Eco Reps Bios

Eco-Reps are organized by dorm assignment/position.

Ashraya Dixit

Blakeley Hall

 Ashraya is a first year Master of International Business student at the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy at Tufts University. He is from Nepal and was there for a few years prior to joining Tufts. Ashraya was working with large firms to help them become more responsible as well as with social enterprises looking to create impact and scale. After Nepal’s earthquake in 2015, he worked with community electricity user groups to help them rebuild their devastated distribution infrastructure.  Ashraya is also a graduate from Grinnell College, IA, with a degree in Economics and Mathematics.

Rory Buckman

Bush Hall

Screen Shot 2016-06-24 at 2.17.55 PM A big fan of wind and tidal energy, Rory joins Eco-Reps as a sophomore studying Civil Engineering. Originally from New Zealand, he’s lived in Colorado and the San Francisco Bay Area and can usually be found outside running, hiking, or biking. In the past, his work at the Monterey Bay Aquarium has led to a growing passion for ocean conservation as well as creating simple ways for people to live sustainably. Rory is part of the Tufts Cross-Country and Track teams and a member of Engineers without Borders.

Lauren Quickel

Carmichael Hall

Lauren is a sophomore from Stillwater, Minnesota majoring in environmental engineering and minoring in math.  She’s a science and math nerd, a vegetarian, and an avid hammocker.  She developed her passion for the outdoors growing up in a Minnesota river town, spending her summers hanging out in the sand and working at a boat club.  Lauren loves vegetables, puppies (please refer to photo), and sustainability.  She is stoked to join the Eco-Reps team.

Jonas Procton

Carmichael Hall

Screen Shot 2016-06-24 at 2.05.45 PM Jonas is a sophomore from Greensboro, NC. He is majoring in civil engineering and minoring in environmental studies. When he is not taking a nap, he can be found hiking, playing water polo, talking about bridges, or lounging on one of the many lawns on campus. Along with the environment, he loves hydration, especially out of a trusty Nalgene with some flashy stickers. He’s stoked to join the Eco-Rep team and spread his love of the environment!

Becca Redelmeier

Carpenter House

Screen Shot 2016-06-24 at 2.24.09 PM

Becca is an earth-loving Canadian gal from Toronto. Currently, she is a sophomore who plans to major in English and minor in Computer Science. At Tufts, she loves frisbee, the Tufts Mountain Club, the tables at the back of Tisch, and the incredible people around her. Catch her in Carpenter House and around the rest of campus, probably wearing socks and sandals, ready to discuss the environment and Eco Reps initiatives!

 Paul Henjes

Harleston Hall

Paul is a freshman from Wenonah, New Jersey. He has not yet declared a major, but is considering International Relations and Environmental Studies. Paul enjoys reading about environmental and urban planning issues, biking around the Boston area, and skiing. Paul also enjoys traveling and some of his favorite places include Olympic National Park, New Orleans, LA, and Key West, FL. Paul is a member of Tufts Climate Action, which focuses on climate justice and the divestment of Tufts’ funds in the fossil fuel industry. Paul is also a member of the Tufts Urban Policy, Planning, and Prosperity club, which focuses on urban planning issues. Paul is new to the Eco-Reps program this year and is super excited to increase environmental awareness at Tufts!

Mandy Rosengren

Harleston Hall

Mandy is a freshman majoring in Mechanical Engineering. Some of her favorite past times include working with Tufts Bikes, sewing, playing the mandolin and hiking. You can spot Mandy around campus talking to plants or looking for food that is bigger than her head! She is so excited to be spreading sustainability to everyone in South Hall and around campus!!

Josh Cohen

Haskell Hall

Screen Shot 2016-07-01 at 11.06.19 AM Josh Cohen is a sophomore studying Middle Eastern Studies and Environmental studies. He is on the rock climbing team and loves to hike and listen to music. He speaks Spanish, French, and Hebrew and is studying Arabic at Tufts. He will be the Area 3 leader and cannot wait to introduce sustainable living to all the new students on campus, as well as enthuse current students about Tufts’ sustainability initiatives.

Kiley Pratt

Hill Hall

 Screen Shot 2016-07-19 at 2.23.43 PM Kiley is a sophomore from New Haven, Vermont who is planning on majoring in Cognitive Brain Science and minoring in Computer Science. She is the historian for Tufts Mountain Club and a member of the 2016 GROW Internship Team with Tufts GlobeMed. While not questing for an actually good gluten-free bagel, Kiley enjoys hiking, running, intense board games, and trash-free compost bins. She lives in Hillsides, and is stoked to rep Hill Hall and be a member of the EcoRep team!

Brette Lennon

Hodgdon Hall

Screen Shot 2016-06-24 at 2.51.10 PM Brette is a sophomore at Tufts from Cape Elizabeth, Maine. She has not yet decided on a major but is strongly considering Political Science. Brette’s interests include baking, running, hiking, reading, and watching every episode of the Office and SVU several million times over. On campus, Brette is a member of the VOX chapter of Tufts, a special friend at Bright Horizons, and a frequent diner at Dewick-Macphie dining hall (especially on days when carrot cake is on the menu). She is thrilled to be encouraging sustainable practices in Hodgdon, and equally excited to collaborate with fellow eco-reps.

