Winter Recess Closing Checklists

Whether you’re a student living on-campus or off, a staff member, or a faculty member, if you’re leaving campus for the winter recess, make sure to check and double-check the following lists – you can help save energy, prevent messes, and make the start of next semester that much easier. (These are good practices for all breaks.)


Residential Students valve.jpg

  • CLOSE and lock all your windows and doors
  • Turn ALL lights and electronics off and unplug EVERYTHING – this includes appliances, computers, holiday lights, etc.
  • Pull down window shades
  • EMPTY your refrigerator, TURN IT OFF, and then UNPLUG IT – PROP DOOR OPEN! (Remove all perishable items and allow at least 24 hours to defrost!)
  • Turn Radiator Valve TO ‘1’! (The valve is located on or near your radiator If you cannot access or don’t have a valve, just leave the radiator as it is.)
  • Make sure all faucets and showers are turned off. Report any drips or leaks.
  • Empty room of all perishable food items, wash any dishes, and take out the trash.
  • Take home any items you might need over break. The halls are locked and alarmed during this period.
  • Those who have FISH – please TAKE them HOME with you
  • LOCK your door
  • Have a fantastic winter break and enjoy the holidays!

A friendly reminder from the Fire Marshal:

Halogen torchiere lamps and candles are SAFETY HAZARDS and are BANNED on campus. For more information on banned items, click here.

Please remove Holiday decorations before you leave!


Faculty, Staff and non-residential students

Help save energy and money over the upcoming extended holiday weekends!  Before you leave for the holidays (and every other day), please take a moment to turn off all unnecessary energy using equipment in your area.

  • Turn off computers, monitors and printers.
  • Turn off lights
  • Close and lock windows
  • If the heating thermostat in your area is accessible, turn it down to 60o F.  Remember, when you return, your work area may be colder than usual.  Simply turn the thermostat up to a more comfortable setting.
  • If you are using a supplementary space heater, turn it off
  • Turn off radios, coffee machines, and fans
  • Unplug cell phone, camera and other chargers
  • Close fume hoodsCHILDRENSLEIGH.jpg

Have safe and happy holidays!