Meet the 2013-2014 Eco-Reps!

Andrew Williams

Blakeley Hall


Andrew Williams is a second year MALD student at the Fletcher School, from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. His fields of study are International Security Studies and Southwest Asia & Islamic Civilization. Andrew is an avid cyclist and distance runner, and an advocate for composting and recycling. A former resident of Blakeley Hall, he looks forward to working with current residents to make sustainable living a high priority.

Kevin Ngan

Bush Hall

Kevin is a sophomore from Natick, MA majoring in biochemistry and biomedical sciences. If you’re looking for him, chances are he’s slaving away in Pearson making sure he doesn’t blow up the building. If not, Kevin is usually found sitting in the sun procrastinating and being lazy. His environmental interests started in high school, when he helped clean up some of his town’s forests and now he is trying to get more involved in sustainability here at Tufts.

Angie Bell

Carmichael Hall

Angie Bell is a sophomore at Tufts this year and planning to major in English and Environmental Studies. Angie is originally from Sioux Falls, SD, and enjoys painting, baking, playing the flute and being outdoors. Outside of her schoolwork, she is a writing coach in a Boston high school and has a job in the Tufts student services office. Angie is really excited about being an ecorep for Carm this year and can’t wait to help make Tufts more eco-friendly!

Aparna Dasaraju

Carmichael Hall

  Aparna Dasaraju is a sophomore and majoring in Peace and Justice Studies and Community Health. Hailing from good ol’ Topeka, Kansas, she has been passionate about how human interactions with the environment affect the health of both humans and the rest of what makes up the entire world. She enjoys reading, making art, dancing and foraging for mulberries. Aparna is mesmerized by the incredible beauty and grandeur of the environment and is stoked to work here on campus to promote sustainable ways of living to preserve our surrounding world.

Charlotte Clarke

Haskell Hall

Charlotte is a sophomore from Carlisle, MA majoring in Environmental Sciences. She has been interested in issues concerning the environment since reading “An Inconvenient Truth” in middle school and has been a vegetarian since the ripe age of 8. She loves being outdoors, playing board games, and making music. She lives in the Sustainability House on campus, is involved in Tufts Sustainability Collective, and looks forwards to continuing her interest in environmental issues through academic and non-academic outlets during her time at Tufts.

Savannah Christiansen

Hill Hall

I’m Savannah and I’m a sophomore majoring in English and Environmental Studies. In my free time I love writing and exploring the natural world around me.  I’m a passionate hiker, swimmer and vegetarian. I’m originally from the Bay Area in California where I first became inspired to preserve the environment. I grew up around an eco-conscious city and I hope that I can inspire others to make sustainable behavior changes.

Arshiya Goel

Hodgdon Hall

Arshiya Goel Arshiya Goel is a junior majoring in Biology at Tufts. Growing up in many diverse countries coupled with her natural curiosity for environmental issues has made her passionate about protecting the environment. Particularly interested in conservation biology, she believes in raising awareness to protect animals in the wild. At Tufts, Arshiya can be found performing with Tufts Tamasha or meeting with Synaptic Scholars when she is not convincing her friends about the importance of composting. She is looking forward to continue working with the Eco-reps team to make Tufts more environmentally friendly.

Rachael Grudt

Houston Hall

Rachael is a sophomore majoring in Chemical Engineering. Growing up in the suburbs of Seattle surrounded by mountains and forests, the environment has always been important to her and she is looking forward to sharing her passion for the environment with the Tufts community this year! When she isn’t busy being an Eco-Rep or studying for her classes, Rachael can be found running or exploring the local area.

Michael Zalesne

Lewis Hall

Michael Zalesne Michael is a sophomore from Columbia, SC, majoring in Biopsychology. He first got involved with environmental issues as a member of the Student Advisory Board of Keep the Midlands Beautiful, an affiliate of Keep America Beautiful in South Carolina. He enjoys being outdoors, learning about brains, and rock climbing. He is involved in Tufts Sustainability Collective, iGEM (Tufts’ Synthetic Biology team), as well as other clubs on campus. He hopes to keep Tufts moving forward in a sustainable way!

Jeramey James Forest Evans

Metcalf Hall

Jeramey is a sophomore from Danvers, Massachusetts majoring in History, with a focus in Marxism. After spending his youth hiking, camping, fishing and backpacking with his local Boy Scout Troop, Jeramey developed a passion for the outdoors, conservation, and environmentalism. His favorite animals are frogs (which are particularly touched by pollution and environmental damage), and Jeramey loves to read, sing, and air guitar. Jeramey is so excited to learn and work together with the Metcalf community in order to create a greener, happier Tufts!

Jamie Cordova

Miller Hall

  Jamie is a sophomore planning to major in International Relations with a concentration in global health, nutrition, and the environment. She currently lives in Southern New Hampshire. Her passion for environmental stewardship stems from a childhood spent gardening with her mother and hiking/kayaking in the White Mountains. After studying the effects of climate change on oceanic ecosystems aboard a Shoals Marine Lab vessel, Jamie became a committed environmentalist. She loves swimming, running, and spending time with friends. She is very excited to promote environmental consciousness at Tufts with the Eco-Reps this year!