Louisa Kimmel

Houston Hall

Screen Shot 2016-06-23 at 11.03.24 AM Louisa is a sophomore from Newton, Massachusetts, majoring in Environmental Studies and Anthropology. This summer she worked on a solar-powered organic farm in New Hampshire and learned about sustainable agriculture, local food, and renewable energy systems. In her free time, Louisa enjoys vegan cooking and baking, biking, anything involving mountains, and watching The Parent Trap. She also likes rummaging through waste stations to make sure that everyone sorts their waste properly, which is she why can’t wait to be an Eco-Rep this semester! She hopes to help residents learn about how to live more sustainably and to make Tufts as green as possible!

Sarah Morton

Lewis Hall

Sarah is a freshmen at Tufts studying Civil Engineering. She went to high school in New Jersey where her friends know her as a tree hugger. Sarah plays French Horn in the Tufts Wind Ensemble and loves going to pop concerts. She also enjoys geeking out about Harry Potter. She’s super excited to be an Eco-Rep and make it easier for Jumbos to be green!

Morgan McKiernan

Lewis Hall

Morgan is a Sophomore from Durham, NH majoring in Chemical Engineering and hopefully minoring in Bio Technology. Aside from her passion for the environment, Morgan can be described as an avid napper and is likely found playing rugby, hiking in the White
Mountains, attending a zumba class, re-reading teen romance novels, or embarrassing herself in social settings. Morgan is super excited about joining the Eco-Rep team and can’t wait to help increase sustainability education on campus

Haleigh Copley-Cunningham

Metcalf Hall

Haleigh is a sophomore from Medina, Ohio majoring in Peace and Justice Studies and maybe Chinese or Japanese. She is heavily involved in various grassroots activism and social justice movements, but sustainability advocacy and environmental justice are especially close to her heart. In her free time, Haleigh enjoys making music, doing stuff with Peace Action Chapter at Tufts and JCC*, learning foreign languages, and just trying to make the world a better place. She spent her summer lobbying Congress on foreign policy/environmental issues, attending a peace conference in Japan, and teaching in China. Whether you’re interested in getting involved with any of these activities or just want to hang, drink tea and knit together, all are welcome to Haleigh’s humble abode. Overall she is super psyched to be the Metcalf Eco-Rep and hopes to plan some really awesome sustainability-related events this semester!

Karen Weinstock

Miller Hall

   Karen is a sophomore from Newton, Mass studying Biopsychology and probably also Community Health. She’s also part of Cheap Sox, the improv group on campus, and is a regular member of Project Linus, a group that makes blankets for children in hospitals. She loves dogs, skiing, hiking, animals (esp dogs), the ocean, warm socks, and learning new things. She’s so excited to be an eco rep and help improve our campus’ environmental footprint! Find her in Miller if you want to talk!

Sarah Pykkonen

Richardson House

Screen Shot 2016-07-19 at 2.21.18 PM  Sarah is a senior hailing from Boulder, Colorado, which as anyone from Colorado can you tell has way cooler mountains than here on the East Coast. Sarah is majoring in Environmental Studies and Anthropology, and thinks rocks are pretty cool. When she’s not tearing it up on the soccer field with the rest of the Tufts Women’s soccer team, Sarah can be found blowing bubbles in the woods, relaxing in a hammock, or eating all the candy she can find. She is excited to bring issues of sustainable water use and food consumption to the Tufts campus, and get to know some Richardson gals!

Emma Herdman

Tilton Hall

Screen Shot 2016-07-06 at 4.04.41 PM Emma is a sophomore studying international literary and visual studies (probably) and environmental studies.  She is currently writing this bio from a 20-year-old computer at a summer camp where she works as a waterskiing instructor and has attended since she was nine.  During the school year Emma loves running, rock climbing, hiking, and eating falafel whenever possible.  She lives in Latin Way and invites you all to come say hey if you need a break from Tilton or just want to chill and talk about composting.

Alexa Ornstein

West Hall

Screen Shot 2016-06-24 at 2.11.43 PM Alexa is a sophomore studying Environmental Studies and Biology. She is from Manahawkin, New Jersey (about 30 minutes south of where the ‘Jersey Shore’ was made). She has enjoyed growing up near the pine barren forests and sandy coastlines that have sculpted her passion for the environment. She has had lots of odd jobs and internships, with the NJDEP, the Department of Fish and Wildlife, her county’s Mosquito Commission, and she has been peed on by more Northern Diamondback Terrapins than she can count. If you ever need someone to fill a environmentally themed character costume (horseshoe crab, turtle, SpongeBob, etc.), Alexa has plenty of experience. At school, Alexa can most likely be found on the Red Line exploring Boston, eating the grapes and cheese from Hodg, or in Health Services because she gets sick a lot. She is ecstatic to be an Eco-Rep this year, and she can’t wait to maintain your compost bin.

