Working Group Regarding Socially Responsible Investments and Climate Change

A growing and active group at Tufts has joined a larger movement to advocate for divestment of fossil fuel companies from the Tufts Endowment Fund.  This group, known as “Tufts Divests: Students for a Just and Stable Future”, has shared a written paper and presented to the Board of Trustees Investment Committee its position that Tufts should, over a five year time period, divest from all holdings in fossil fuel companies in its endowment. The Board has indicated an interest in continuing dialogue with students to explore what proactive actions Tufts can practically take with its investments to help mitigate climate change.

Tufts Divest
Photo courtesy of Tufts Divest website

In response, President Monaco has requested a small working group be established to address the issue of socially responsible investments and climate change.  The group will be comprised of three trustees, three students, three faculty members and one representative from university administration.  Trustee Laurie Gabriel will chair the group. The purpose is to explore opportunities for Tufts to engage in effective and financially reasonable efforts to combat global climate change.  This work would include three identified areas:

1.      Creating an understanding of what is involved in divesting from fossil fuel companies, including  the financial and structural impacts , while respecting the limitations on disclosure of specific investment information;

2.      Exploring the possibility of establishing a fund with a commitment to socially responsible investing;

3.      Considering what other advocacy efforts Tufts can undertake or support to encourage public policy that will limit climate change and global warming.

Meeting Dates

  • May 16th, 2013

Working Group Members:

  • Laurie Gabriel, Trustee
  • Bill O’Reilly, Trustee
  • Andrew Safran, Trustee
  • Andrew Peng, Student representative from ACER
  • Lila Kohrman-Glaser, Student representative from Tufts Divest
  • Devyn Powell, Student representative from Tufts Divest
  • Kelly Sims Gallagher, Faculty Fletcher
  • R. Bruce Hitchner, Faculty Arts & Sciences
  • Ann Rappaport, Faculty Urban & Environmental Policy & Planning
  • Patricia Campbell, Executive Vice President