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Join the 2017 Spring Freezer Challenge!

Did you know that a -80°C freezer consumes the same amount of electricity as the average U.S. household does in a year?

About the Challenge:

The Tufts Green Labs Team is very excited to coordinate the Spring 2017 North American Freezer Challenge at Tufts. Freezers can be the most energy intensive equipment in labs. The freezer challenge is a worldwide campaign to help labs protect valuable samples while improving energy efficiency.

The Spring 2017 Tufts Freezer Challenge is open to all Tufts University labs that use refrigerators, lab freezers (-40°C to -20°C), ultra-low temperature freezers (-80°C), ultra-ultra-low temperature freezers (-150°C) or cold rooms. In addition, Tufts will be offering participating labs rebates and incentives for replacing old freezers .

Competition: January 31 – May 1st, 2017

Cost: FREE

Eligibility: Any type of laboratory with cold storage unit is eligible to participate!

Focus Areas: good management practices, temperature tuning, unit retirement and upgrades, cutting edge practices, freezer and sample inventory

Awards: National awards for best performing institution and individual lab. Photo published in Nature. All Tufts participants are invited to a celebratory lunch reception with Provost Harris and Vice Provost Meydani. Prizes for Tufts’ highest scoring labs will also be presented.

Questions? Contact (203-535-4218) or (424-354-1494)

Sponsored by: Tufts Green Labs Initiative, the International Institute for Sustainable Laboratories, My Green Lab

How to Participate: Please help Tufts win big by signing up for the 2017 Freezer Challenge.  Other labs and campuses across the Boston area and nationwide will be participating, including the Mayo Clinic and Harvard University.  We encourage Freezer Challenge participants to adopt as many best practices on the score sheet as possible between now and May 1.

All participants are invited to a lunch reception hosted by Provost Harris and Vice Provost Meydani on July 14, 2017, and the highest performing labs at Tufts will be honored with prizes.

Register for the Challenge