  • Always turn off faucets when you don’t need them to be running.

Thank you so much!

As our population continues to grow, demands on precious water resources increase. Homes with high-efficiency plumbing fixtures and appliances save about 30 percent of indoor water use and yield substantial savings on water, sewer, and energy bills (lower energy consumption for heating hot water).

In Sophia Gordon Hall, great care was taken to reduce water consumption.

Sophia Gordon Hall is estimated to use 30% less water than a conventional residence hall of comparable size would.

Click on the following list to learn about each of these features:

Dual Flush Toilets & Waterless Urinal
Faucets & Shower Heads
Dishwashers and Clothes Washers