Meet the 2014-2015 Eco-Reps!

Eco-Reps are organized by dorm assignment/position.

Geoffrey Carr

Blakeley Hall

Geoffrey Carr Geoff is a graduate student in the MALD program at Fletcher. Prior to Fletcher he worked in public utilities in Connecticut, following a whirlwind four years studying Political Science (American Government/International Relations) and Classical Double Bass Performance at Gettysburg College. Thanks to his parents and their insistence on hiking and camping when he was young, Geoff grew up loving the outdoors. He hopes to pass on this love and enthusiasm, as well as any esoteric electrical or natural gas knowledge, onto the historic Blakeley Hall this year as Eco Rep!

Elizabeth Cultrara

Bush Hall

Elizabeth is a freshman from Delmar, New York. She plans to major in chemical engineering. Elizabeth loves to be outdoors hiking, biking, swimming, walking the dog or playing rugby. An avid fan of recycling and composting, Elizabeth loves sharing her passion for sustainable practices. She is very excited to be part of the Eco-Reps team!

Ellie Doyle

Carmichael Hall

  Ellie is a sophomore from Chicago majoring in environmental studies and political science. She has loved the outdoors all her life and became interested in sustainability after joining her high school’s environmental club. Since then, she has become a vegetarian with a special interest in local food systems and urban green living, especially after a spring break spent on an organic farm. Outside of school, she can usually be found reading or exploring Boston. She is so excited to be a part of the Tufts Eco-Reps and promote environmentalism on campus!

Harry Weissman

Carmichael Hall

  Harry is a sophomore on the pre-vet track, majoring in most likely math and biology or environmental studies.  He developed his passion for animals and the environment during his formative years on Long Island, NY, watching The Lion King, Bambi, and Pocahontason repeat.  His favorite animal has always been the hyena and frankly he’s quite disappointed in the hyena shortage on the Tufts campus.  Harry’s primary environmental concern is wildlife, but he thinks Terracycle is pretty cool too.  When he’s not collecting recyclables or nursing a baby squirrel back to health, you can find him planning events for JQUEST (Jewish and Queer Students at Tufts) at Hillel, or in Granoff pretending he’s more than halfway decent at the oboe, or pretty much anywhere else on campus, helping some freshman with math.  Harry enjoys collecting animal sculptures, complaining about heteronormativity and trivial personal problems, strenuous hikes in the woods, deep philosophical discussions, romantic candle-lit dinners, and long walks on the beach.  If you have any questions or issues such as: “How can I reduce my impact on the environment?” or “What do I do with this injured bird I found?” or “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up,” feel free to dump the burden on Harry and he’ll do his best to help!

Murvi Babalola

General Manager

Murvi Babalola Murvi is a junior hailing from beautiful West Africa (Nigeria, Liberia and Ghana). When he enrolled at Tufts two years ago, Murvi had only a loose grasp on sustainability-related issues, but is now majoring in Environmental Engineering and Environmental Studies (Communications Track), and working his second year with the Eco-Reps as General Manager. Murvi’s passion for the environment stemmed not only from watching Captain Planet and reading the Animorphs books, but from an appreciation or just how insanely amazing natural systems are. As he continues to learn how we can combat climate change and other environmental problems, Murvi hopes to make the Tufts community a little greener every day.

Ellen Osborn

Greek Life Advisor

Ellen is a junior from Belmont, Mass majoring in Quantitative Economics and Environmental Studies. She is excited to come into her second year in the Eco-Rep program as the first Greek Life Advisor, responding to the overwhelming enthusiasm and demand from the Greek community! She is excited about new opportunities to support them and the student body in their sustainability goals throughout the semester.  Ellen swims for Tufts, is a proud sister of Kappa Alpha Theta, and loves running, biking, reading, yoga, food, Maine, and the great outdoors.  Please contact her at with comments, questions, or interests.

MT Snyder

Haskell Hall

  MT Snyder is a sophomore from Washington, DC who is planning to major in Middle Eastern Studies and Environmental Studies.  After taking “Climate Change Ethics,” she decided to pursue her interest in environmental sustainability and now works as an intern at Tufts Recycles! For five years, she has also been a vegetarian who dabbles in vegan baking.  MT attempts to get outside whenever possible to hike, canoe, and frolic with the much-appreciated assistance of TMC. She is looking forward to joining the Eco-Reps and building more awareness about sustainable living in dorms this year.

