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Tufts Green Labs Initiative was launched in accordance with the 2013 Campus Sustainability Council Report recommendation that “Laboratory and hospital facilities have some of the largest impacts on each campus and warrant special attention.” Research laboratories and hospital facilities are one of the most impactful locations across Tufts campuses due to their large production of waste and heavy use of water and energy. The Green Labs Initiative was created to:

  • Identify resource-saving opportunities in laboratories and clinics.
  • Work with lab suppliers to reduce packaging waste through volume or material substitutions, take-back programs (e.g. for toners, cartridges, empty containers, etc.), and new recycling opportunities.
  • Include sustainability-related content in required lab and clinic training programs and materials.

Current Initiatives


Working Group

The Tufts Green Labs Initiative is a collaboration between the Office of Sustainability, Facilities Services, Environmental Health and Safety, Purchasing, and Research Lab professionals:

  • Tina Woolston, Program Director, Office of Sustainability
  • Betsy Isenstein, Director, Facilities Technical Services, Facilities Services
  • Robert Tragert, Facilities Manager, Facilities Services
  • Chris Hogan, Senior Capital Project Manager, Facilities Services
  • Jeffery Sanders, Senior Capital Project Manager, Facilities Services
  • Kenneth J. Person, Director of Building Operations, Facilities Services
  • Gretchen Von Grossmann, Associate Director, Capital Programs, Facilities Services
  • Jack McDonald, Senior Construction Project Manager, Facilities Services
  • Michelle Rooney, Strategic Sourcing Specialist, Purchasing
  • Kelly Sullivan, Contract Administrator, Purchasing
  • Jason Erbach, Environmental Manager, Environmental Health & Safety
  • Shaun Savage, Assistant Director, Environmental Health & Safety
  • James Sarazen, Executive Associate Dean, Engineering
  • Emily Edwards, Engineering Lab Coordinator, Chemical Engineering
  • Scott Perkins, Senior Director, Lab Animal Medicine, DLAM
  • Michael Doire, Department Manager, Biology
  • Sanjukta Ghosh, Lab Coordinator, Biology
  • Avi E. Smith, Senior Research Technician, Dental
  • Kirsten Hickey, Chemistry Acquisitions Assistant, Chemistry
  • Melanie Marketon, Biosafety Manager, Office of the Vice Provost

The Green Labs team is supported by Yao Wu, graduate student at The Fletcher School.