Eco Reps Bios

Eco-Reps are organized by dorm assignment/position.

Sydney Stevns

Blakeley Hall

 Sydney Johanna Sydney is a first year graduate student at The Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy focusing on International Environment and Resource Policy and Environmental Economics. Prior to graduate school, she worked in various positions for the United States government and at a public health NGO in Indonesia. Her love of the environment stems from her travel in Southeast Asia and Latin America and being raised in the Pacific Northwest. Her research at Fletcher focuses on food waste reduction efforts and climate change policy compliance. She loves engaging fellow Blakeley residents in conversations on sustainable living and environmental consciousness!

Ashlyn Salvage

Bush Hall, Area Leader

Ashlyn is a junior at Tufts from Amherst, MA, double majoring in History and Art History. She spent last summer combining her interests of museums and forests, working at the Hitchcock Center for the Environment, going on hikes with six year olds and sharing her love of nature with children! She’s been an avid pescetarian since fourth grade, when she told her parents “I don’t want to eat baby animals anymore.” Since then, her reasons for avoiding meat have developed more fully; along with her understand of the environmental and economic effects of the food industry. She is excited to be back on campus this spring, after a semester abroad where she noticed a lot of different attitudes and behaviors toward the environment (both good and bad!) and get talking about what we can do better!

Aidan McCuan

Carmichael Hall

Aidan Aidan McCuan is a sophomore majoring in Community Health and working on his Pre-Med requirements. He was raised in the Northern California Bay Area and is happy to debate anyone on why it’s the best state in the Union. His love for the environment comes from a childhood spend outdoors fishing, kayaking, and camping. He first became involved in environmental activism with eco-friendly landscaping in California trying to reduce household water consumption.  More recently he has become an active member of the Tufts Climate Action group and hopes to serve the Tufts community by providing more opportunities for the student body to learn and get involved in reducing the effects of climate change. He is looking forward to working with his fellow Carmichael Eco-Rep and good friend Megan Mooney, putting on some bomb events for this year’s Area 2 residents.

Megan Mooney

Carmichael Hall

Megan It is rare that you’ll see Megan without a Carhartt hat. A sophomore from the mountainous suburbs of central New Jersey, she has pumped her own gas a mere 2 times in her life. She is an uphill type of Jumbo, constantly asserting that Carm is better than Dewick. She is a member of Tufts Climate Action and the women’s rugby team and will possibly major in International Relations. She believes that the best dining hall meals are either the vegan meatballs or anything from the burrito bar. She is passionate about environmental studies, plants, nutrition, and food policy. When not watching Netflix, she is most likely reading, listening to music or longingly shopping online for concert tickets. She can’t wait to encourage sustainability in Carm this year!

 Dylan Carlson

Carpenter House


A Northern California native, Dylan Carlson grew up with sustainability ingrained into his consciousness. His parents run a local restaurant and his mother is a psychologist, thus explaining his mentality: feed the belly, feed the soul. During Dylan’s free time at home, he tends to a vegetable garden in his backyard that produces food for his neighborhood and the family restaurant. Dylan additionally maintains a strong relationship with multiple colonies of composting worms in his backyard, and he often thinks about them and his dog during the school year at Tufts. He looks forward to challenging Tufts students to consider when and where humanity departed from Gaia and developed the mentality that human beings are capable of residing outside the realm of the natural world. Ultimately, he hopes to help the Tufts community realize that our planet doesn’t need humankind in order to survive; rather, we desperately need our Earth to sustain us in the future.

Josh Cohen

Haskell Hall

JoshCohen My name is Josh, I’m 19 and from New Jersey. I speak 5 languages and like to travel. I’ve spent a lot of time working on urban farms and I plan to study Environmental studies on the food systems track at Tufts. I also love to rock climb and to hike. My favorite TV show is The Office and I listen to music 24/7. 

Maya DeBellis

Hill Hall, Area Leader

 Maya Maya is a Sophomore from Dobbs Ferry, NY planning on majoring in Computer Science and Environmental Studies. She loves hiking, biking, cooking, eating, and facetiming her cats. Her passion for environmental issues started in high school when she conducted conservation research on forest elephants. Since then, her environmental interests have expanded to include many issues such as unsustainable agriculture and food waste. Maya can’t wait to promote sustainable living on campus this year as part of the Eco-Rep team!

Morgan Griffiths

Hogdon Hall

Morgan is a sophomore from Lakewood, Colorado and will most likely be majoring in History with a minor in Urban Studies. He is a public transportation fanatic and his dearest ambition is to become a modern-day Charlie, just like the fabled man of MBTA lore. When he is not taking the T someplace new or obsessing over the latest episode of Rupaul’s Drag Race, Morgan enjoys gardening, photography, and being outdoors. His favorite plant is the Douglas fir tree, though lavender is a close second. He is thrilled to be an Eco-Rep this year, and is excited to combine his love of cities and nature to help foster sustainability at Tufts.