Mari Fromstein

Richardson House

  Mari is a sophomore double majoring in Geology and Environmental Studies. Originally from Milwaukee, WI, she took a quick stop in Texas before settling down in the great state of Minnesota. Mari loves travel and wants to go everywhere from Bhutan to Antarctica. When not dreaming of far-off places or checking out rocks, Mari can usually be found playing piano in Granoff, going to concerts in Boston, playing quidditch on the Res Quad, or persuading her family to buy compost bins and rain barrels. Mari has been passionate about environmental issues since elementary school, and she is especially interested in composting and public transportation. She couldn’t be more excited to join the Eco-Reps team this year!

Tiwalolu Murvi Babalola

South Hall

Murvi Babalola Murvi is a Sophomore hailing from beautiful West Africa (Nigeria, Liberia, Ghana and Sierra Leone to be precise!) and majoring in Chemical Engineering and Environmental Studies. He loves to sing and dance, and has been acting since he was 5. Murvi’s love for the environment stemmed not only from watching Captain Planet and reading the Animorphs books, but also from an exposure to the devastating effects that someone’s actions in one part of the world can have on an unsuspecting group of people far away, and an appreciation of just how insanely amazing nature is.

Jesse Starger

South Hall

Jesse is a sophomore from Beijing, China, majoring in Chemical Engineering and possibly Mathematics. This is Jesse’s first semester as an Eco Rep and while he isn’t feverishly recycling or composting, Jesse can be found playing tennis or basketball behind South Hall. His love for the environment stems from an early interest in gardening, something he still keeps alive today in a few well managed plants in his room. Jesse can’t wait to start working as an Eco Rep to begin promoting better environmental practices here at Tufts.

Danielle Mulligan

Tilton Hall

Danielle Mulligan is a freshman this year from Chicago. Living in Tilton Hall, she is excited to help her floor and dorm incorporate more sustainable practices into their daily lives.  She is undecided in her major but is interested in Environmental Studies among many other things.  She was involved in her high school’s environmental club and loves to spend time outdoors.  Last year while traveling during her gap year, Danielle gained a whole new appreciation for the environment and sustainable practices and hopes that her involvement as an Eco-Rep can help inspire other students as well.

Hayley Ernyey

West Hall

Hayley Ernyey is a junior majoring in International Relations who grew up in Egypt and other countries in the Middle Eastern region.  She loves playing Ultimate Frisbee and Soccer and on the weekends can be found outdoors canoeing, kayaking and hiking with the the Tufts Mountain Club. Her interest for nature and the environment stemmed from a 45 day canoe trip in Nunavit, Canada. Hayley cannot wait to work with Eco-Reps this year to develop and promote sustainable environmental programs at Tufts.

Danthanh Trinh

Wilson House/Carpenter House

Danthanh is a sophomore intrigued by conservation biology. She plans on double majoring in Environmental Science and Biology.  Native to beautiful ole Torrington CT, she has been mindful of the environment ever since a conservation program came into her first grade class and demonstrated the effects of litter on stuffed animals. In her free time, she relishes in making art and music, being outside, and learning about different issues. She brightly anticipates helping make sustainable living a fun as well as imperatively daily part of Tufts life.

Ellen Osborn

Wren Hall

Ellen Osborn is a sophomore from Belmont, Massachusetts majoring (probably!) in Economics and Environmental Studies. She loves swimming, food, eating, biking, Maine, and the great outdoors. She is a recent vegetarian and advocate for the environment, following the example of her twin sister. She swims for Tufts, and when she’s not at the pool she’s probably doing handstands somewhere. She is excited to work as an Eco-Rep this year in Wren and try to make a difference in our habits and attitudes towards the earth!


Katie Segal – Co-Coordinator

Fall 2011-Spring 2012

Katie Segal Katie is so excited to be a co-coordinator for the 2013-2014 school year! As a senior at Tufts, she hopes to leave the university a little greener than when she found it. She was Co-President of Tufts Sustainability Collective in 2012 and served as an Eco Rep during her sophomore year. Katie is majoring in biology and environmental studies and hopes to pursue a career in renewable energy or corporate social responsibility. Born and raised in Los Angeles, Katie became interested in environmental issues after witnessing the effects of pollution in the city and along the California coast. Katie spent spring 2013 studying sustainable development in Copenhagen, Denmark. She even got the chance to climb a wind turbine and drive a 100% electric car!

Laina Piera – Co-Coordinator

Fall 2011-Fall 2012

  Laina has been an Eco-Rep since her sophomore year — first in Miller Hall and then in Hill Hall. Originally from Connecticut, she is a senior majoring in child development and minoring in linguistics. For the last 6 weeks of high school, Laina completed her own zero-waste challenge and blogged under the moniker “Sustainable Laina” about ways that we can all cut down on waste. Since then, she has enjoyed learning more about sustainability through the Eco-Rep program. At Tufts, she also spends her time writing and editing news articles for the Tufts Daily, dancing in TDC, and making trips to Porter Square for delicious Japanese food. She is excited to be a co-coordinator for her senior year!

Tina Woolston – Staff Advisor

Director of the Tufts Office of Sustainability

Tina Tina has been working in the Tufts Office of Sustainability since 2007. She created the Eco-Ambassador program for staff and faculty in 2008, an Ex-college course on sustainability in action in 2009 and restarted the Eco-Rep program in 2010. She is thrilled to see the program continue this year under the strong leadership of Katie and Laina!

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