GreEco Reps Bios

GreEco Reps are organized by fraternity/sorority.

Sammi Berman

Alpha Phi

Audrey Falk

Alpha Phi

Audrey Falk is a sophomore from Providence, Rhode Island. She plans to double major in Spanish and History or WGSS. She is a member of NARAL and is excited to volunteer with Tufts Food Rescue. Audrey loves to write, cook, ride her bike, and travel, which has informed her sense of how people around the world interact with the environment. Ever since her father started charging her for leaving lights on in the house, Audrey has been passionate about staying on top of – and expanding – her understanding of sustainability and sharing with her community.

Emily Steele

Alpha Phi

Emily is a junior in Alpha Phi from New Orleans, LA. She is double majoring in Engineering Psychology and Environmental Studies on the Food Systems track. She’s super passionate about understanding how our consumer habits impact the world around us, and how changing our diets and food purchases can be small acts with big effects. She loves being outdoors, swimming, and curling up with a good book. She hopes to help fellow Greek members and other students learn about sustainability and environmental problems so they can then be a part of the solution!

Grace Aro

ATO of Massachusetts

Grace is a Junior from Denver, Colorado in ATO, majoring in Chemical Engineering with a minor in Engineering Management. She loves coffee, biking, cooking, and jigsaw puzzles. On campus, she is involved in materials science research for improving water reuse technology, Tufts ski team, and a tutor for the ARC. She is super excited about bringing sustainable practices to ATO and encouraging members who live off campus to employ these practices in their own homes!

Lucy Zwigard

ATO of Massachusetts

Lucy Zwigard is a junior from New York, NY, double majoring in Biology and French. She loves cooking veggies, swimming in lakes, and spending time with furry friends of any kind! Lucy is passionate about encouraging Greeks to “think green” and give back to the community, through projects like Tufts Food Rescue. Due to her love of nature and water, she was a canoe trip leader for Tufts Wilderness Orientation, and strongly believes in the core outdoor tenet of “Leave No Trace”. She is excited to engage her Tufts peers in being smart consumers and increase environmental awareness on campus!

Pilar Bancalari

Chi Omega

Pili Bancalari is a junior double majoring in International Relations (Global Health, Nutrition, and the Environment) and Community Health. She is from Miami, Florida and loves swimming in the ocean, watching horror movies, and cuddling during thunderstorms. She really enjoys being a GreEco Rep, especially promoting meatless Mondays with her stuffed broccoli, and going on “bike and hikes” to the Fells. Fun Fact: she was voted “most environmentally-friendly” in middle school. Green Tip: If it’s yellow, let it mellow! If it’s brown, flush it down… (saving water = saving the environment)

Meredith Clarke

Chi Omega

Meredith is a sophomore from Carlisle, MA, majoring in Computer Science. In her free time she loves to hike, collage, nap, and eat the double chocolate chip cookies in Carm. She is psyched to be a part of the amazing GreEco Rep team and loves brainstorming ways to make Greek life at Tufts more environmentally friendly. If you see her around feel free to talk to her about apples, foliage crowns, water bottle stickers, or sustainability initiatives on Tufts campus!

Anna Dursztman

Chi Omega

Born and raised in New York, Anna spent most of her life in a big city, but has always prioritized environmental friendliness and appreciation! At 10 years old, she set out on her first of seven years at a sleep-away camp in Maine, at which she learned to live in synchrony with and comfortably in the out-of-doors. This past summer, she interned on a sustainable farm just north of NYC, harvesting summer crops and repurposing the soil for fall ones. She also loves biking (reduce gas emissions!); spot her on campus riding a light green bike, or in Dewick doing a food rescue

Maddy McCrimlisk

Chi Omega

Olivia Ladd-Luthringshauser (Coordinator)

Chi Omega

Olivia is a sophomore from Boston, MA double majoring in Biopsychology and Spanish. She is on the Tufts Squash team and is involved in NARAL Pro-Choice at Tufts. She loves coloring in her Animal Kingdom coloring book, hiking, playing any sort of board or card game, and watching the Premier League. She is so excited to be a GreEco rep this year representing Chi Omega and looks forward to implementing book and clothing swaps within her chapter and increasing university wide participation at Meatless Mondays. She loves finding quick and easy sustainability tricks to share with her friends such as putting your tea bags in your compost to make it smell better and turning your car off when stuck in really heavy traffic. She is exciting to be working with such a spirited team to get sustainable action on campus and within Greek Life at Tufts