Aparna Dasaraju

Hill Hall

Aparna Dasaraju is a junior and majoring in Peace and Justice Studies and Community Health. Hailing from good ol’ Topeka, Kansas, she has been passionate about how human interactions with the environment affect the health of both humans and the rest of what makes up the entire world. She enjoys reading, making art, dancing and foraging for mulberries. Aparna is mesmerized by the incredible beauty and grandeur of the environment and is stoked to work here on campus to promote sustainable ways of living to preserve our surrounding world.

Savannah Christiansen

Hodgdon Hall

I’m Savannah and I’m a junior majoring in English and Environmental Studies. In my free time I love writing and exploring the natural world around me.  I’m a passionate hiker, swimmer and vegetarian. I’m originally from the Bay Area in California where I first became inspired to preserve the environment. I grew up around an eco-conscious city and I hope that I can inspire others to make sustainable behavior changes.

Greta Jochem

Houston Hall

  Greta Jochem is a sophomore from Milwaukee, Wisconsin and will probably double major in Computer Science and English. Her passion for the environment stems from a love of the outdoors and wanting to preserve it. Among many environmental topics, she’s especially interested in food sustainability and its impact on the environment. Her other interests include skiing, reading, music, food, and the outdoors. This is her first year as an Eco-Rep, and she’s excited to help make positive changes on campus!

Danielle Mulligan

 Lewis Hall

Danielle Mulligan is a sophomore this year from Chicago. She is excited to help Lewis incorporate more sustainable practices into their daily lives.  She is undecided in her major but is interested in Environmental Studies among many other things.  She was involved in her high school’s environmental club and loves to spend time outdoors.  Last year while traveling during her gap year, Danielle gained a whole new appreciation for the environment and sustainable practices and hopes that her involvement as an Eco-Rep can help inspire other students as well.

Jamie Cordova

Lewis Hall

  Jamie is a junior majoring in International Relations with a concentration in global health, nutrition, and the environment. She currently lives in Southern New Hampshire. Her passion for environmental stewardship stems from a childhood spent gardening with her mother and hiking/kayaking in the White Mountains. After studying the effects of climate change on oceanic ecosystems aboard a Shoals Marine Lab vessel, Jamie became a committed environmentalist. She loves swimming, running, and spending time with friends. She is very excited to promote environmental consciousness at Tufts with the Eco-Reps this year!

Jeramey James Forest Evans

Metcalf Hall


Jeramey is a junior from Danvers, Massachusetts majoring in History, with a focus in Marxism. After spending his youth hiking, camping, fishing and backpacking with his local Boy Scout Troop, Jeramey developed a passion for the outdoors, conservation, and environmentalism. His favorite animals are frogs (which are particularly touched by pollution and environmental damage), and Jeramey loves to read, sing, and air guitar. Jeramey is so excited to learn and work together with the Metcalf community in order to create a greener, happier Tufts!

Oghenefego Ahia

Miller Hall

Oghenefego is a second-year from Lagos, Nigeria. majoring in Electrical Engineering. Drawing from his love for the outdoors, he is excited to raise awareness about sustainable practices at Tufts in his first year as an Eco-Rep. He hopes to help make Tufts greener, happier and more eco-friendly. Outside the Office of Sustainability, he enjoys playing soccer and Ping-Pong, doing robotics stuff, speaking for his class on the TCU Senate and spending long nights in Halligan Hall, his third home.

Elizabeth Ahrens

Richardson House

  Elizabeth is a sophomore from Richmond, VA majoring in indecisiveness (but most likely Political Science).  She loves spending time in the great outdoors, exploring Boston, and playing Volleyball for the Jumbos. Her sustainability interest started at summer camp where she learned the values of composting and sustainability. Elizabeth is excited to be apart of the Tufts Sustainability program because someone wise once said, “Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, Nothing is going to get better. It’s not,” -The Lorax, Dr. Suess.

Ashlyn Salvage

South Hall

Ashlyn is a sophomore at Tufts from Amherst, MA, mostly likely double majoring in History and Art History, When she’s not sprinting down the field hockey field you can find her playing frisbee or chilling in her MegaBed (her and her roommate pushed their beds together to make one gigantic bed). She’s been an avid pescetarian since fourth grade, when she told her parents “I don’t wanna eat baby animals anymore,” but since then her reasons for avoiding meat have developed more fully along with her understanding of the environmental and economic effects of the food industry. Ashlyn is excited to use compost as an excuse to talk to more students at Tufts.

