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cfb-in-Ballou.jpgEPA Green Light Program

Tufts University has a long tradition of environmental and energy action. In 1990, Tufts was the first university to sign the EPA Green Lights pledge, a promise of upgrading lighting in 90% of our floor space. We have fulfilled this commitment.

Read more about EPA’s Green Lights Program and the Compact Fluorescent Swap Program.

Lighting Upgrades & Motion Sensors

People tend to forget shutting off lights. All over campus, many lights are left on accidentally at night and during weekends. In many class rooms, the wiring is such that light switches are not located near the doors but rather in front of the room which discourages shutting off of lights. Lights are also regularly left on in offices and bathrooms.

The potential energy and carbon savings of shutting off lights at nights and during weekends and term breaks are quite large.

In 2001, Tufts decided to invest heavily in these lighting upgrades. The following buildings were equipped with motion sensors and CFB.

Campus Building kWh Savings $ Saving Payback in years
Medford Anderson 98,107 $9,811 1.1
Boston Dental 216,398 $25,968 1.6
Medford Cabot 13,660 $1,366 1.7
Medford Mugar 16,454 $1,645 4.1
Medford Cabot Hall of Flags 29,784 $2,978 0.9
Medford Facilities (520 Boston Ave) -2nd floor 10,850 $1,085 2.6
Medford Halligan 90,102 $9,010 2.9
Medford Olin 109,314 $10,931 3.5
Medford Bray 14,806 $1,481 3.6
Medford Eliot Pearson 24,927 $2,493 3.3
Medford Bromfield Pearson 36,069 $3,607 3.6
Medford Dowling 67,752 $6,775 3.3
Medford Eaton 51,984 $5,198 3.5
Medford Pearson/Michael 95,817 $9,582 2.9
Total 876,024 $91,930 2.5

Light-Emitting-Diodes (LEDs)

LEDs are very energy efficient. They have been used in several applications on Tufts campus:

The main parking garage located at 419 Boston Avenue was retrofitted with LED lighting in 2008.  It was the first of its kind in Massachusetts.

The Brown and Brew, one of Medford campus’ cafe, was retrofitted with LED lighting in 2009.

LED lights were used as in long run hour locations in the renovation of the Facilities Services building (2011).