Zoë Steckler

Chi Omega

Zoë Steckler is a sophomore from Berkeley, CA, majoring in Child Study and Human Development. She was raised eating organic veggies and composting, and her love for earth has only grown from there! Zoë loves to spend time outside, particularly hiking, swimming in lakes, and looking at nice views from high altitudes. Her other favorite activities include listening to podcasts, drinking tea, and coloring (often all at the same time!). Zoë’s appreciation for the environment can be attributed to the natural beauty of her home state. She also learned important lessons about caring for the earth at her summer camp, and now loves to teach them to her own campers as a counselor. Zoë is so excited to bring the green values from her childhood to Tufts, and especially to the Greek organizations on campus as a GreEco Rep

Trevor LaVecchia

Delta Tau Delta

Trevor is a sophomore from Connecticut who is still undecided but strongly considering a major in history. Growing up he was fortunate enough to have a group of friends that were passionate about the Earth’s natural beauty, something Trevor witnessed first hand as they took him hiking all around New England. He can be found around campus listening to music, reading, playing guitar, enjoying the view from Tisch, or admiring the fall leaves as he walks down the Pres Lawn. He’s excited to represent DTD as a Greeco rep this year and can’t wait to both learn more about the Earth and share his knowledge to better greek organizations around campus.

Whit Lower

Delta Tau Delta

Whit is a current sophomore hailing from beautiful Middlebury, Vermont. He majors in Biology and Environmental Science with a prospective minor in Entrepreneurial Leadership Studies. Although he spends the majority of September to April in the basement of Tisch Library (sometimes with his new favorite Rez drink: the Soylent Green chai tea latte), in the summers Whit can be found fly fishing and hiking in Montana or fulfilling his joy of traveling abroad. Apart from his executive position as Recruitment Chair, he is stoked to integrate his passion for sustainability into Delta Tau Delta and all of greek life with his new GreEco Rep position. In the presence of the current environmental crisis on Earth, Whit hopes to facilitate and encourage thoughts of sustainability amongst his peers

Matt Kramich

Delta Upsilon

Matt Kramich is a junior from Lynnfield, Massachusetts, majoring in Environmental Studies and Economics. He enjoys any activity outdoors, including snowboarding, hiking, biking, and more. Matt is passionate about teaching others to be sustainable in their eating and buying habits. He encourages people to only put food on their plate that they know they will eat to avoid unnecessary food waste. After reading “Let My People Go Surfing,” by the founder of Patagonia, Yvon Chouinard, he has become aware of the environmental impact of purchasing material goods and particularly clothes. If you really want to mix up your wardrobe, try reducing your eco-footprint by buying used clothes!

Erica Luzzi

Kappa Alpha Theta

Erica is a sophomore at Tufts majoring in Cognitive and Brain Sciences and minoring in English and Computer Science. She has been passionate about saving the environment ever since her third grade teacher visited the rainforest and told the class about all the species there that are facing extinction. Her other passions include poetry, the Myers Briggs personality test, and cooking.

Sharon Wang (Assistant Coordinator)

Kappa Alpha Theta

Sharon is a sophomore from Cheshire, CT majoring in Chemical Engineering. She’s a sister of Kappa Alpha Theta and enjoys figure skating, Latin, and running/wandering through Cambridge and Back Bay. She’s super interested in increasing awareness of the effects of animal agriculture, and she loves promoting Meatless Monday and other sustainability initiatives with the GreEco-Reps!

Clinton Hausman

Pi Delta

Clinton is a sophomore at Tufts majoring in Biology and is on the premed track. He is from Easton, Massachusetts. He is a member of Pi Delta and is dedicated to making the house much more sustainable through composting, energy conservation, and recycling. He is also the captain of the Tufts Table Tennis Club.

Matt Shenton

Pi Delta

Matt is a sophomore from Concord, MA, and he most likely studying cognitive and brain sciences. When he has free time at home, he enjoys hiking, playing basketball, and spending time with his friends. Here you will most likely find him procrastinating in the basement of Tisch. He is a member of Pi Delta, and has been focused on spreading awareness throughout the house about being less wasteful with recyclables, compostable food, and water. Additionally, he has been trying to encourage others within Pi Delta, but also throughout the greater Tufts community to eat less meat.

Avery Tripathi

Pi Delta

Sam Lenney

Pi Rho Omega

Bruce Johnson

Zeta Psi

Bruce Johnson is a junior from Brewster, MA studying Environmental Studies and Economics. He is a brother of Zeta Psi and is on the Tufts Men’s soccer team. Bruce is into just about anything if it means getting outside. His favorite activities include surfing, stand-up paddle boarding, and mountain biking, but he’s always down for something more leisurely like just a walk or a hike. Bruce is very passionate about recycling, and he’ll always go out of his way to recycle something or teach one of his friends (or a stranger) about recycling