Margaret Zahrah

South Hall

  Margaret is a freshman at Tufts University studying environmental engineering. In her spare time she likes to play soccer, go to museums, and make pottery. She is from Chicago and a well known dodge-ball enthusiast (maybe a stretch). If you are found searching for a Margaret, one might find her shooting hoops by throwing paper into recycling bins, out with the Tufts Women’s Soccer team, raving about the fact that all polar bears are left handed, or encouraging others to compost!

Kevin Ngan

Special Interest Housing Advisor

Kevin is a junior from Natick, MA, majoring in biochemistry. If anyone’s looking for him, he’s probably asleep somewhere (i.e. Pearson) and snoring softly with a dumb expression on my face. If you catch him awake, please come say hi because that is a special occasion. He is a returning Eco-Rep and will be the new Special Interest Housing advisor, working with the small houses scattered around campus, so chances are you’ll see him often! His passion for the environment is fueled mainly by Murvi’s never-ending enthusiasm, but also from sufficient amounts of sun and wind (preferably partly cloudy and winds around 5-10 mph).

Miranda Wilson

Tilton Hall

  Miranda Willson is a sophomore from Hastings-on-Hudson, NY. Though currently undecided, she is thinking about majoring in Environmental Policy and English. She enjoys writing poetry and songs, journalism, singing, hiking, being outdoors and being in good company.

Kendra Nowak

West Hall

   Kendra is a sophomore from the great town of Libertyville, Illinois (a Northern suburb of Chicago) planning on majoring in Bio-psychology, and taking the courses for the pre-vet track. Kendra grew up in an environmentally-conscious household, where several vacations found her family hiking in National Parks and Forests. In high school, she decided to join her environmental club LEAF (Libertyville Environmental Action Force) and spent her free time collecting the school’s recycling and making puppy chow for fundraisers. Besides being green, Kendra enjoys horseback riding, giving tours for the school, petting dogs that are walked on campus, and long walks on the beach. Kendra is super excited to join the Eco-Reps this year, and can’t wait to help promote more eco-friendly decisions in her fellow Jumbos.

Flora Liu

 Wilson House/Carpenter House

Flora is a sophomore from Hong Kong, and hopes to major in IR (concentration in global health, nutrition, and the environment) and Environmental Studies. She loves to run, hike, eat, and spend time with friends. Her passion for environmental issues began in high school, when she participated in a flashmob to raise awareness for shark’s finning. This is her first year as an Eco-rep, and she can’t wait inspire to sustainable living here at Tufts.

Shana Gallagher

Wren Hall

  Shana Gallagher is a sophomore originally from the YAY Area in California, but she grew up in Hong Kong and London and graduated high school from UWC Atlantic College in Wales. Majoring in biology and environmental studies, she hopes to one day become a marine conservation biologist, and is driven to help the Tufts community realize the dramatic effect that all of our day to day actions have on the ocean, and the urgent need to protect our fantastic marine resources. We only have one planet, and Shana is psyched to be able to help harness all that Tufts students have to offer to help save it!


Arshiya Goel

Fall 2014-Spring 2015

Arshiya Goel Arshiya Goel is a senior double majoring in Biology and Environmental Studies on the pre-vet track. Growing up in many diverse countries, coupled with her natural curiosity for environmental issues, has made her passionate about protecting the environment. Particularly interested in conservation biology, she believes in raising awareness to protect animals in the wild. At Tufts, Arshiya can be found performing with Tufts Tamasha or meeting with the Pre-Vet Society when she is not convincing her friends about the importance of composting. This is her third year with the Eco-Reps! She is excited to spend another year making Tufts green with a team of amazing people.

Hayley Ernyey

Fall 2014-Spring 2015

Hayley Ernyey is a senior majoring in International Relations who grew up in Egypt and other countries in the Middle Eastern region.  She loves playing Ultimate Frisbee and Soccer and on the weekends can be found outdoors canoeing, kayaking and hiking with the the Tufts Mountain Club. Her interest for nature and the environment stemmed from a 45 day canoe trip in Nunavit, Canada. Hayley cannot wait to work with Eco-Reps this year to develop and promote sustainable environmental programs at Tufts.

Tina Woolston – Staff Advisor

Director of the Tufts Office of Sustainability

Tina Tina has been working in the Tufts Office of Sustainability since 2007. She created the Eco-Ambassador program for staff and faculty in 2008, an Ex-college course on sustainability in action in 2009 and restarted the Eco-Rep program in 2010. She is thrilled to see the program continue this year under the strong leadership of Arshiya and Hayley!

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