Nick Cunetta

Wilson Hall

Screen Shot 2016-06-29 at 9.36.08 AM Nick is a sophomore Geological Sciences major from Seattle. Growing up, he developed a profound appreciation for the outdoors both by lounging in Seattle’s parks and hiking the surrounding Pacific Northwest. When he’s not hunkered down at Tufts studying rocks, you can find Nick backpacking, running, hitchhiking, strumming the guitar, and/or honing his panini game! He’s super stoked to be an Eco-Rep this year, namely to help make personal sustainable choices more convenient for all students. He’s hoping to reduce campus landfill waste, encourage the appreciation of public lands, and spread awareness on some confusing, but grave, environmental issues. Ask him about overpopulation, John Muir, or vegetarianism, and a spirited discussion is likely to follow!

Caitlin Porrazzo

Wren Hall

Screen Shot 2016-06-29 at 9.33.22 AM Caitlin is a sophomore from Greensboro, Vermont planning on majoring in International Relations and Chinese, and minoring in Studio Art. She is on the Cross Country and Track and Field teams at Tufts, and also loves xc skiing and hiking. Some things she enjoys a lot are ice cream, playing cards, watching move trailers, sitting in the sun, and eating pretzels. She grew up at boarding schools in New England, and went to high school in Delaware. In these environments, she was able to see a variety of different strategies for encouraging sustainable living and an environmental consciousness, and has become very interested in what motivates people and how to shift the mentalities of individuals and of groups of people. She is very excited to be an Eco Rep and to help raise environmental awareness at Tufts.


Ashlyn Salvage

Eco-Reps Coordinator, Fall 2016–Spring 2017

Screen Shot 2016-06-24 at 2.44.37 PM

Ashlyn is a senior from Amherst, MA, double majoring in History and Art History. She loves museums, farmer’s markets, and outdoor events of any kind (usually of the free variety).  An avid frisbee player and candy eater, Ashlyn has a bundle of little siblings that make her care about how we leave our earth for future generations. She’s been a veggie lovin’ pescetarian since fourth grade, when she told her parents “I don’t want to eat baby animals anymore.” Since then, her reasons for avoiding meat have developed more fully, along with her understanding of the environmental effects of the food industry and meat consumption. Ashlyn is excited to be leading the Eco-Reps this year to encourage sustainable behavior on campus through education and fun events!

Isabel Falls

Eco-Reps Assistant Coordinator, Fall 2016–Spring 2017

 Screen Shot 2016-07-06 at 4.25.59 PM Isabel is a sophomore from Sonoma, CA planning on majoring in Sociology and Environmental Studies. She enjoys dancing, hiking, visiting farmer’s markets, and playing cards (especially solitaire and rummy!!). When she is not hiking in her own backyard, you can often find her exploring other parts of the world.  Isabel loves traveling and discovering the ways different parts of the world promote sustainable living.  She also enjoys reading articles and watching documentaries that illustrate environmental-conscious lifestyles so she can apply the ideas to her own life and share them with others! Isabel is ultimately excited to share her love for the environment with the Tufts community and continue to be a part of the Eco-Rep team!

Olivia Ladd-Luthringshauser

GreECO-Reps Coordinator, Spring 2017

Olivia is a sophomore from Boston, MA double majoring in Biopsychology and Spanish. She is on the Tufts Squash team and is involved in NARAL Pro-Choice at Tufts. She loves coloring in her Animal Kingdom coloring book, hiking, playing any sort of board or card game, and watching the Premier League. She is so excited to be the GreEco Coordinator this year representing Chi Omega and looks forward to implementing book and clothing swaps within her chapter and increasing university wide participation at Meatless Mondays. She loves finding quick and easy sustainability tricks to share with her friends such as putting your tea bags in your compost to make it smell better and turning your car off when stuck in really heavy traffic. She is exciting to be working with such a spirited team to get sustainable action on campus and within Greek Life at Tufts!

Sharon Wang

GreECO-Reps Assistant Coordinator, Spring 2017

   Sharon is a sophomore from Cheshire, CT majoring in Chemical Engineering. She’s in Kappa Alpha Theta and enjoys figure skating, Latin, and running/wandering through Cambridge and Back Bay. She’s super interested in increasing awareness of the effects of animal agriculture and loves promoting Meatless Monday. She’s excited to encourage sustainable behaviors and be assistant coordinator of the GreEco-Reps program!

Staff Advisor

Tina Woolston

Director of the Tufts Office of Sustainability

Tina Tina has been working in the Tufts Office of Sustainability since 2007. She created the Eco-Ambassador program for staff and faculty in 2008, an Ex-college course on sustainability in action in 2009 and restarted the Eco-Rep program in 2010. She is thrilled to see the program continue this year under Ashlyn’s strong leadership!


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