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Shop smart. If you have to buy something, choose wisely – think of The Waste Hierarchy.

The greenest shopping is NO shopping. Ask yourself “Do I really need this?”

Buy used goods.   Shop at thrift stores, yard sales, and – you‘ll not only be saving resources but might save money too!

Choose quality over cheapness.   When buying anything, choose products with long life spans and durability (refillable pens/pencils, durable bags, long-lasting lightbulbs).

Choose goods made out of post-consumer waste and high recycled content. This creates a market for the material you recycle and saves resources.
Reusable grocery bagFor instance, Tufts staff can buy printer paper made from 30% post-consumer waste at the same price as regular paper through the Tufts account at Staples.

Look for items with less packaging.

Use reusable shopping bags to carry groceries. And instead of getting a new cup every time, carry around a refillable water bottle or mug to use.

Remember: Don’t let your reusable items end up in landfills, there is no such thing as “away.”

Tufts Dining offers discounts for reuseable containers

  • Use a Tisch Library or Fletcher School mug and save 20¢ per purchase on any hot beverage at Mugar Café, Hodgdon Good-to-Go, Commons Deli & Grill, Brown & Brew Coffeehouse and The Tower Café.
  • Bring the Tufts University “Choose to Reuse” clear bottle and get a deep discount on any fountain beverage at Mugar Café, Hodgdon Good-To-Go, Commons Deli & Grill, Tower Café, and on water and sparkling water at Hotung Café.