Eco-Rep Symposium

 The 2015 symposium will be hosted by Connecticut College in New London, Connecticut!


What is the Eco-Rep Symposium?

The annual Eco-Rep Symposium brings together Eco-Reps from many different colleges and universities in the Northeast to learn and be inspired by each other for a half-day conference. Eco-Rep is a generic name for student peer-to-peer sustainability education and engagement programs commonly found at colleges and universities across the country. Eco-Reps promote environmental stewardship among residential students by raising awareness about ecological issues and encouraging environmentally conscious behavior. A list of other names for similar programs can be found here.

The Eco-Rep Symposium is a great opportunity for Eco-Reps to learn and be inspired by each other through presentations, workshops, and round-table discussions. The structure of the symposium allows students from different schools to lead sessions on a variety of topics, facilitating the spread of ideas between schools. Sessions are typically grouped by broad topics, or tracks, such as programs, engagement, and communications. The symposium typically ends with a social gathering that allows these students to informally meet each other and share ideas.

The symposium is a great opportunity for students to create an active community of like-minded individuals striving for positive environmental change on their campus. It also gives students the mobilizing and facilitating tools to create grassroots peer-to-peer environmental education in their communities after they graduate. After attending the symposium, students should feel inspired in their work as Eco-Reps and feel like they have been given new tools to help them overcome barriers they may face in their work. Most importantly, we hope these students leave feeling that they belong to a community of students who are all working for the same cause of creating an environmentally conscious community at their college or university.


Past Eco-Rep Symposiums


2014- The #EcoSympo was hosted at Tufts University. Check out the web page here.

2013-  The symposium was hosted by Boston University and GreenerU.  Check it out here.

2012- Brown University and GreenerU hosted the symposium.  The schedule can be found here.

2011- Symposium was hosted by Babson College and GreenerU.  Info here.

2009- Tufts hosted the first Eco-Rep Symposium.  Check it out below!


2009 Tufts Eco-Rep Symposium

Watch a video of the first ever Eco-Rep symposium!


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The Tufts University Office of Sustainability and the class Environmental Action: Shifting from Saying to Doing hosted a half-day conference for college students region wide to share best practices in peer-to-peer education on November 7, 2009  • 12:30 PM – 6:30 PM

Check out the schedule from the 2009 symposium here.