Sustainability House at Tufts!

We are excited to announce that the Office of Residential Life and Learning has accepted the proposal for a sustainability-themed housing unit for next year. It will be a suite in Latin Way, with 10 available spots.
Living in the Sustainability House will be similar to living in one of the existing special interest houses. Instead of focusing on a language or religion, it is meant to be an intentional community of people who are all interested in issues surrounding sustainability. The house will be filled with student of a broad range of interests and levels background knowledge, from those who started their high school environmental club to those just beginning their journey. Everyone in the house will be required to either work on sustainability-related research or work with the Sustainable Action Squad (a group of student dedicated to catalyzing environmental changes on campus), and generally be involved in the sustainability movement at Tufts.

The Sustainability House is also intended as a focal point for the environmental community on the Tufts campus. It will bring Eco-friendly students, organizations, and faculty together to promote the spread of knowledge and passion for sustainable living. The house will provide a living space for environmentally interested students, and a meeting place for the larger Tufts community. The goals of the founders of the house include bringing together people with similar interests in a living environment, fostering the environmental community on campus, providing an opportunity for residents to learn new ways to live sustainably alongside their housemates, providing space for environmental groups to host programs for the entire Tufts community, and bringing together various environmentally focused groups on campus and encouraging cooperation between them.

The application is due March 1st at midnight.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at