Louisa Kimmel

Houston Hall

Louisa is freshman from Newton, Massachusetts planning on majoring in Environmental Studies. She loves traveling, hiking, skiing, baking, dogs, hanging out with kids, and anything else that involves the outdoors. At Tufts she is also on the Ballroom Dance team. Her favorite foods include mashed potatoes and milky way ice cream, and favorite movie is The Parent Trap. Louisa is very interested in sustainability, climate action, and green living, which is why she can’t wait to be an eco-rep this semester!

Isabel Falls

Lewis Hall

isabelfall Isabel is a freshman from Sonoma, CA planning on majoring in Sociology and Environmental Studies. She enjoys dancing (especially ballet, which has consumed the past 12 years of her life!), hiking, playing solitaire, Zumba, and traveling. She loves to discover the ways different parts of the world promote sustainable living and how these concepts can be applied back in the United States. Isabel is excited to share her love for the environment and is looking forward to being a part of the Eco-Rep team!

Tim Nichols

Lewis Hall

Screen Shot 2016-01-26 at 10.52.46 AM Tim is a junior hailing from North Lima, Ohio which, for reference, is roughly the midpoint between Cleveland, Ohio and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He is on the pre-medicine track  and is majoring in biology and anthropology (and hopefully minoring colonialism studies if there’s space in his schedule). Coming from what was a highly industrial community where environmental preservation was an afterthought, Tim fostered an individualized care for the environment that he hoped would get others to see the importance in basic sustainable lifestyle habits. As a result, Tim’s interest in the environment stemmed from high school literature that exposed how large industries have enacted a form of structural violence through unregulated damage to the environment resulting in the decline of the health of populations. Additionally, Tim is very interested in the sustainability of food production. Aside from being interested in the environment, Tim runs cross country and track and field for Tufts, plays the banjo and beat boxes.

Dylan Guydish

Metcalf Hall

Dylan Guydish

Dylan is a sophomore from Palo Alto, California, majoring in Environmental Science and Psychology.  A mechanic for Tufts Bikes, he loves cycling, hiking, climbing, and spending time outdoors.  Although he misses the California sun, he appreciates the variation in Boston’s seasons as well as the opportunity to go sledding.  Dylan is also an avid musician, and has been a member of five instrumental music groups at Tufts so far.  He plays anything with a single reed.  The residents of Metcalf Hall feel like Dylan’s second family, and he is grateful for the opportunity to engage them in environmental awareness and protection by serving as their Eco-Rep this semester.

Mandy Weeks

Miller Hall

mandy weeks Mandy is a sophomore from Denver-ish, Colorado, for anybody who really knows Colorado, she lives about five minutes from Red Rocks Amphitheater.  She is planning on majoring in Bio-medical engineering and lightly considering a minor in Spanish (if only so she can watch the Lion King in Spanish and understand). In her abundant free time, Mandy can be found hocking it up with other members of the field hockey team, crawling up the hill because we all know walking takes too much energy, staring longingly at Coloradan landscapes, or crying about the lack of environmental awareness on campus. She is excited to join the Tufts Eco-Reps team and share her love of nature with the community!

Brette Lennon

Richardson House


Brette is a first-year student at Tufts from Cape Elizabeth, Maine. She has not yet decided on a major but is strongly considering Political Science. Brette’s interests include baking, running, hiking, reading, and watching every episode of the Office and SVU several million times over. On campus, Brette is a member of the VOX chapter of Tufts, a special friend at Bright Horizons, and a frequent diner at Dewick-Macphie dining hall (especially on days when carrot cake is on the menu). She is thrilled to be encouraging sustainable practices in Richardson, and equally excited to collaborate with fellow eco-reps. 

 Travis Chou

South Hall

 Travis Travis Chou is a junior this year from the suburbs of Philadelphia, PA. He is majoring in Quantitative Economics with a minor in Math. In his spare time he likes to play any kind of pick-up sport, eat, travel, and just hang out with friends. Travis’ passion for the environment started in high school when he joined his school’s sustainability alliance. He thinks that it is important to take care of the environment and is excited to be joining the rest of the Eco-Reps.

Margaret Zahrah

South Hall, Area Leader

Margaret Margaret is a sophomore at Tufts University studying environmental engineering. In her spare time she likes to play soccer, go to museums, and make pottery. She is from Chicago and is a well known dodge-ball enthusiast (maybe a stretch). If you are found searching for a Margaret, one might find her shooting hoops by throwing paper into recycling bins, out with the Tufts Women’s Soccer team, raving about the fact that all polar bears are left handed, or encouraging others to compost!

