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Tufts is committed to an environmentally responsible approach in all its printing.

The Offices of Sustainability, Purchasing, and Publications have worked collaboratively to set guidelines and implement an ongoing program that assures the university adheres to high standards and works toward continuous improvement.

Current Efforts

A number of initiatives are already in place:

  • All office copiers now have 2-sided copies as their default setting. This greatly reduces the more than 16 million copies produced by the university annually.
  • Purchasing buys recycled copy paper at the same price as paper produced without post consumer waste content.
  • Publications and Purchasing have found cost-effective recycled stocks for a range of print products from brochures to booklets.
  • All Tufts stationary and envelopes ordered through Staples and Printing Services are now 30% post consumer waste and carry the TuftsPrintsGreen word mark to raise awareness of Tufts efforts.
  • All university magazines are printed on recycled stock and carry our new TuftsPrintsGreen logo.
  • The Publications Department will help advise you on cost effective, environmentally sound paper stock options and other strategies for producing green print products.
  • Publications will consult with you on your next print piece to find the environmentally responsible solution that may save you money while saving the environment.

Join the campaign to reduce paper use at Tufts!

Carry The Tufts LogoTufts Prints Green Logo

Help us raise awareness of Tufts’ commitment to the environment and show how you are contributing by carrying Tufts own logo on your next print piece. By choosing any three (3) of the following environmentally friendly components for your piece, you will earn TuftsPrintsGreen certification and the right to use the logo:

  • Paper is at least 30% post consumer waste content
  • Paper and printer have FSC certification
  • Uses of renewable energy
  • Uses vegetable-based inks
  • A recyclable product that encourages readers to “Please pass along or recycle this publication”
  • Right-sized to reduce paper use
  • Limited, focused print runs
  • Chlorine-free paper

View the Tufts Prints/Goes Green Logo

Right-click on the logo above to download the PDF file or contact Efi Georgiou to obtain the EPS file.

Logo or project advice contacts


Gail Bambrick, x72117
Efi Georgiou, x75277
Lisa Gregory, x72120
Fred Kalil, x72119
Leslie MacMillan, x75214


Kelly Sullivan, 75136

Office of Sustainability

Tina Woolston, x75517