Ryan Newquist

Tilton Hall

RyanNewquist Ryan is a freshman from Los Angeles, California. He is a possible International Relations major who enjoys to travel the world. Some of his favorite locations have been natural parks around California like Yosemite and Sequoia. His desire to help with environmental issues comes from his research into the e-waste recycling industry during his time in high school and at Tufts. In his spare time, he enjoys running, hiking, and reading. At Tufts, he enjoys going bird watching along with the Tufts Ornithology Society. He is very excited to be an Eco-Rep this semester and help raise awareness of environmental issues on campus.

Kyle Scott

West Hall

 Kyle Kyle is a sophomore from Baltimore, MD. He is interested in studying Media & Communications and Architecture. He hopes to one day pursue a career in marketing and advertising. Kyle’s a member of the Tufts Observer staff and he’s interested in photography and creative writing. His passion for the environment stemmed largely from his participation in Tufts Climate Action club last year. This is Kyle’s first year as an Eco-Rep and he’s really looking forward to promoting sustainability at Tufts!

Allison McGuirk

Wilson Hall

 mcguirk My name is Allison McGuirk and I am from Boston!  I love to play hockey, sail, eat avocados, and read cool things! I have no clue what I’m studying, but I’m really interested in sustainable seafood and alternative energy sources.

Marisa Fried

Wren Hall, Area Leader

Marisa Marisa is a sophomore from Bethesda, MD thinking of majoring in Environmental Studies and Sociology. She can be found getting lost biking around Boston and its suburbs. She loves a good movie, laughing uncontrollably, long runs and funky dance parties. She hopes to be able to show students how much more pressing environmental issues are than they often seem in our daily lives here at Tufts, and couldn’t be more excited to be part of Tufts’ Eco-Rep team!

Lucy Zwigard

GreECO-Reps Assistant

 Lucy Zwigard Lucy Zwigard is a sophomore from New York, NY, majoring in Biology and French. As assistant coordinator of the GreEco rep program, representing ATO of Massachusetts, she enjoys manning the Meatless Monday’s table in Carmichael dining hall lobby, organizing environmental clean-up events, and enlisting her suite mates and ATO community in composting. Due to her love of the great outdoors, she became part of the Tufts Wilderness Orientation program staff, and strongly believes in the core Wilderness tenet of “Leave No Trace”. As a member of the Tufts the sailing team, Lucy is an activist for watershed protection and freshwater resource management. She is excited to engage her Tufts peers, particularly in Greek organizations, in being smart consumers and increasing environmental awareness on campus!

Mary Elise Calnan

GreECO-Reps Coordinator, Fall 2015 – Spring 2016

Mary Elise Mary Elise Calnan is a senior majoring in American and Environmental Studies. During her time at Tufts, she has enjoyed learning about the connections between these two disciplines. In addition to her environmental interests, Mary Elise tutors local children through LCS, assists with studio art classes at the Museum of Fine Arts, and is an active member of Kappa Alpha Theta. As a previous GreEco representative, Mary Elise is excited to further help Greek organizations on campus become more environmentally conscious and engage with Tufts’ Office of Sustainability!

Danielle Mulligan

Assistant Coordinator, Fall 2015 – Spring 2016

 Danielle I’m a junior this year from Chicago who has been part of the Eco-Rep program since my freshman year. I love to hike, cook with fresh vegetables, and travel. I designed my own major, called Global Sustainability Studies, to study sustainability as a problem solving framework for environmental issues, but also many other social issues, such as health and education. I have no idea where that will take me in life, but I’m so excited to meet all of the new reps and residents to learn all about their passions and see if that sparks anything!


Ellen Osborn

Coordinator, Fall 2015 – Spring 2016


Ellen is a senior from Belmont, MA majoring in Quantitative Economics and Environmental Studies. Last year she was the Greek Life Advisor for the Eco-Reps program and created the GreECO Reps, responding to the overwhelming enthusiasm and demand from the Greek community! She is excited about new opportunities to support them and the student body in their sustainability goals throughout the semester.  Ellen swims for Tufts, is a proud sister of Kappa Alpha Theta, and loves running, biking, reading, yoga, food, Maine, and the great outdoors.

Staff Advisor

Tina Woolston

Director of the Tufts Office of Sustainability

Tina Tina has been working in the Tufts Office of Sustainability since 2007. She created the Eco-Ambassador program for staff and faculty in 2008, an Ex-college course on sustainability in action in 2009 and restarted the Eco-Rep program in 2010. She is thrilled to see the program continue this year under the strong leadership of Murvi and Ellen!


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